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Chapter 601: Half A Year!

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Lin Feng and Meng Qing had been traveling for four months already. Two months were left before the battle with Vice Leader Zong Tong. The Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds had already dispatched many cultivators to spy on Lin Feng, but they hadn’t found him, as if he had disappeared. The judges sent out came back with no news.

At the beginning, Zong Tong started thinking that Lin Feng was plotting something. However, after a few more times, he started thinking that Lin Feng really wasn’t in Tiantai… but where was he then?

Some elders licked Zong Tong’s boots and told him that Lin Feng was probably afraid of him and that he had probably fled. They also said that Lin Feng could never have become strong enough to defeat him in six months. Zong Tong refuted those statements, because he knew that even if Lin Feng didn’t feel confident, fleeing wasn’t his style.

Zong Tong understood that Tiantai, the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, and some other groups supported Lin Feng, and if Lin Feng escaped, then those groups would become the enemies and the targets of the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds. He also knew that Lin Feng cared about his friends and family members, and therefore, he couldn’t abandon them.


After that, half a month passed, less than two months were left before Lin Feng and Vice Leader Zong Tong’s battle. Everybody in the Continent of the Gods was talking about the fight. In every bar and restaurant of the Continent of the Gods, people were talking about it. Most people predicted that Vice Leader Zong Tong would win the battle. Not many people thought that Lin Feng could win. There was a huge cultivation level difference between them, after all.

Apart from that, many people were also talking about something else. It had been three months ago when two people had appeared in the North, a man and a woman. They both wore plaited bamboo hats. They robbed the rich to give to the poor. They crushed arrogant and despotic people. They kept crushing people who had the strength of the fifth and sixth Godly Emperor Layers.

Whenever they found someone who was guilty of monstrous crimes, they crushed them without the slightest hesitation. In a matter of two months, they became legends in the North. People were afraid of them.

When Charming Nobleman Zai Qiu heard about them, he rushed back to the North. He was the strongest young person of the North, after all. When Zai Qiu saw that man and woman, he fought against them, but nobody knew who won.

There were many rumors regarding Zai Qiu’s trip to the North. In any case, the pair’s adventures attracted everybody’s attention as well, just like Lin Feng and Zong Tong’s battle.

During that short time, two people in plaited bamboo hats had also appeared in the South. The same thing happened. Whenever they bumped into arrogant and despotic people, they slaughtered them. Many people in the South were extremely happy to have such people in their region.


Duan Wu Wei was the Charming Nobleman of the South, and he also made ready to go there, but he didn’t because Zai Qiu prevented him from leaving. Nobody knew what the two men talked about, but in the end, Duan Wu Wei decided not to go.

The previous month, the two people in plaited bamboo hats were still in the South, but they hadn’t met anyone who acted arrogantly and despotically. Whenever people saw them, their legs shook. During the last month before the duel, there had been no news of those two killers anymore. Many people guessed that they had been killed.

They were insane, so many people guessed that the Celestial Emperors Dynasty or even the Great Huang Dynasty and Tiantai had sent people to kill them. The two people had started causing trouble in the Continent of the Gods; how could the different influential groups of the Continent of the Gods accept that?

Time passed and finally, it was the eve of the battle between Lin Feng and Zong Tong. However, nobody had any news of Lin Feng.


In Tiantai…

“Lin Feng hasn’t come back yet. Will he come for his death duel tomorrow?” asked Jun Mo Xi. He was standing in the meeting hall of Tiantai. Everybody looked worried.

Ruo Xie looked at Jun Mo Xi and then at Godly Emperor Blood. Godly Emperor Blood was already a pillar of the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty and Tiantai. He had the strength of the top of the eighth Godly Emperor Layer, and he was about to break through to the ninth.

In the whole Continent of the Gods, there were only a few people who could compete with him. Apart from the low-level Supreme God of the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds, he seemed to be the strongest cultivator.

Godly Emperor Blood ignored Jun Mo Xi and Ruo Xie. He was drinking tea, as if everything had nothing to do with him. The atmosphere was heavy.

“I guess that Lin Feng and his wife, Meng Qing, must be the man and the woman who appeared in the North and South,” Lang Ye said after a long time, drawing everybody’s attention.

The disciples of Tiantai all looked up at him. Lang Ye smiled casually. “It’s just a supposition!”

“Haha! You must be right. Look at this, fellow disciples,” said Xing Zhan smiling. Then he took out a letter and gave it to Ruo Xie. Ruo Xie looked at it and showed it to the others. Then he put it on the table. Godly Emperor Blood also glanced at it.

“Tiantai received this letter. Lin Feng sent it. Don’t worry about Little Lin Feng.

“Little Lin Feng got prepared for the battle of tomorrow. All the members of Tiantai, the New Snow Region, the Great Huang Dynasty, the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty and even the Alliance of Gods’ City will go there.

“Little Lin Feng didn’t say how strong he had become in his letter, but I guess that he must have broken through. But we’ll see,” said Xing Zhan. Everybody nodded. They felt much more confident all of a sudden. If Lin Feng won, it would be a victory for everybody!

“Everybody get ready. Xing Zhan, go to the Great Huang Dynasty and tell Huang Nü to get ready. Lang Ye, go to the Alliance of Gods’ City and tell Zhe Tian to gather some strong cultivators and bring them to the Long Yun Peak’s Dragon Clouds Pavilion.

“I’ll personally go to the Gods’ Government to see Yan Di, so he can gather some cultivators from the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty. We don’t need to go to the New Snow Region because Meng Qing is with Lin Feng. She probably has a way of contacting the members of the New Snow Region.

“Everybody, get ready. Let’s go!” ordered Ruo Xie seriously. They hadn’t felt so excited in a long time. They didn’t need to worry anymore.

Tiantai had already become as strong as the Three Dynasties. The Great Huang Dynasty had also recovered fifty percent of its original strength, but it was sufficient because even then they were as strong as the Four Temples. They were the fifth strongest group in the continent, after the Three Dynasties and Tiantai.

Everybody was excited.

The Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds, the Celestial Emperors Dynasty, and the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty weren’t idle. either. Long Yi Tian knew that Fu Su Rong had a deep connection to the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds, so they had to closely cooperate with Tiantai.

Time passed, and the day of the duel arrived.

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