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Chapter 607: Tian Di Loses, Lin Feng Becomes the King!

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“Enjoy your last moments, Lin Feng,” declared Tian Di, smiling icily.

Lin Feng took a deep breath. He was severely injured. He suddenly missed Jeston. If Jeston had been there, Lin Feng could have healed quickly, and at the very least, he wouldn’t have been in danger.

Everybody understood that Lin Feng’s glorious time was over. It was now Tian Di’s time to be imposing and awe-inspiring.

Many people hoped Lin Feng would survive. He represented many different people: strong cultivators, independent cultivators, young people. All those people felt proud because they compared themselves to him, they were just not strong enough.

Tian Di’s deadly Qi whistled. He smiled ferociously, as if Lin Feng were his prey.

“Die now, Lin Feng,” said Tian Di suddenly laughing sinisterly. Then he flashed ahead, raising one finger. The strength which emerged from his finger seemed like it could destroy the sky. Tian Di pointed his finger at Lin Feng’s celestial spirit. All he had in mind was to kill Lin Feng!

“No! Lin Feng!” shouted Huang Nü. Her face paled and she shook her head in despair.

“Lin Feng, hurry up and run!” shouted all the members of Tiantai loudly. They were extremely worried.

Lin Feng looked at that finger. It seemed extremely slow. Tian Di was condensing his full strength to kill Lin Feng. He didn’t want to take any risks. If he made a single mistake, Lin Feng might manage to escape, or maybe someone would save him once again.

It had already happened many times. Lin Feng didn’t want to be killed by Tian Di; if he was enemies with him, it was all because of Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor. If he hadn’t decided to help Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor back then, maybe Tian Di would have just been a stranger to him.

Lin Feng took a deep breath. He didn’t intend to give up. He had to use his full strength to protect himself; he couldn’t let Tian Di kill him easily.

“Old bastard, I will use my full strength to fight against you today!” shouted Lin Feng explosively. His long black hair fluttered in the wind as his robe was torn apart. He released as much demon Qi as he could. His eyes were bloodshot, he looked evil and demonic. Many people were scared when they saw him like that.

“You’re doomed! You can’t do anything anymore!” shouted Tian Di, grinding his teeth furiously. He threw a punch which seemed as heavy as a mountain. Lin Feng grunted with pain, but didn’t flinch. He stretched out his hand and grabbed Tian Di’s fist. Crackling sounds spread in the air. Lin Feng used his full strength to press down on Tian Di’s fist. At the same time, Lin Feng condensed all his pure Qi in his foot and threw out a kick.

There was an explosion as Lin Feng kicked Tian Di in the side. Tian Di’s face paled. He was in pain and started trembling. Lin Feng had just destroyed part of Tian Di’s circulatory system.

“You want to die, asshole!” shouted Tian Di furiously. He grabbed Lin Feng’s left foot and threw Lin Feng away. Lin Feng couldn’t release enough strength to remain on his feet. He crashed halfway up Long Yun Peak, stones exploding all around him, before he started rolling down the mountain.

Lin Feng coughed up blood. His face was growing paler and paler. Lin Feng’s circulatory system had started crackling and was extremely painful. He slowly stood up.

However, as soon as he stood up, a golden silhouette flickered. Lin Feng had the impression his bones were breaking as a fist punched him in the chest. The air crackled with the sound of his bones.

Tian Di’s punch sent Lin Feng flying away again. He crashed against a stone in the mountain, which exploded again.

Lin Feng coughed up blood again. He was even more infuriated this time. He looked at Tian Di with his bloodshot eyes, as Tian Di charged at Lin Feng again. He landed in front of him and raised his foot. He wanted to jump on Lin Feng’s head.

“You think you can stand on my face! Piss off, piss off!” shouted Lin Feng, raising his fists and throwing punches one after the other. With his strength, he could easily destroy a mountain. He also used some of Ling Xue’s strength again.

Tian Di hadn’t expected the attack. He thought Lin Feng had run of out of energy and was already defeated, but suddenly, Lin Feng was using a powerful attack again. Tian Di was immediately repelled.

There was another explosion as Tian Di was blown away. He crashed against the Long Yun Pavilion, which collapsed and broke into a thousand pieces, burying him under the debris.

Tian Di shouted furiously, slapping the debris around him away and standing up. However, as soon as he stood up, he saw a black silhouette flicker in front of him and then slap! His cheek felt numb as he shouted in outrage. Lin Feng sent him back to the ground.

“Being a cruel bastard makes you feel happy, huh? Huh?” Lin Feng said ferociously, before he crashed down onto Tian Di’s chest. Tian Di’s ribs cracked loudly.

“Do you feel humiliated?

“I defeated you, Tian Di, what does it feel like?

“You think that you can do whatever you wish in the Continent of the Gods because you’re Tian Di? You think everybody’s your slave?

“What makes you feel so entitled and confident? Who said you were a leader, and who gave you these privileges?

“I defeated you. Now, you have nothing to do in front of me anymore, piss off!” shouted Lin Feng furiously, before slapping Tian Di in the face again.

Many people were completely astonished. It felt as if the earth and the sky were upside down. They couldn’t believe their eyes.

“Oh my heavens… Lin Feng crushed Tian Di?” blurted out a man who had come from far away to watch Lin Feng and Zong Tong’s battle. He stared at Lin Feng, who was standing on Tian Di’s chest, astounded. Lin Feng was truly mighty and powerful.

“They’re both badly injured,” sighed Ruo Xie. Lin Feng had truly become a monstrous cultivator. He didn’t need protection anymore; Godly Emperors couldn’t compete with him. He had defeated Tian Di, the strongest cultivator of the continent.

Tian Di screamed wildly. His face was completely pale, and his cheeks burned.

Lin Feng had crushed and humiliated him. What a horrible feeling!

“You feel humiliated? Have you ever thought of what it felt like to be humiliated before?” Lin Feng said with a cruel smile. He put his foot on Tian Di’s face. The atmosphere became eerily silent. Lin Feng was doing something nobody had ever done in history.

He stepped on Tian Di’s face!

Lin Feng would be remembered as the only man who had stepped on the face of the noble and supreme cultivator Tian Di in history. Tian Di had never been humiliated like this. It was one of the most astonishing things to happen in the last hundreds of thousands of years in the Continent of the Gods.

After the battle, no matter how long Lin Feng would live, he would be remembered, his accomplishments would never die. He had become the champion of the continent. He was stronger than Tian Di!

Lin Feng raised his head to the skies and laughed loudly, his long hair fluttering in the wind. Everybody had the impression Lin Feng was a great and almighty demon god.

“Haha! Tian Di, you’re not as proud and arrogant anymore, huh?” Lin Feng laughed mockingly. Poor Tian Di. Lin Feng had been waiting for this moment for a long time. He was very satisfied.

Tian Di had become the symbol of Lin Feng’s power and mightiness. It didn’t matter whether they had become enemies because of the Demon Emperor or not. They had become enemies and it couldn’t be changed, so Lin Feng naturally didn’t intend to let him off.

Lin Feng knew that he wasn’t strong enough to kill Tian Di yet, though. Besides, what if Tian Di went insane and risked his life to kill Lin Feng? Well, Lin Feng didn’t care, he still put his foot on Tian Di’s face, the symbol of his victory and success.

From that moment on, Tiantai and the Great Huang Dynasty didn’t need to pay attention to Tian Di anymore, because Lin Feng had defeated him!

Many people looked at Lin Feng. He looked quite proud standing on Tian Di’s face. The future ultimate ruler of the Continent of the Gods was born!

At that moment, everybody was cheering excitingly.

At that moment, nobody dared confront Lin Feng while he was rising. Lin Feng hadn’t just defeated Zong Tong, he had also defeated Tian Di!

He had just defeated two people who stood at the top of the continent, and he had also humiliated them badly.

From that moment, Lin Feng was the first of a new generation of kings. He was stronger than Tian Di.

“Hurray! Long live Leader Lin! Long live Leader Lin!” shouted all the disciples of Tiantai, raising their swords and cheering excitingly. Their voices made the ground shake tremble. It was like the earth and sky also feared Lin Feng.

When the crowd of millions heard the members of Tiantai, they gasped with amazement and admiration as well. They also shouted in unison with the members of Tiantai.

“Hurray! Long live Leader Lin! Long live Leader Lin!!”

“King of the Continent of the Gods! Long Live the new king!”

“Long live our king, our protector!”

People shouted repeatedly, many people kneeling down solemnly. Long Yun Peak became the symbol of Lin Feng’s victory as well. Tian Di wasn’t the strongest cultivator of the Continent of the Gods anymore!

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