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Chapter 603: Ling Xue


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“Right, where is Lin Feng?”

“He didn’t come, but he’s the one who challenged Zong Tong?”

“Hehe, I’ve heard that, according to Lin Feng’s letter of challenge, they were supposed to fight three months after he gave it. Then, Vice Leader Zong Tong, because he didn’t want to humiliate a younger man, postponed the battle. He first wanted to give him a whole year, but they agreed on six months.”


“Why what? Lin Feng is afraid! We’ve been waiting half a day and Lin Feng isn’t here yet. He must be scared to death and hiding. Bah! What kind of genius is that! The leader of Tiantai? Bullshit! As I see it, he’s just a piece of trash! He doesn’t even dare show up!”

“Haha! I think so too. Some people admire him? Pooh!”

Many people were making fun of Lin Feng. The group of people humiliating Lin Feng was growing bigger and bigger. They all shouted loudly so that Tian Di could hear them.

Fu Chen frowned and looked at Ye Chen. Ye Chen nodded. Fu Chen understood what he meant. He flew into the crowd and lifted up some fat guy; the man who had started humiliating Lin Feng first!

Fu Chen punched the man’s head, which instantly exploded. Bright red blood and other bodily fluids sprayed over the crowd. Many people were terrified and ran away from him. All those who had started humiliated Lin Feng shut up.

Fu Chen kicked the corpse away and looked at the crowd icily. “If anyone dares humiliate my teacher, I’ll crush them! You better not let others influence you, it’d be a pity if you got killed because of them!” shouted Fu Chen fearlessly to the millions of people. He sounded extremely aggressive and violent, scaring everybody away.

At the top of the Long Yun Pavilion, Si Ma Yan’s expression changed. He felt guilty and useless, having the impression he hadn’t handled the situation properly. He looked over at Fu Chen aggressively. “You’re just one of Lin Feng’s tiny little disciples! How dare you act arrogantly and insolently here! You must be beaten!” Si Ma Yan shouted furiously. Then he flashed over, making a slapping motion at Fu Chen. Si Ma Yan had the strength of the seventh Godly Emperor Layer. He didn’t fear many people, especially not a cultivator of the fourth Godly Emperor Layer.

Fu Chen looked at him grimly. Even though there was a big difference in strength between them, but he was fearless. He raised his arms and threw himself at Si Ma Yan.

Ruo Xie and the others wanted to get involved as well, as Fu Chen was definitely going to get injured.

Fu Chen and Si Ma Yan’s hands collided. Fu Chen was instantly blown a thousand meters away.

However, Si Ma Yan didn’t intend to let Fu Chen off. He charged at Fu Chen again and threw a punch.

When Ruo Xie saw that, he was grim. He flashed in to stop Si Ma Yan and also threw a punch.

“Piss off!” shouted Si Ma Yan furiously. Ruo Xie was pushed back three steps, which was unfortunately enough for Si Ma Yan to fly past him.

“I’m substituting for your teacher today; I’ll teach you how to behave like a good boy!” Si Ma Yan smiled ferociously. He threw another punch. His terrifying strength was sufficient to crush Fu Chen’s circulatory system. However, Fu Chen was fearless.

“You’re not half the man my teacher is!” shouted Fu Chen defiantly.

“Haha! Right! You’re definitely worthy of being my disciple! Si Ma Yan, do you think you’re qualified to educate my disciples?!”

Fu Chen wasn’t even done talking when a voice spread in the air and made the whole of Long Yun Peak shake. Then that voice burst into laughter. Everybody could hear it clearly.

When Si Ma Yan heard that, he was stupefied. Was that Lin Feng? Had Lin Feng come back after hiding away for six months?

“You want to die!” shouted Si Ma Yan furiously. Lin Feng hadn’t shown up yet, so Si Ma Yan focused on Fu Chen. He punched out resolutely. His energies exploded as his fist moved closer and closer to Fu Chen, like he wanted to destroy the whole world.

“Try and touch my disciple, Si Ma Yan.” Si Ma Yan sensed a terrifying and ice-cold strength behind him. Many people gasped in astonishment.

Ruo Xie was completely shocked. Lin Feng appeared behind Si Ma Yan so suddenly.

Lin Feng was wearing a black robe, and had already gotten rid of his plaited bamboo hat. He was carrying his Buddha Sword, the tip of his it was resting on Si Ma Yan’s shoulder. He could kill him anytime. Si Ma Yan’s father, Si Ma Yun Tu, was stunned.

“Lin Feng, would you dare kill me?” shouted Si Ma Yan. He was scared on the inside, but he tried not to show it. He had already taken his hands back, though, and he didn’t dare make any reckless movement.

Fu Chen looked at Si Ma Yan and then moved behind Lin Feng, bowing hand over fist respectfully.

“Get down now,” Lin Feng said to Fu Chen indifferently. Fu Chen nodded and landed on the ground next to Ruo Xie and the others.

Lin Feng took his Buddha Sword away, but Si Ma Yan wasn’t relieved yet. On the contrary, he was even more scared. It felt as if a demon was standing behind him, and he was going to die at any time.

How was this possible? Lin Feng had disappeared for half a year. How had he become so strong?

“Lin… Lin Feng, you…” Si Ma Yan wanted to say something, but the words didn’t come out. Lin Feng put his left hand on Ma Yan’s shoulder, and Si Ma Yan instantly stopped talking.

“You want to replace me and educate my disciple?” Lin Feng mocked him.

Si Ma Yan was covered with cold sweat. Even his father’s Qi wasn’t this powerful…

“You… what do you want?” asked Si Ma Yan, pretending to be calm.

Lin Feng smiled and then dragged Si Ma Yan closer to him. His eyes were filled with ice-cold flames of fury.

“I want my disciple to teach you a good lesson, what do you think?” Lin Feng said, laughing in his face.

Si Ma Yan’s face reddened. He looked like a furious pig and shouted, “You’re humiliating me, bastard!”

“Oh? Now you know what humiliation is? Hehe, so why did you humiliate my disciple?” retorted Lin Feng, smiling sarcastically.

Si Ma Yan didn’t know what to reply. Lin Feng looked at him grimly. “Ling Xue, give me a hand and teach Si Ma Yan a good lesson,” Lin Feng called out, letting go off Si Ma Yan.

Everybody was surprised when they heard Lin Feng, Ling Xue? Lin Feng had a female disciple? Ye Chen was astonished, too. His teacher had recruited a new disciple, and a female disciple on top of that?

As everybody was thinking, a snowy-white silhouette appeared up in the air. She was gorgeous, with a perfect figure.

The woman had snowy-white skin, and was wearing a snowy-white skirt and a beautiful blue jade belt. There were snowflakes rotating under her feet. Her hair was tied in a bun with two beautiful phoenix-shaped hairpins. Her beauty was indescribable.

Everybody gasped with amazement. They almost forgot to breathe. They were all staring at her with their eyes wide at Lin Feng’s disciple, Ling Xue!

She raised her arms and disappeared. Si Ma Yan sensed something ice-cold above his head, then he fell unconscious as something exploded around him. Si Ma Yan crashed to the ground, creating a gigantic crater around himself.

Si Ma Yun Tu’s expression changed drastically. He hastily flew to the crater and grabbed Si Ma Yan’s body, but his expression changed drastically again because Si Ma Yan’s bones… were all crushed!

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