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Chapter 596: Questions About My Path!

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Lin Feng looked at Ruo Xie, and they both laughed. That judge was just too funny. In those people’s eyes, Lin Feng was a scary demon!

“Little Lin Feng, you think you will be able to defeat Zong Tong in six months?” asked Ruo Xie, worried now.

Lin Feng wasn’t really confident, but he would do his best to break through within the next six months.

He knew that breaking through to the next cultivation layer at such a high level would be extremely difficult. He’d need to use great efforts and resources, but he was willing to try. Breaking through to the seventh Godly Emperor Layer within six months wasn’t a challenge he couldn’t overcome.

“Tomorrow, I’ll go and start traveling around the Continent of the Gods again. Brother, I’ll leave Tiantai’s affairs to you,” Lin Feng said to Ruo Xie gravely.

Ruo Xie smiled and nodded, “Little boy, even if you didn’t travel, you still wouldn’t manage Tiantai.”

“Hehe, you’re right!” Lin Feng laughed wryly. He didn’t have time to manage Tiantai. He just helped with extremely important issues. He didn’t even know the names of Tiantai’s current elders!

“Brother Mu Chen is in charge of Tiantai in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and I am in charge of Tiantai in the Continent of the Gods. We’re all extremely busy. And you, little fellow disciple, you’re lucky, you have time for yourself,” said Ruo Xie, sighing and slapping Lin Feng’s shoulder before he left, still chuckling.


Lin Feng didn’t stay there for too long. He headed off to the Celestial Clouds Pavilion to see Emperor Yu. Lin Feng had built that pavilion first when he had established Tiantai in the Continent of the Gods. Emperor Yu dwelled there. He had lost his memories, but he hadn’t lost his ability to cultivate. He still became stronger and stronger with time. After Ancestor Kong had saved him, he had been taught about the strength of the Great Tao.

Emperor Yu had only trusted Lin Feng in Tiantai because Ancestor Kong had told him that Lin Feng would never harm him, and that he was his disciple. Emperor Yu hadn’t forgotten that. He didn’t trust Ruo Xie, Tian Chi, and the others, but he didn’t consider them enemies, either.

“Teacher, I’m going to travel around the continent to try and break through,” Lin Feng said to Emperor Yu, who was seated at the top of the pavilion. Emperor Yu listened calmly, seeming somewhat pensive and surprised.

Emperor Yu frowned. Then he jumped off the pavilion and studied Lin Feng. Even though he didn’t remember him, he knew Lin Feng wouldn’t hurt him.

Emperor Yu stared at Lin Feng. Then he looked at the sky as if he had remembered something.

“The great Tao is invisible and intangible, and it is part of the mind and the heart. The fruits of cultivation are invisible and intangible as well, and they form someone’s determination. A great roc can fly over thousands of li and never be able to find its way home, yet an old horse can gallop over ten thousand li and find its way back, how come?” whispered Emperor Yu. His eyes shone. He looked at Lin Feng as if he had been speaking to him.

“Teacher, what do you mean…?” Lin Feng seemed confused but in his heart, it felt as there was a bright light.

“A roc flies and doesn’t leave footprints behind, a horse gallops and can find its way back home following its footprints.” explained Emperor Yu. It sounded like something Ancestor Kong had taught him about the Great Tao.

When Lin Feng heard that, his eyes twinkled. Emperor Yu and Ancestor Kong had spent a few years together, and Ancestor Kong had taught Emperor Yi a lot. Mister Time and the others didn’t understand the Great Tao nearly as well as Emperor Yu.

Now, Emperor Yu was passing on what Ancestor Kong had told him. Even though Lin Feng had also spent some time with Ancestor Kong, he hadn’t spent as much as Emperor Yu. Now, Lin Feng had the opportunity to learn more from Emperor Yu.

“Teacher, what you mean is that to understand Great Tao determination, you need to travel over long distances and remember your way home?” Lin Feng asked, pleasantly surprised.

Emperor Yu glanced at Lin Feng, and continued talking mysteriously.

“Great Tao strength makes your heart and mind clear, then you see the true essence of things, and what you do and say becomes harmonious. One flower, one world. One Sutra, one Bodhi!” whispered Emperor Yu.


Lin Feng didn’t stand around. He left the pavilion, but continued thinking of what Emperor Yu had told him. One flower, one world. One Sutra, one Bodhi… It was a Buddhist mantra, how could it be Great Tao determination as well?

Ancestor Fo is in Tiantai, I’ll go and ask him, thought Lin Feng. He flew towards the Buddhist Clouds Pavilion.

Even though Tiantai wasn’t as gigantic as the Three Dynasties or the Four Temples, the areas of the Celestial Clouds Pavilion, the Buddhist Clouds Pavilion, the Celestial Alley Pavilion, the Leader’s Palace, the Great Palace, the Imperial Palace, the Meeting Hall, and the two emperors’ direct disciples’ courtyards were all extremely vast. Tiantai also had a vast kwoon behind the mountain. Tiantai had everything it needed.

The Buddhist Clouds Pavilion was Ancestor Fo’s holy cultivation place. Nobody could disturb him there. Tian Chi was the sole guard of the Buddhist Clouds Pavilion. So, if Lin Feng wanted to see Ancestor Fo, he had to go through Tian Chi.

Lin Feng headed towards the Buddhist Clouds Pavilion and saw Tian Chi guarding the gate.

“Brother!” Lin Feng called out.

Tian Chi looked up and walked down the stairs when he saw Lin Feng. He smiled and asked, “Little Lin Feng, Brother Ruo Xie told me that you wanted to go and travel around the continent.”

“You know everything, huh?” Lin Feng answered, nodding and smiling while getting closer to the pavilion.

“Little Lin Feng, you went to see our teacher and now you came here which is Ancestor Fo’s cultivation place, what brings you here?” asked Tian Chi smiling when he saw Lin Feng was glancing around. He seemed absent-minded and preoccupied.

“Indeed, I need to ask Ancestor Fo some things about the path of Buddhism,” Lin Feng nodded.

Tian Chi smiled and shook his head, “Brother, brother… I know that you wouldn’t have come here if you didn’t need anything.

“Come with me. Ancestor Fo is looking at flowers right now. You won’t be disappointed,” said Tian Chi, pointing at the big gate of the Buddhist Clouds Pavilion. Lin Feng and Tian Chi climbed the stairs and entered the pavilion.

“Teacher, the leader is here,” Tian Chi said to an old man in golden clothes. The old man had eight scars on his head.

Ancestor Fo raised his head and saw Lin Feng. He smiled and said, “Leader Lin, welcome. Excuse me for not coming out to see you. I hope you can forgive me.”

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