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Chapter 614: Lei Gang!


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“Lin Feng, I’ve never been here before. If you hadn’t brought me here, I wouldn’t be able to come here,” said Wen Ao Xue. She looked around curiously. She could see an ocean of clouds around her, and peaks piercing through here and there at different heights.

“It’s like a volcano up there.” Lin Feng saw that the top of the mountain had the shape of a basin, like a volcano. Lin Feng hadn’t expected the landscape would be like that up there. The highest mountain of the Continent of the Gods had the shape of an extinct volcano!

The landscape was very peculiar up there. Lin Feng wondered how it had been formed.

“Lin Feng, you’re here, finally,” said a patient voice. Even though it didn’t speak loudly, it still gave people the impression they were going to faint. If Wen Ao Xue hadn’t been protected by Lin Feng, she would have immediately fainted. Even Lin Feng felt dizzy.

Lin Feng bit his tongue and instantly came back to his senses, then gazed into the distance. “Didn’t you hope I’d come?”

“I did. I’ll answer all your questions. Today is the time for us to meet,” said the voice, interrupting Lin Feng. The voice inspired respect, displaying how powerful a low-level Supreme God was.

Lin Feng didn’t know how strong someone like Ancestor Kong, a medium-level Supreme God, was, but when he heard Lei Gang, he could imagine how powerful Supreme Gods were. Lin Feng wasn’t afraid, however, and he didn’t intend to flinch. All he could do was walk forwards bravely.

“Ao Xue, stay here. I’m going to see Lei Gang,” Lin Feng said, looking back. Wen Ao Xue was unwilling to stay there, afraid that Lin Feng would be in danger alone, but he told her that if she came with him, he’d be even more in danger because she was too weak.

When she heard that, she nodded, stopping there and waiting patiently.

Lin Feng tapped her shoulder and smiled. Then he took a deep breath and looked at the basin sternly. He walked forwards slowly.

The top of the mountain wasn’t that wide. It was high, but it was only a few dozens of li wide. Therefore, there wasn’t much at the top of the mountain.

Lin Feng walked into the basin. There were clouds above him. The atmosphere was mystical and mysterious. There was no grass at all, but there were many trees, tiny ones ten centimeters tall!

Lin Feng checked the ancient trees’ Qi.

His expression suddenly changed when the strength of the earth and the sky emerged from those trees. There were thousands of trees, and their emerald green lights illuminated the whole space.

Lin Feng used his godly awareness to inspect the area. However, even after his godly awareness pierced through the clouds, he didn’t notice anything. There was a mysterious strength he could not sense because it was hidden in the landscape.

“Don’t exhaust yourself. You can’t see anything with me here,” a voice chuckled. Lin Feng decided not to waste time and he flew forwards openly.

The basin didn’t seem that deep from what Lin Feng saw. When he arrived, he had the impression he had ended up in a bottomless abyssal pit. Lin Feng glanced around, but couldn’t see anything. He just had the impression he was falling endlessly.

After a long time, an explosion rang out. Lin Feng crashed on the ground, and glanced around. He was in a pitch-black hole. There was a faint gloomy green light.

The ancient hole seemed to be a very long tunnel. On both sides were words and patterns Lin Feng didn’t understand, with beasts and people Lin Feng had never seen. Even though they seemed extremely old, Qi emerged from them; some threads of Qi looked holy and godly, and others evil and demonic.

Lin Feng walked into the depths of the tunnel, but stopped after a few steps. The Qi he sensed around him was godly on one side and evil on the other, and the different threads of Qi fused together in the middle, and it made him wary.

“You’re here?” asked a voice indifferently. Lin Feng looked up at a tall and sturdy silhouette. He couldn’t see the person’s face; they had their back turned to him. Lin Feng could see that that person was extraordinary…

“You’re Lei Gang?” asked Lin Feng.

The man slowly turned around, and Lin Feng finally saw his face. Lei Gang had a small scar on his face, but if one didn’t pay attention, one couldn’t see it.

“I am Lei Gang, Leader of the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds,” the middle-aged man nodded after looking over Lin Feng for a long time. “So, you’re about to break through to the Half-Supreme God layer?” asked Lei Gang. He seemed surprised.

Lin Feng remained cautious. This low-level Supreme God was extremely strong. Lei Gang had glanced at him for a few seconds and already knew that he had the strength of the top of the Godly Emperor Layer and he would soon break through to the Half-Supreme God layer.

“If I am not mistaken, you’re Fu Su Rong’s teacher?” replied Lin Feng grimly.

He sensed a cold Qi. Lei Gang’s smile turned dangerous.

“Indeed. Fu Su Rong is my disciple. I remember that you and Long Yi Tian plotted against him,” Lei Gang didn’t seem like he was going to attack, though…

Lin Feng smiled back icily. “Don’t you know that when your disciple went to the Continent of the Nine Clouds, he tried to kill me several times?”

Lin Feng was angry suddenly. He didn’t care that Lei Gang was a low-level Supreme God; he hated Fu Su Rong, and he didn’t intend to submit.

“Haha! Leader Lin, you’re very impulsive, as expected. I like resentful people.” Lei Gang burst into mild laughter. He abruptly stopped laughing and said, “But you will never see Fu Su Rong and Yan Ran Xue again in the Continent of the Gods.”

“Why?” asked Lin Feng.

“Because I sent them to Gods Country. If you want to get revenge, you need to go to Gods Country,” Lei Gang smiled.

Lin Feng felt even colder. He suspected that Lei Gang was trying to protect Fu Su Rong. If Fu Su Rong had stayed in the Continent of the Gods, Lin Feng would have killed him. But now Lei Gang told him that he had to go to Gods Country to get his revenge? Gods Country was gigantic; Fu Su Rong would definitely have time to progress and become stronger and it would become difficult for Lin Feng to kill him!

“Leader Lei Gang, you’re good at plotting!” Lin Feng said icily.

Lei Gang waved his hand to tell Lin Feng not to get angry. He continued, “Don’t be angry. You want to kill my great disciple, but you really want to see my other, younger disciple.”

“Your younger disciple?” Lin Feng was confused.

“Tian Di told you that I forbade them from killing you because of my younger disciple, right?”

“What do you mean?” asked Lin Feng.

“What I mean is that without my younger disciple, six months ago at the grand ceremony of the Alliance in the Celestial Emperors Dynasty, you would have been killed. You would have never had the opportunity to become stronger,” replied Lei Gang swiftly and fiercely.

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  1. Andrew July 21, 2019 at 5:54 pm - Reply

    An that is must be lin qiong sheng

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    Preparations for battle = 6 months
    Recovering from battle = 2 months

    And lei gang said “six months ago”
    Nice chapter btw.. thanks for the update..

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    His son?

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    where is Lin Feng’s brother?

    • Marcosius July 28, 2019 at 9:54 am - Reply


      perdido en nueve nubes, creo yo

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    Yeah that’s Lin Qiong Sheng. It’s been hinted in the past few chapters already.

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