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Chapter 605: Unmatched!

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“You think too highly of yourself,” said Tian Di, smiling when he heard Lin Feng’s arrogant and confident answer. However, his eyes were still filled with killing intent.

When Lin Feng heard Tian Di’s sarcastic remark, he didn’t contradict him because Lin Feng himself wasn’t sure how strong he had become. All he knew was that if he hadn’t gone traveling for six months, he wouldn’t have become what he had become, and he wouldn’t have had the opportunity to recruit his disciple, Ling Xue.

When Lin Feng thought of all of that, he had the impression it had all been a dream. During his trip, Lin Feng had bumped into Ancestor Kong again. But this time Ancestor Kong had turned into an ordinary old man.

When Lin Feng had arrived in the North, he had bumped into an old beggar. Lin Feng didn’t know that the old beggar was the transformed Ancestor Kong, but Meng Qing and he had taken him to a restaurant and offered him some food. That had been the beginning of something great.

Six months had passed, and Ancestor Kong, still in the form of the beggar, had transmitted some genuine Great Tao strength to Lin Feng. It had changed Lin Feng’s perspectives.

After that, Lin Feng’s strength had increased drastically. He had also given Lin Feng something extraordinary: a spiritual being, the heroic essence of snow, one of the two great pure souls of the Continent of the Gods… Ling Xue!

In other words, his third disciple wasn’t a human being, but a sort of extremely rare snow elf, Ling Xue! She could take a human shape, but she could also transform into light, a sort of strength. But she wasn’t very mature yet, she only had the mindset of a ten-year-old.

Ancestor Kong had Lin Feng recruit her as a disciple, and naturally Lin Feng hadn’t refused. Everything Ancestor Kong had given to him could be considered a precious treasure.

Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor had obtained his three treasures, including the Blood Cauldron of the Ten Thousand Things of Creation, from Ancestor Kong. Thanks to them, he had been able to make a myriad of people listen to him.

Lin Feng had also understood something: since Ling Xue was one of two pure spiritual beings of the Continent of the Gods, it meant that the other one was his adopted son, Hu Ba!

Ancestor Kong had also told Lin Feng about Hu Ba’s whereabouts. Apparently, Hu Ba wasn’t having a good time. His strength had increased drastically, but he had ended up as someone’s slave. He had no freedom at all.

Gods Country… Ancestor Kong had told Lin Feng that he was getting closer and closer to being ready to go to Gods Country. He’d be able to solve some mysteries only after going to Gods Country.

Ancestor Kong had then left. He hadn’t mentioned Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor at all, as if he weren’t worried about Xuan Yuan’s state of mind. After Ancestor Kong had left, Lin Feng and Meng Qing had come back for the duel.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng looked at the snow elf in his body. This disciple was different from Ye Chen and Fu Chen. Ling Xue was a snow elf. She could give him strength. But even if she left his body, he wasn’t any weaker than a cultivator of the eighth Godly Emperor Layer.

During these last six months, Lin Feng had broken through two cultivation layers. It wasn’t the first time something like that happened in the continent. A hundred thousand years before, Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor had done the same thing, but back then, he had been to the mysterious Gods Country. He had come back very quickly, and much stronger. He hadn’t had the opportunity to continue becoming stronger because Tian Di’s father, Tian Kui, had killed him.

Lin Feng now had the impression that Xuan Yuan and Tian Di had a shared secret.

The atmosphere became heavy and cold after Lin Feng’s display of strength. The millions of observers didn’t dare say a word because Lin Feng had scared them all.

Tian Di looked at Lin Feng icily; so did Zong Tong. Zong Tong stared at Lin Feng as if he were trying to read all his secrets.

Ruo Xie, Huang Nü, Yan Di, Long Yi Tian, and the others watched Lin Feng. When Lin Feng became stronger, they became stronger as well. Long Yi Tian felt especially confident. He wasn’t worried anymore. Collaborating with Lin Feng had been a great idea!

“Zong Tong, it’s time,” Lin Feng said, taking a deep breath. He looked charming, handsome, and confident. He also had a killing smile.

Zong Tong looked glum. “What do you want to do?” asked Zong Tong grimly. He was worried inside.

Six months before, he would have been able to crush Lin Feng easily; then he would have been able to humiliate Tiantai and destroy them completely. Now, things were different; Lin Feng had become much stronger. Zong Tong knew that he had to be extremely vigilant.

“Six months ago, you said that if I wanted to fight against you, I’d have to fight against your disciple first, to prove to you that I was a worthy opponent. What about it?” Lin Feng prodded him scathingly.

Zong Tong’s expression shifted. He regretted what he had said. Six months ago, his disciple could have easily taught Lin Feng a good lesson, but half a year had passed and nobody had thought Lin Feng would progress so quickly.

Now, if his disciple fought against Lin Feng, not only would he lose, but he would probably suffer a crushing defeat and both of them would lose face.


“Lin Feng, I respect you, so I suggest we immediately start fighting,” said Zong Tong.

Lin Feng remained expressionless at first. Then he smiled icily… Respect me? So he doesn’t want his disciple to fight against me anymore? What a joke! Lin Feng knew what Zong Tong meant. The millions of people understood too, but nobody dared say anything.

“No no no no no… Let’s do everything according to your plan, otherwise, you’re going to criticize me and say I’m a weakling and so on afterwards. Hehehehehe…” Lin Feng answered, raising his voice so that everybody could hear him.

Zong Tong was surprised and asked icily, “Are you sure you don’t want to give me face?”

“Hehe, you decided the rules in the first place, respecting your rules comes down to not giving you face? You’re really funny.

“If you don’t care about the battle between your disciple and me anymore, can I do the same? Can I not give a shit about your letter of challenge, either? Does it mean you can give up our battle to the death?” Lin Feng shot back swiftly, menacing and aggressive.

How could Zong Tong refute that? He just nodded angrily. He would remember this moment forever.

“Disciple, you fight first,” said Zong Tong, glaring at Lin Feng, clenching his fists and grinding his teeth. His disciple came out of the group of people from the Alliance.

The man looked ordinary, but he was strong, at the top of the sixth Godly Emperor Layer. The Alliance attached great importance on him.

“Lin Feng, let’s exchange views on cultivation!” said the man, bowing hand over fist. He flashed ahead, charging at Lin Feng. He wanted to strike first to gain the advantage, exactly what Zong Tong had always told him to do.

Zong Tong was extremely worried. He hoped his disciple wouldn’t suffer too much of a crushing defeat.

Ren Chen threw a punch at Lin Feng. His moves were very similar to Zong Tong’s moves, but he was much weaker. He only had the strength of the top of the sixth Godly Emperor Layer, which was nothing for Lin Feng.

Lin Feng moved and kicked. Ren Chen’s energies were blown away, and so was he. Lin Feng flashed and caught up with him, and threw another kick.

Boom, boom! Lin Feng kicked him twice. Ren Chen crashed to the ground. Yet another gigantic crater appeared around him. The crowd looked down into the crater and were astonished. Lin Feng was standing on Ren Chen’s head, and Ren Chen’s Qi was extremely weak.

The battle hadn’t even started before it was already over. Lin Feng was extremely aggressive.

Everybody was astonished. After a long time, many people swallowed.

Zong Tong felt extremely sad for his disciple. He hadn’t even been able to unleash a single attack against Lin Feng, and now Lin Feng was standing on his face. How humiliating. Six months ago, he had suggested that Lin Feng fight against his disciple to humiliate him, however…

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