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Chapter 606: A Battle, A King!

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“Enough! I don’t have time to waste. If you don’t want to fight, I’m off,” Lin Feng frowned. He wasn’t smiling anymore, only staring at Ren Chen. Then he kicked Ren Chen, who crashed limply a thousand meters away. The whole mountain shook violently.

“You…” Zong Tong looked at Lin Feng ferociously. He was sick of Lin Feng’s provocations. He pointed at Lin Feng with his finger, but words didn’t come out, he was too angry. Then he looked at Ren Chen again, his poor disciple..

“Tian Di, you are the referee,” said Zong Tong, trying to keep calm. His eyes were filled with lightning now.

Tian Di nodded and stood up. He rose into the air and stood between Lin Feng and Zong Tong.

Lin Feng glanced at Tian Di and said expressionlessly, “If you want to kill me, I don’t mind fighting against you after this battle.”


The crowd of millions were astonished by Lin Feng’s aggressiveness. Many people were staring at Lin Feng in admiration. Lin Feng was really a legendary cultivator; arrogant, aggressive, heavenly-gifted, and confident.

Now, he even dared challenge Tian Di, the one who used to be considered the overlord of the Continent of the Gods!

Tian Di looked at him murderously. Half a year ago, Lin Feng would have never been able to compete with Tian Di. Or Zong Tong, or the Demon Emperor.

The three cultivators of the eighth Godly Emperor Layer had all gathered in the Celestial Emperors Dynasty six months ago, where Lin Feng had acted arrogantly and aggressively. He had even killed over twenty judges, but still left safe and sound. Why had the Alliance made that kind of mistake?

Tian Di didn’t know why, but the highest official of the Alliance had forbidden him from killing Lin Feng, otherwise, the punishment would have been terrible.

Who would have dared kill Lin Feng in such conditions? Zong Tong had had no choice but to grind his teeth and keep calm after Lin Feng had killed the twenty judges.

Six months had passed, and this time the high official of the Alliance hadn’t said anything. That meant they could kill Lin Feng if they wanted to, but now it was much more complicated. Tian Di sighed on the inside; it was a bit too late. Lin Feng was now capable of competing with the extraordinary cultivators who stood at the top of the continent.

How could they kill him?

Tian Di regretted. Why hadn’t he killed Lin Feng back when Lin Feng was still extremely weak compared to him? Lin Feng had become his biggest threat!

Thinking about it, Tian Di looked even more unhappy. However, Lin Feng didn’t pay any attention to him. He was looking at Zong Tong.

“If I kill you, will Lei Gang show up and kill me?” asked Lin Feng, smiling coldly.

When Zong Tong heard that, he shouted furiously. He didn’t even say anything, he just immediately started throwing punches at Lin Feng like infuriated dragons. Lin Feng saw something flash in front of him. Suddenly, Zong Tong was in front of him and his fists extremely close to him.

Lin Feng grunted with pain and was forced back, feeling like his bones were broken. He ground his teeth and released the strength of Ling Xue. He stopped moving and his face slightly paled.

The crowd was astonished, some worried. Could Lin Feng really compete with such strong cultivators?

As people were thinking, Lin Feng had already turned into a blurry dark silhouette. He looked like a death god as he threw a punch. His energies whistled and wailed like wandering lost souls. The crowd felt their whole bodies going numb.

Lin Feng threw a punch out. Zong Tong’s fists met Lin Feng’s. Boom, boom ka!... Energies exploded between them and spread over hundreds of li. All those weaker than Holy Emperors there died instantly. Not even their souls remained.

Ruo Xie and the others released as much pure Qi as they could to resist, but they still had the impression they were going to die. Even Tian Di was astonished and worried.

Lin Feng glanced at Ruo Xie and the others and when he saw they were extremely pale, he shouted furiously and threw more punches, moving extremely quickly. When Zong Tong’s strength crashed against him this time, it was like he wasn’t affected.

Lin Feng released a terrifying strength to bombard Zong Tong. Zong Tong’s expression changed drastically; he put his palms together and a hundred zhang tall curtain appeared in front of him to block the energies.

However, no matter what he did, his protective curtain broke apart, and Lin Feng attacked again. The combination of his two attacks was even more powerful than an attack of the eighth Godly Emperor Layer.

There was an explosion; Zong Tong grunted with pain and was blown away, his face extremely pale. However, Lin Feng wasn’t having a good time either. After Zong Tong’s protective curtain exploded, it turned into a multitude of small sharp pieces of energy which pierced into Lin Feng’s body like needles.

Lin Feng felt like his circulatory system was going to break apart. He frowned.

He had a metallic taste in his mouth and then coughed up blood. His Qi became unstable. He nearly collapsed.

“They’re both badly injured?” whispered Tian Di when he saw both Lin Feng and Zong Tong coughing blood. He was stupefied for a few seconds, and then his confused look turned into a murderous glare again.

This might be his last opportunity to kill Lin Feng. This time, he wasn’t going to send people to kill Lin Feng anymore, because nobody else could kill him. He had to intervene personally.

If I manage to kill you, the whole Continent of the Gods will calm down again, thought Tian Di, slowly releasing his Qi. His eyes gleamed with fury, but his Qi was ice-cold.

Tian Di threw himself at Lin Feng. Lin Feng watched him come, his whole body sore. When he sensed Tian Di’s deadly energies, he wasn’t scared, but he knew he didn’t have enough energy anymore to fight back.

Lin Feng couldn’t continue using Ling Xue’s strength because she didn’t have much left anymore either, and if he continued, she’d die. Lin Feng didn’t want to sacrifice her.

Tian Di appeared in front of Lin Feng, ten meters away. Lin Feng looked indifferent, Tian Di ferocious and cruel.

“Actually, if the leader of the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds hadn’t protected you, you would have died in the Celestial Emperors Dynasty six months ago. I would have killed you myself, you know? I would have never let you live otherwise,” Tian Di said after remaining silent for a few seconds.

Lin Feng was astonished. Lei Gang had protected him?

“How ridiculous,” Lin Feng said icily. He didn’t believe Tian Di.

Tian Di frowned and smiled indifferently, “It doesn’t matter whether you believe me or not, you can ask Vice Leader Zong Tong. It’s a fact,” said Tian Di, pointing at the injured Zong Tong.

Zong Tong looked at Lin Feng sinisterly and nodded. “It’s the truth. Our leader gave us the order not to kill you six months ago.”

“What about now?” asked Lin Feng.

“Now, we’re not going to let you off!” said Zong Tong, smiling ferociously and clenching his fists. However, he quickly frowned. When he clenched his fists, it felt extremely painful; he was severely injured. He had never thought that someday Lin Feng would be strong enough to injure him. However, Lin Feng was even more injured than he was.

Lin Feng could be considered an incredible champion of the whole Continent of the Gods. He could now be considered the strongest of all the younger geniuses of the world, because he could compete with the strongest elders.

However, he was also in a terrible danger at this moment.


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