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Chapter 600: Lin Qiong Sheng’s Whereabouts?

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Phwap, phwap! Energies exploded between Lin Feng and the Invisible One. The terrifying strength destroyed the grass and stones around them. When Li Chuan and Meng Qing showed up, they saw only a desolate landscape remaining.

Lin Feng and the Invisible One were still standing there. They just looked at each other as if nothing had happened.

“Who are you?” Lin Feng said to the Invisible One.

Lin Feng understood that the Invisible One wasn’t any weaker than him after that first attack. If Lin Feng used his full strength and had a battle to death against him, maybe he would win, but at what cost? It shouldn’t be necessary, though…

Lin Feng wasn’t curious about the Invisible One’s strength, but his social status. He was from the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds, but he was extremely mysterious. Apart from the Great Competition of the Gods List two years before, the Invisible One had never appeared anywhere.

The Invisible One wore a plaited bamboo hat so people couldn’t see his face. He was calm and composed at this moment. He had always considered himself the strongest cultivator of the Continent of the Gods. He was convinced that people who had the strength of the eighth Godly Emperor Layer and under couldn’t really defeat him.

But this time, someone called Lin Feng could do so. Lin Feng had even nearly injured him. The Invisible One knew how strong he really was, and he understood that if Lin Feng used his full strength to fight him, Lin Feng would win.

He never thought he’d meet someone who could compete with him this way. The Invisible One looked at Lin Feng in admiration. It meant that Lin Feng was another real genius in the Continent of the Gods!

The Invisible One didn’t say anything, and didn’t reply to Lin Feng. He looked over at Li Chuan and Meng Qing. Meng Qing looked like a celestial being and a snow goddess, but it didn’t suffice to touch the Invisible One’s heart.

He just said indifferently, “Li Chuan, your friend is quite strong. I have decided to let you go; you don’t need to stay with me to assist me with my cultivation.” Li Chuan was extremely happy after hearing that.

Then, the Invisible One looked at Lin Feng and said, “Your name is Lin Feng?”

“Indeed, my name is Lin Feng,” Lin Feng nodded, smiling calmly.

The Invisible One smiled back and nodded, “You’re the second person who can compete with me. Perhaps you could even defeat me. I respect you. I will write a letter of recommendation for you, so that you can be recognized as one of the ten best geniuses of the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds.”

“Who are you?” asked Lin Feng. He was intrigued by the Invisible One’s words, which made him even more curious. Since the Invisible One had the power to make Lin Feng one of the ten geniuses of the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds, it meant that he had a high position.

Lin Feng didn’t continue fighting against the Invisible One; they weren’t enemies, he had fought against him because of Li Chuan.

“You don’t need to know who I am. I will tell you just one thing: I don’t regret that I met you,” said the Invisible One, shaking his head and sighing.

Lin Feng didn’t press the point. He bowed hand over fist and walked back to Meng Qing. Meng Qing took Lin Feng’s hand first.

“Li Chuan, the issue is solved. We’re off,” Lin Feng said, smiling at Li Chuan agreeably.

Li Chuan nodded, bowed to Lin Feng, and said, “Thank you very much, Leader Lin. Thank you very much.”

“Don’t thank me. You’re from the Great Huang Dynasty, that’s why I helped you! Goodbye!” Lin Feng answered, shaking his head.

Lin Feng and Meng Qing left Two Worlds Mountain and continued their journey to understand the Great Tao.


Li Chuan watched as Lin Feng and his wife disappeared into the distance. He smiled, then turned around and looked at the Invisible One, bowing hand over fist respectfully and asked, “I am done with the task you assigned me.”

“Yes, I know,” replied the Invisible One, nodding and smiling.

Li Chuan looked at the Invisible One. He was curious too, so he asked, “What do you think about Lin Feng?”

“He’s not bad. He’s strong and kind. He is definitely qualified to become one of the ten geniuses of the Alliance.”

Li Chuan was astonished, because he knew that the Invisible One never complimented people. As expected, Lin Feng was simply that strong. Li Chuan sighed. The Great Huang Dynasty was lucky to be friends with Lin Feng…

“Who are the ten great geniuses of the alliance?” asked Li Chuan, without even realizing he was asking.

The Invisible One didn’t mind Li Chuan’s behavior. He smiled indifferently and said, “I am the prince of mystery and secrets, I practice divination. I can find the ten strongest people of the Continent of the Gods.”

“Who?” asked Li Chuan.

“An Zi Xi, the ruler of the World of Holy Battles.

“Fan Huang Bin, the ruler of the Continent of the Celestial Fighters.

“Liu Yun Yang, the ruler of the Continent of the Clear Sky.

“Si Ma Yan, the son of the vice-leader of the Si Ma Cloud Atlas.

“Lin Feng’s son, Lin Qiong Sheng.

“Tian Di’s son, Young Emperor Tian Fan.

“Xuan Yuan’s direct disciple, Zhen Mo.

“Leader Lei Gang’s disciple, Fu Su Rong.

“Jeston, the one who controls Light Dao.

“The last one is Lin Feng, ruler of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. If he hadn’t defeated Qian Ke Shuang the other day, then he wouldn’t have been worthy becoming one of the ten strongest people,” finished the Invisible One. If Lin Feng hadn’t caused trouble, the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds would have never considered him.

“You said Lin Feng’s son, Lin Qiong Sheng?” Li Chuan was stupefied.

He knew that Lin Feng was looking for his son everywhere, but the Invisible One seemed to know where Lin Qiong Sheng was?

When the Invisible One heard Li Chuan, he said glumly, “There are some things you don’t need to know.”


“What ‘you’? Aren’t you going back to the Great Huang Dynasty?! Hurry up and go back! I’m going back to the Alliance as well,” said the Invisible One angrily, and then disappeared from Two Worlds Mountain.

Li Chuan glanced around and whispered something to himself. From the Invisible One’s tone of speech, Li Chuan was convinced that Lin Qiong Sheng was somewhere in the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds, and he probably had a high position in it. Otherwise, the Invisible One wouldn’t have mentioned him in the same sentence as his father, Lin Feng, or as one of the ten geniuses!

“Strange, strange!” whispered Li Chuan. He didn’t understand, but his curiosity was aroused. He slowly turned around and left Two Worlds Mountain.

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