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Chapter 612: Who Told You I Had Lost My Strength?

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“Little Lin Feng, your forbidden body is broken, your strength is…” said Hou Qing Lin worriedly. He also wanted to cheer Lin Feng up, as he didn’t want Lin Feng to be sad.

However, he wasn’t done talking when a disciple rushed into the palace and knelt down. He bowed hand over fist and said in a clear loud voice, “Leader, someone is here!”

Hou Qing Lin frowned. He was worried when he heard that, but he had to stop talking since there was a more urgent matter.

“Have him come in,” Lin Feng nodded.

The disciple walked away. Lin Feng stood up and walked into the middle of the hall. A blurry silhouette slowly came in. When Lin Feng saw him, he was intrigued.

“What is he doing here?” asked Yan Di grimly when he saw the Leader of the Gods Government. The old man’s presence didn’t herald anything good.

The old man walked in and looked at the members of Tiantai and the Leader of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty. He was surprised, and his heart sped up. Had Lin Feng become an ordinary person or not?

The old man could imagine what would happen if Lin Feng hadn’t become an ordinary person, but if he had no cultivation anymore, then taking this risk would be worth it. If Lin Feng had become an ordinary person, he couldn’t pose a threat!

Thinking about that, the Leader of the Gods Government smiled icily inside, but didn’t show it. He came in and bowed before smiling broadly.

“Leader Lin, we haven’t seen one another for two months. How have you been?” asked the Leader, smiling and looking over Lin Feng from head to toe quickly. A single glance at Lin Feng sufficed; he quickly came to the conclusion that Lin Feng indeed had no cultivation anymore.

He couldn’t sense any Qi emerging from Lin Feng’s body at all. Lin Feng was like a glass of boiled water; odorless, with no Qi.

The old man almost gasped with joy. Lin Feng had no cultivation anymore, he was a piece of trash. It didn’t matter anymore whether he had defeated Zong Tong and Tian Di; the Leader didn’t need to worry, Lin Feng wasn’t a terrifying cultivator anymore.

His eyes gleamed icily, then he shouted, “Hehe! Leader Lin, you got carried away, huh? You killed Tian Di, made the Continent of the Gods sink into chaos, and now you think you can hide in your nest?”

“What is that supposed to mean?!” shouted Ye Chen furiously.

The old man smiled at him disdainfully and mockingly, “Your teacher can talk to me, but you?! What makes you think you’re qualified to talk to me like that?! Insolent little boy!” shouted the Leader, throwing a punch filled with the Qi of the top of the seventh Godly Emperor Layer. Ye Chen’s expression changed a little, but he didn’t flinch, jumping forwards bravely.

Nobody had thought the Leader of the Gods Government would dare to attack someone on Tiantai’s territory, especially one of Lin Feng’s disciples. Why did he do that?

Lin Feng quickly understood. If he wasn’t wrong, the Leader of the Gods Government already knew his forbidden body had been destroyed and had come to the conclusion that Lin Feng had no cultivation anymore, which was why he had dared come.

But Lin Feng didn’t attack. He just looked at Meng Qing and Ling Xue and said calmly, “Ling Xue, save your fellow disciple.”

“Yes, teacher,” said Ling Xue nodding obediently. She seemed so pure and innocent, but she was extremely strong, and quite scary. Ling Xue made a slapping motion, her hand moving like a gigantic snowy mountain.

Ling Xue instantly appeared in front of Ye Chen. Her hand crashed against the Leader’s fist. Boom, boom! Two explosions rang out, and both the Leader of the Gods Government and Ling Xue were pushed back a few steps, but remained standing.

Ling Xue seemed perplexed and curious. She couldn’t understand why that old man could compete with her.

The Leader of the Gods Government was even more astonished, and felt cold inside. Lin Feng’s little disciple was so powerful, she was as strong as him! How was that possible?!

“Alright, Leader Lin’s disciple is really strong!” said the Leader of the Gods Government, staring coldly at Ling Xue. However, Ling Xue ignored him and went back next to Meng Qing.

The Leader of the Gods Government felt humiliated once again, and hated Lin Feng even more. He wanted to slaughter Lin Feng violently.

“Leader Lin, let’s exchange views on cultivation, what do you think?” said the Leader of the Gods Government. He knew that everybody knew what he was thinking. Since it was that way, he didn’t need to pretend any more. He directly provoked Lin Feng; it was the quickest way to see whether Lin Feng still had strength or not.

Everybody looked at him icily. They all understood what he was trying to do.

Ruo Xie frowned. Jeston had told them that Lin Feng’s forbidden body was destroyed, and when he had told them that, only the members of Tiantai were supposed to be present. He had recruited all the elders himself. How come there was a spy?

Jeston couldn’t have possibly revealed Lin Feng’s secret to enemies. Since he was the one who had told them Lin Feng’s forbidden body was broken, revealing that secret to enemies would have been a terrible mistake. So it couldn’t possibly be him.

Ruo Xie shuddered with cold anger. Were there spies in Tiantai?

“No, Leader. Our Leader is still very weak. You can’t exchange views on cultivation,” Xing Zhan refused categorically.

However, the Leader of the Gods Government had the impression there was something wrong. His eyes were filled with killing intent. He was getting more and more furious until he finally showed his true colors.

“Haha! Lin Feng! You’ve become a piece of trash! I’ll kill you today, we’ll see if anyone can save your miserable dog’s life today!” the old man laughed wildly. He shook from head to foot, his muscles twitching as if he’d gone insane.

The old man started making punching motions, using as much strength as he could. Xing Zhan was instantly blown away by his energies.

“How shameless!” shouted Ruo Xie, furiously throwing a punch. However, the old man laughed icily, kicking Ruo Xie. Ruo Xie grunted with pain and was pushed back three steps. At the same time, the old man’s punch was about to reach Lin Feng’s chest.

Everybody’s expression suddenly changed. They were all panicking. Lin Feng had no strength anymore, the Leader of the Gods Government was extremely strong; Lin Feng was inevitably going to be killed!

“Lin Feng, no!”

“Little Lin Feng, hurry up and escape!” shouted the members of Tiantai, Yan Di and the others desperately, turning pale with horror. Qi whistled everywhere in the palace. They all had the impression they were in Hell.

Time seemed to stop.

Boom, boom! Two explosions rang out. The Leader of the Gods Government’s fists crashed against Lin Feng’s chest. The whole palace shook violently, and almost collapsed.

The atmosphere became eerily silent. Nobody said anything anymore. They all seemed devastated and dumbstruck. Huang Nü and Huo Wu burst into tears.

The Leader of the Gods Government laughed wickedly. His face was distorted with hatred and joy.

“Haha! You’re not dead yet!?!” shouted the old man furiously. He pressed on Lin Feng’s chest even harder, afraid that if he didn’t use his full strength, Lin Feng wouldn’t die.

Everybody looked at Lin Feng.

However, Lin Feng didn’t react, he looked expressionless, and he wasn’t dead!

What was going on?

The Leader of the Gods Government was astonished. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He stared at Lin Feng with his eyes wide. Lin Feng looked calm and composed.

“So, you had fun punching me?” Lin Feng asked, lowering his eyes and smiling. The old man had a bad feeling. “Who told you I had lost my strength?” Lin Feng smiled icily. His eyes were filled with murder.

Lin Feng pointed at the old man with his finger. Only a second passed, but it felt like a century.

Everybody looked at Lin Feng’s finger pointing at the old man’s head.

The Leader of the Gods Government’s Qi condensed and splashed on the ground. His eyes were frozen wide. He seemed to be panicking. He didn’t understand how Lin Feng hadn’t died, and how he still had strength! But it was too late for the old man, because he was dead now!

“Little Lin Feng, you…?”

Ruo Xie stared at Lin Feng. Lin Feng didn’t seem dispirited at all. He looked sharp as a sword, and his terrifying Qi could make any enemy feel terrified.

Eighth Godly Emperor Layer!

Lin Feng was an incredible cultivator of the eighth Godly Emperor Layer!

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