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Chapter 613: Top of Long Yun Peak!

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“You all thought I had lost my cultivation,” Lin Feng said, smiling at everyone and sighing.

“What’s your secret?” asked Ruo Xie. He didn’t understand. Lin Feng’s forbidden body was broken, how come he hadn’t lost his cultivation? Even the dead Leader of the Gods Government hadn’t understood why Lin Feng hadn’t died, how he still had strength!

Lin Feng looked at Ruo Xie and his other fellow disciples. Then he said slowly, “My forbidden body is like a protection layer for my body, but it’s also a weakness for me.”

“What do you mean?” asked Yan Di. He was one of the first people to discover Lin Feng had a forbidden body. He was one of the people who understood Lin Feng’s body the best, but what Lin Feng had just said perplexed him. Having a forbidden body was a wonderful thing; Mister Time had given it to him and Lin Feng had to feel grateful.

“Old buddy, you’re the first person to discover I had a forbidden body. You know that the ten thousand things of creation are nothing compared to a forbidden body and unless it gets broken, the ten thousand things of creation always seem insignificant,” Lin Feng said, glancing at everybody solemnly.

“I don’t understand,” said Yan Di shaking his head. What did Lin Feng mean? Did he want to substitute his forbidden body?

“What my teacher means is that his forbidden body isn’t necessary; it needs to get broken. Forbidden means forbidden. If his body didn’t get broken, then it would remain a kind of interdiction, but when a forbidden body gets broken, it becomes a new kind of strength.”

Yan Di wasn’t done talking when Fu Chen started explaining what he had understood. Everybody was stupefied and looked at Fu Chen. Then they all smiled cheerfully.

“Indeed. Fu Chen is right. A forbidden body needs to be broken at some point. A forbidden body is like a master in terms of small Tao strength, but the next goal is the Great Tao,” Lin Feng said, glancing at Fu Chen approvingly.

Everybody instantly understood that the fact that Lin Feng’s forbidden body was broken didn’t mean he had lost his ability to cultivate. It was a profit by misfortune; it had allowed Lin Feng to obtain a new kind of body!

“Are you talking about a primal chaos body?” asked Ruo Xie. He seemed astonished.

“Indeed, a primal chaos body. Ordinary people can’t see it, feel or sense it. They just have the impression the possessor of a primal chaos body has no Qi at all,” Lin Feng replied honestly. All those people were his friends and relatives, he trusted them.

When the crowd heard that, they gasped in amazement. Lin Feng’s forbidden body had been broken, and now he had a primal chaos body!

“Little Lin Feng, what is your current cultivation level, then?” asked Ruo Xie. He was confused. He didn’t know what a primal chaos body was precisely. Nobody did. They all thought that the forbidden body was the strongest kind of body, only Lin Feng understood what it meant to have an even more powerful body now.

But they were still worried about Lin Feng’s Qi and cultivation level. A moment before, they had sensed the Qi of the eighth Godly Emperor Layer emerge from Lin Feng’s body, but now he looked like an ordinary person again. He had absolutely no Qi at all.

Lin Feng noticed that everybody was curious. He couldn’t help but laugh lightly, shaking his head because he didn’t feel like telling everybody about his cultivation level.

“I think that it’ll soon be time for me to leave for Gods Country.”


Lin Feng stood up and slowly walked away, not taking anyone with him. He walked to the very top of the mountain and leaned against a boulder to look at the star-studded sky.

Many people looked at the top of the mountain. An incredible strength appeared and suddenly, many supreme treasures appeared. All the disciples of Tiantai were overjoyed.

Soon many people had gathered there. Thousands of disciples and hundreds of elders gathered, then sat down and cultivated, bathing in that ocean of special Qi.

Ruo Xie, Hou Qing Lin, and the others were also attracted by that Qi. They looked in the direction of the back of the mountain, knowing that Lin Feng was there. However, that Qi made them kneel down.

“Little Lin Feng is right. He doesn’t belong here anymore.” whispered Ruo Xie, remembering the letter Mister Zun Xie had left for him. He whispered resolutely, “I will also go to Gods Country!”


More and more people gathered in Tiantai. Apart from the disciples of Tiantai, there were disciples and elders from the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty and the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty, as well. They had traveled over a hundred thousand li, attracted by that Qi. Everybody in the Continent of the Gods could sense it.

That Qi remained only for half a month before Tiantai returned to normal and everybody dispersed. People who hadn’t benefited from that Qi didn’t get angry, not daring to.

The Leader of the Gods Government was dead, and the Gods Government had collapsed. Bai Qi had all the members of the Gods Government disperse, then he left with Bai Fu Nü. When he left, he didn’t talk about vengeance or anything. He just glanced in the direction of Tiantai and disappeared.

The Continent of the Gods returned to normal again. People slowly forgot about Tian Di. A new world order based on Tiantai’s hegemony started. The Three Dynasties and the Four Temples still existed, but Tiantai was above all those groups. Among the Three Dynasties, the Celestial Emperors Dynasty had been replaced by the Great Huang Dynasty.


Lin Feng went to see Wen Ao Xue. He wanted to ask her if she could bring him to see the Leader of the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds, Lei Gang. He still didn’t understand why Lei Gang had protected him.

Only Lei Gang could give him an answer.

Nobody knew Lin Feng had left Tiantai. He was so strong that nobody could follow his Qi. Nobody could detect his presence anymore, no matter where he was in the continent.

Wen Ao Xue wasn’t worried about Lin Feng anymore. He could defeat cultivators of the top of the eighth Godly Emperor Layer, and even in the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds, he wouldn’t be in danger. However, Wen Ao Xue had never seen Lei Gang, the Leader of the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds.

Wen Ao Xue took Lin Feng to Long Yun Peak. Lin Feng wasn’t surprised when they arrived, because he knew that the headquarters of the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds was at the top of Long Yun Peak. He had guessed that a while before.

The mountain was a hundred thousand meters high. The strong cultivators of the Continent of the Gods couldn’t get there, so nobody disturbed them there. The Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds was a special group, and their Leader was the strongest in the continent.

Long ago, Lin Feng could only dream of what people like that were, but now…

“Let’s climb the mountain,” Lin Feng said, grabbing Wen Ao Xue’s hand before rising into the air. Wen Ao Xue’s clothes fluttered, and everything became blurry around her. Lin Feng was flying extremely quickly, too quickly for her.

Lin Feng glanced at the flight of stairs he had extended. When he arrived halfway up the mountain, the strength of the earth and the sky bombarded him, but he didn’t mind, he could already use it for his own benefits.

“What a familiar feeling.”

Lin Feng sensed a very pure kind of strength. It felt extremely pleasant. Lin Feng couldn’t help but accelerate.

Lin Feng and Wen Ao Xue quickly arrived at the very top of Long Yun Peak. He glanced around and could see the peaks of the smaller surrounding mountains.

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