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Chapter 608: Complex Relations!


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When Long Yi Tian saw all that, he was astonished, and couldn’t believe it. He hadn’t thought that Tian Di would ever get defeated, and especially not by a young man like Lin Feng. He also hadn’t thought the person who would defeat Tian Di would step on his face.

But it was a fact. Lin Feng had become the king of the continent.

On the side of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, Yan Chang and Yan Di watched Lin Feng. They were amazed and happy for him. Yan Chang remembered when Lin Feng had sacrificed himself and died to save him.

Yan Chang felt even more guilty. At the same time, he decided that the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty would now follow Tiantai. Back then, Lin Feng needed to follow the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty to become stronger; now the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty needed to follow Lin Feng to become stronger.

Sometimes, things changed. Life was like a theater sometimes. Everybody was amazed.

The leader of the Gods’ Government had come with the members of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty. When he saw all this, he paled, and smiled wryly. He wanted to hide. In the future, the Gods’ Government would never dare offend Lin Feng again, including the leader of the Gods’ Government himself. However, he was worried; would Lin Feng kill him?

“I’ll let you off because you lost. If you dare offend me again, I will not spare your life again,” Lin Feng said to Tian Di. Then he raised one foot, and the other, and stepped off Tian Di’s face.

Lin Feng’s eyes weren’t bloodshot anymore. His Qi was ice-cold, though, and he didn’t have much Qi left. He was extremely weak. His two disciples, Fu Chen and Ye Chen flashed up and landed next to him to support him by the arms.

Fu Chen and Ye Chen didn’t mind appearing in front of everybody even if it was dangerous, but nothing was more important than their teacher. Lin Feng was their idol.

Fu Chen considered Lin Feng his god and his life savior; without Lin Feng, he might still be an ordinary cultivator in the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine. He might not even have become a Godly Emperor.

In the future, many people would remember the name of Fu Chen, Lin Feng’s second disciple.

His two disciples supported him by the arms, taking a few steps backwards. Tian Di slowly stood up. His eyes seemed empty, his skin spotted.

He also seemed hundreds of years older. His black hair had all turned white.

In less than a minute, Tian Di, who was initially a strong cultivator full of vitality, became a very old man, with wrinkles and white hair. He looked like a dying old man. If he weren’t wearing his golden robe, nobody would have recognized him anymore.

It was Tian Di’s real appearance. He was a hundred thousand years old, extremely old, but because of his reputation and prestige, he preferred looking like a forty-year-old. Now, he couldn’t anymore, he had given up on the inside.

“Hehe, I’ve lived for a hundred thousand years, Lin Feng, I’ve never felt that desperate and hopeless. You win, Lin Feng,” said Tian Di, looking up and smiling. If he weren’t breathing, people would think he was just a corpse.

“Poor Tian Di!” sighed Lin Zhe Tian. Losers are always in the wrong, though. Nobody was in the wrong when they succeeded.

Lin Feng’s face was extremely pale, he had used all his Qi during the battle. He had no choice but rely on his disciples to stand.

“Tian Di, we shouldn’t be enemies from now on,” Lin Feng replied, sighing sadly.

When Tian Di heard that, he smiled and shook his head. “That was just fate. I know that Mo Mian influenced you. Come here, I’ll tell you a secret,” said the skinny old man, wiggling his forefinger. He looked scary, as if he had no muscles, no flesh, only skin on bones.

Ye Chen and Fu Chen firmly held onto Lin Feng and looked at Tian Di cautiously.

“Hehe, look at me, you think you still need to protect him from me? You could both kill me, hehe,” murmured Tian Di in a trembling voice. He sounded sad and embarrassed.

Lin Feng looked at his disciples and said weakly, “Don’t worry. Bring me to him.”

“But, teacher…” Ye Chen was surprised; he wanted to talk but Lin Feng just looked at him angrily. They had no choice, so they helped Lin Feng walk over to Tian Di. They stopped half a meter away.

The millions of guests were silently looking at Tian Di and Lin Feng, the two strongest cultivators of the continent.

Tian Di put his hand on Lin Feng’s shoulder. Lin Feng grabbed his skinny hand.

The two of them had never been so close.

“Lin Feng, Mo Mian fooled you, and me.”

“My real name is Tian Mian. His name is Mo Mian. We were one person before. I practiced celestial cultivation, he practices demon cultivation. In the end, we became two bodies. Tian Mian and Mo Mian became two people a hundred thousand years ago.

“Tian Kui is not my father. He is my teacher. The Celestial Emperors Dynasty was founded by him, but he quickly gave it to me. After he helped me kill Mo Mian, Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor appeared.

“Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor, Dong Fei Yu, Yun Shan Ming, and I, Tian Mian, are all the geniuses of ten thousand years ago. We had agreed to compare ourselves ten thousand years in the future, but we were wrong, because we don’t belong to this time anymore.

“This new era is yours, it’s time for young people like you to show what you are worth. We are old now. Today, I lost; tomorrow, Mo Mian will lose too, because we have been eliminated from the Great Tao,” Tian Di said sorrowfully. His eyes were wet. It was sad to see an old man like that.

“You stepped on my face and defeated me. From now on, I give up. I have no official position anymore, and no privileges.

“Lin Feng, be careful of Xuan Yuan. He used you. Today, you crushed me, and you almost killed me, which is exactly what he hoped. If one of the two Mian’s dies, him or me, then the other one will automatically break through to the half-Supreme God layer.

“Lin Feng, remember what I’m going to tell you, when you fight against Xuan Yuan, don’t forget to use-”

“Lin Feng, how audacious! How dare you humiliate my son!”

As Tian Di was about to tell Lin Feng how to defeat Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor, someone shouted furiously. The soundwave Qi of that voice rolled over everyone.

Tian Di slowly looked up and saw a thousand-li-wide godly aura descending from the sky. Someone wearing a blue robe and a purple blue crown had appeared. They were seated on a ferocious tiger and descending from the top of Long Yun Peak.

Everybody saw the silhouette clearly, coming from the top of Long Yun Peak.

“Father!” said Tian Di when he saw the middle-aged man. His godly aura flashed, and the atmosphere became eerily silent.

Lin Feng, Fu Chen, and Ye Chen looked at the middle-aged man, the legendary cultivator Tian Kui!

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