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Chapter 604: Lin Feng’s Strength?

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“What a fucking cruel bitch! You dare crush my son’s bones!? A debt of blood must be paid in blood! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” shouted Si Ma Yun Tu furiously. An extremely sharp Qi emerged from him, and his eyes were filled with murder. He looked ferocious and insane.

He flashed into a light beam. His strength of the seventh Godly Emperor Layer exploded around him. Many people moved away to give him space. They didn’t want the two fighter’s energies to spill over and reach them.

Ling Xue looked at Si Ma Yun Tu as if she didn’t understand why he was looking at her like that.

“Evil bitch! Die!” shouted Si Ma Yun Tu. He stretched out a finger and space distorted around him. His terrifying energies made Ling Xue’s expression change a little bit. She looked at Lin Feng. She seemed confused, not understanding why this man wanted to kill her.

Lin Feng knew he had to get involved. He had asked her to teach Si Ma Yan a good lesson because he wanted everybody to know his disciple was extremely strong. He hadn’t thought Si Ma Yan’s father would go crazy. Lin Feng didn’t even know about Si Ma Yun Tu’s existence.

He understood when Si Ma Yun Tu said Si Ma Yan was his son. Lin Feng also noticed Si Ma Yun Tu had the strength of the seventh Godly Emperor Layer. The situation was problematic. Lin Feng wasn’t scared, though. It would just be an occasion to practice what he had learned in the previous six months.

Lin Feng flashed and disappeared, reappearing next to Ling Xue. He raised his arms and his godly aura flashed; he said to Ling Xue, “Go in.”

“Alright,” Ling Xue nodded. She turned into a snowflake and disappeared into Lin Feng’s godly aura. Only Lin Feng and Si Ma Yun Tu were left. Everybody understood that Lin Feng had given his disciple refuge.

“Since she’s your disciple, you’ll also bear the responsibility for her actions!” shouted Si Ma Yun Tu furiously, charging at Lin Feng. He flew so fast that people heard a sonic boom. The energies around him were as heavy as millions of hammers.

Everybody looked at his fists. Many people were worried for Lin Feng, including Huang Nü, Yan Di, and the others. Those people were Lin Feng’s closest ones, but they didn’t think Lin Feng could win.

But Lin Feng seemed indifferent. He just looked at Si Ma Yun Tu’s fists and smiled. He slowly raised his left hand, and a tiny dot of light appeared. It grew and grew to a hundred meters wide, and enveloped Si Ma Yun Tu.

Si Ma Yun Tu sensed a terrifying strength surround him. His face paled, but he didn’t think Lin Feng could defeat him, a cultivator of the top of the seventh Godly Emperor Layer, so he didn’t give up.

“Look at me! Roaring Thunders!” shouted Si Ma Yun Tu, bombarding the space with his fists. Lightning appeared and thunder roared. He looked like a dragon with the power of a storm.

It was a celestial skill, shooting towards Lin Feng’s chest. He wanted to kill Lin Feng, but Lin Feng didn’t seem worried at all, as if that skill weren’t enough to scare him. Lin Feng flashed high and far. Si Ma Yun Tu was stupefied at the sight.

Lin Feng stretched out his hand and grabbed Si Ma Yun Tu by the neck. Si Ma Yun Tu used as much strength as he could to resist, but it didn’t work; Lin Feng pushed him down. Si Ma Yun Tu fell on his knees, his hands on the ground as well. Lin Feng was holding him firmly by the neck. Everybody was stupefied.

“How is that possible? How could Lin Feng grab Si Ma Yun Tu like that…?” an elder of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty was completely astonished and staring at them with his eyes wide. He couldn’t believe it.

“Is that Lin Feng? What did he do during these six months?” Ruo Xie was astonished too. How had Lin Feng become so strong?

Lin Feng rose up into the air. He was still holding Si Ma Yun Tu by the neck and smiling. He said slowly, “Master, there’s no point in holding you like this. Regarding your son, I have to admit Ling Xue went a bit too hard on him. But releasing your anger on me is a big mistake,” Lin Feng continued, smiling in amusement. Si Ma Yun Tu seemed desperate.

“I’ll let you off. You better calm down,” Lin Feng said aggressively. He let go of Si Ma Yun Tu and waited for Si Ma Yun Tu to react.

However, Si Ma Yun Tu didn’t seem like he intended to give up. On the contrary, he looked at Fu Chen and shouted furiously, “Lin Feng, I can’t defeat you, but a debt of blood must be paid in blood!”

Si Ma Yun Tu charged at Fu Chen extremely quickly. Fu Chen had the impression a mountain was falling on him when he sensed Si Ma Yun Tu’s energies. If this attack reached Fu Chen, he’d die. Fu Chen couldn’t escape, he wasn’t fast enough. Si Ma Yun Tu had the strength of the top of the seventh Godly Emperor Layer, and Fu Chen of the fourth, after all.

Everybody watched Fu Chen. Fu Chen’s expression didn’t change; even when facing death, he remained clear-headed.

Lin Feng watched Fu Chen in satisfaction. He didn’t regret he had recruited such disciples.

But he definitely needed to teach Si Ma Yun Tu a good lesson!

Lin Feng flashed away, and space and time Dao strength erupted around him. He appeared in front of Fu Chen in less than a few seconds. Si Ma Yun Tu threw a punch, but suddenly Lin Feng was in front of him, and not Fu Chen. His expression changed drastically. He wanted to take his hand back, but it was too late.

“I gave you an opportunity, but you didn’t stop. You must be punished,” stated Lin Feng grimly. His strength pierced through Si Ma Yun Tu’s fist and smashed into his face.

Whap! Lin Feng slapped him in the face. Many people were astonished and shaken.

His strength pounded Si Ma Yun Tu away. Si Ma Yun Tu crashed into the crater formed by his son. That crater had become the crater of humiliation for the Si Ma’s.

But Si Ma Yun Tu’s bones weren’t broken. He had the strength of the top of the seventh Godly Emperor Layer, after all. Lin Feng understood the strength of the Great Tao really well now, but he couldn’t slaughter a cultivator of such a high level.

But everybody was still astonished, especially Vice Leader Zong Tong, who looked extremely grim. Si Ma Yun Tu was only slightly weaker than him, and had lost quickly…

So, how strong Lin Feng really become? What was his real cultivation level?

“Lin Feng, you dare bully one of our Vice Leaders… You have balls!” shouted Tian Di furiously.

Si Ma Yun Tu was exhausted. He came out of the crater and looked at Lin Feng furiously, seething over his lost face.

He looked at Tian Di, hoping he would avenge him and teach Lin Feng a good lesson.

Lin Feng looked up at Tian Di’s ice-cold expression.

“What? Since when are you the little dog of the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds, Tian Di? If you want to be a good and loyal dog, dismantle the Celestial Emperors Dynasty, join the Great Alliance, and become their little loyal dog,” Lin Feng returned scornfully.

Tian Di grew even grimmer. He clenched his fists and shouted furiously, “What? Do you want to challenge me?!” His eyes were filled with murder. The millions of people shuddered with fear when they heard him, and everyone watched Lin Feng.

Lin Feng glanced at Tian Di and the others. He smiled indifferently, “I’d fight against you if you agreed.”


“How incredible. Lin Feng is challenging a cultivator of the eighth Godly Emperor Layer?”

“How strong is Lin Feng? Why can’t people see what his cultivation level is?”

“What happened during these last six months?”

Many people were completely astonished at Lin Feng’s confident smile.

How strong was Lin Feng?

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