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Chapter 598: Two Worlds Mountain!


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Lin Feng and Meng Qing left the New Snow Region. Godsland was hundreds of thousands of li wide. Years were needed to fully explore the region. Lin Feng decided to explore the region aimlessly.

Lin Feng was wearing a black robe and a plaited bamboo hat. He had a heavy sword on his back: the Buddha Sword. After Godly Emperor Blood had modified it, it had become a supreme godly imperial weapon.

In the past, Godly Emperor Blood had told Lin Feng he would give him a supreme godly imperial weapon, but Lin Feng didn’t really care, as he hadn’t thought Godly Emperor Blood would really do it. Even though it was still the Buddha Sword, it felt like a new weapon. It was completely different from before. In one sword strike, he could raze a mountain to the ground.

Meng Qing in a white dress next to him, and also wearing a plaited bamboo hat. She was holding the Thousand Feathers Fan, Miss Snow’s godly imperial weapon. After removing the restrictions from it, it almost had the strength of a supreme godly imperial weapon.

The two of them had already traveled three hundred li, stopping at the top of a cliff. They made a campfire, Lin Feng hunted a few wild birds, and they had a barbecue. They were having a great time. Nobody was there to disturb them, and they felt completely free.

Lin Feng’s spirit world was almost like a utopia for his relatives. But he hadn’t reached the highest level, so he was still worried, and made great efforts.

Meng Qing had always dreamt of living like this. She didn’t care about fame, or having disciples. She didn’t want enemies and friends. She had always wanted to live alone with Lin Feng in the wild, that would have been enough. But it wasn’t possible because that was utopic and that kind of utopia was impossible. The only way to create a utopia was to become as strong as possible.

Only the strongest cultivators in the world could be completely free. Strength was freedom. Nobody could pose a threat to the strongest cultivators in the world. Therefore, Lin Feng and Meng Qing’s dream was to become as strong as possible.


Time passed slowly. Seven days later, Lin Feng and Meng Qing had already traveled across two thousand li. They arrived in Two Worlds Mountain.

Two Worlds Mountain was a famous snowy peak, reaching fifty thousand meters above sea level. It was close to the sky, and made people feel tiny. A strong cultivator had come from there, Zun Xie!

Mister Zun Xie was from Two Worlds Mountain. There he had recruited Ruo Xie as a disciple. Now, he had a peaceful and tranquil life in Tiantai. Lin Feng and Meng Qing were curious about Two Worlds Mountain, Zun Xie’s holy cultivation place. It had to be an incredible location.

Lin Feng and Meng Qing climbed Two Worlds Mountain. At the top of the mountain, Lin Feng and Meng Qing saw a simple and crude wooden hut. There was nobody inside. Lin Feng used his godly awareness to inspect it.

Lin Feng entered the tiny wooden hut. It was simply made. There was a bed and a table and a few teacups. They weren’t even empty. Zun Xie and Ruo Xie hadn’t finished drinking their tea when they had left for Tiantai.

“What’s that?” asked Meng Qing, suddenly pointing a paper sheet. Some words were written on it.

“The Path of Evil is both about evil and righteousness; it is mainly about remaining true to one’s intentions.

“On the path of the Great Tao, everything works; demonism, Buddhism, godliness…”

Lin Feng took the piece of paper and read those words in a low voice. His understanding of demonism increased once more.

Master Zun Xie left something incredibly important on the path of cultivation, did he leave this piece of paper for visitors?, thought Lin Feng. He didn’t understand the purpose here.

Lin Feng didn’t believe that Zun Xie was distracted, and he didn’t believe that Zun Xie could have written such deep and profound words on a piece of paper and abandoned it just like that, either. There was only one possibility… he was looking for an heir.

Why hadn’t he chosen Ruo Xie as his heir? Why had he left a piece of paper in the middle of nowhere in a wooden hut? Lin Feng was puzzled.

“Husband, there’s another piece of paper there,” said Meng Qing. There was a much smaller piece of paper. Lin Feng looked at it and felt relieved.

“Keep it, we’ll give it to Ruo Xie,” Lin Feng said, after looking at the piece of paper. He wanted to give it to Ruo Xie because it was written “the one who finds this piece of paper should go and meet Ruo Xie in Tiantai”. It would probably be beneficial to give it to Ruo Xie.

Mister Zun Xie had thought of everything. He wasn’t scared that that piece of paper would end up in the wrong hands because people who went to that mountain were either hunters or passing travelers. People who practiced demon cultivation were extremely rare, so he wasn’t worried that someone would steal it for nothing.

But Lin Feng didn’t understand why Zun Xie hadn’t given it to Ruo Xie himself. Why had he left the piece of paper there; was there something he didn’t want to tell Ruo Xie?

“Who’s there?” shouted someone suddenly. Lin Feng and Meng Qing were startled. Lin Feng was suddenly extremely cautious. Lin Feng and Meng Qing both had the strength of the top of the sixth Godly Emperor Layer, how hadn’t they felt that person’s presence?

They still didn’t feel any presence. Lin Feng was even more cautious; not feeling any presence meant that person wasn’t ordinary.

“Let’s go out,” Lin Feng said, nodding at Meng Qing. They went back outside cautiously.

“Lin Feng?”

“Who are you?”

The person instantly recognized Lin Feng when he came out because he had taken his bamboo hat off.

When Lin Feng saw that man who was wearing a blue robe, he had a familiar feeling, but didn’t remember his name.

“We’ve met before, in the Tortoise’s palace,” said the man, smiling calmly.

“Li Chuan! You’re Li Chuan!” Lin Feng exclaimed, suddenly remembering. Li Chuan was the Cyan Dragon’s great disciple!

“Indeed. I am Li Chuan,” said Li Chuan, smiling and stretching out his hand. Lin Feng also stretched out his hand and they shook.

“What are you doing here?” asked Lin Feng.

Li Chuan smiled indifferently, “I was practicing cultivation in Two Worlds Mountain these days. I just finished and I was about go back to the Great Huang Dynasty. Then I saw that someone was in the wooden hut, so I came over.”

“Why didn’t I notice your Qi?” asked Lin Feng, puzzled.

“Haha! My teacher, the Cyan Dragon is an expert at hiding Qi. Even my teacher wouldn’t have been able to detect my presence!” proclaimed Li Chuan, laughing confidently. He was about to catch up with his teacher in terms of strength. “Lin Feng, what are you doing here?” he asked, smiling at the two of them.

“We just started a world journey. We were in the region and came over when we saw this mountain,” Lin Feng said honestly. The Cyan Dragon, the White Tiger, and the other godly beasts were the four protectors of the Great Huang Dynasty. Li Chuan could be considered a member of the Great Huang Dynasty, so Lin Feng could trust him.

When Li Chuan heard that Lin Feng had started a world journey, he seemed amazed for a few seconds, but then he smiled and said, “I’ve heard that you are going to fight against a strong cultivator in six months.”

“A battle to the death,” Lin Feng finished Li Chuan’s sentence. Li Chuan frowned. He realized how serious that battle was.

“Lin Feng, I have a request. I wonder if you can help me?” Li Chuan asked after a few moments of hesitation.

Lin Feng was surprised; Li Chuan needed help from him? What could he do for him in Two Worlds Mountain?

“Tell me, you’re a disciple of the Great Huang Dynasty, so I naturally will do my best to help you,” Lin Feng agreed.

Li Chuan looked overjoyed. He quickly told Lin Feng everything in detail.

“Lin Feng, I have been cultivating at Two Worlds Mountain, but who would have thought that just when I was about to leave, an extremely strong cultivator would show up. He’s from the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds. He wanted me to stay with him for half a year and then leave.

“How could I agree? So he attacked me. We exchanged dozens of attacks, and I lost. He told me that I had one day to think about it. If I left at that time, he would go to the Great Huang Dynasty and find me to kill me.

“I was furious. I fought against him once more and I lost again after a few dozen of attacks. I don’t know what to do. I’m worried for the Great Huang Dynasty. Luckily, I bumped into you here.”

When Lin Feng heard that, his expression changed. When he heard that the Great Huang Dynasty could be involved, he instantly understood he had to do something.

Which member of the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds dared speak like this?

“How strong is he?”

“Seventh Godly Emperor Layer.”

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