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Chapter 615: Lin Qiong Sheng Nowadays!

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“Alright, let’s not beat about the bush, I just want you to guess who my disciple is,” said Lei Gang smiling and shaking his head when he saw that Lin Feng looked thoughtful. He didn’t cause any trouble for Lin Feng, and he wasn’t bitter about what had happened in the past. He just wanted Lin Feng to guess who his younger disciple was.

It was simple as that.

When Lin Feng saw Lei Gang’s smile, he felt nervous, because since he had arrived in the Continent of the Gods, there were only two people he hadn’t managed to find: the Demon King, and his son, Lin Qiong Sheng!

It couldn’t be the Demon King, because he would have never imposed conditions on Lei Gang. Lin Feng was now convinced that Lei Gang’s younger disciple was his son, Lin Qiong Sheng!

“Tell me what you have to say,” Lin Feng stated firmly. He didn’t seem happy nor worried. Lei Gang looked at Lin Feng with even more esteem.

Lin Feng was relieved because he was convinced Lei Gang’s disciple was his son, Lin Qiong Sheng, allowing him to calm down. Lei Gang looked at Lin Feng in admiration. He liked people who had such a personality.

“Very good, Lin Feng; you are very smart. I won’t beat about the bush. I want Lin Qiong Sheng to forget about you and pledge allegiance to me,” said Lei Gang honestly. Lin Feng had rarely ever seen people look so resolute, possibly never. Why did Lei Gang need Qiong Sheng?

Anyway, Lin Feng couldn’t accept it.

When Lei Gang saw Lin Feng’s expression, he understood Lin Feng wouldn’t accept. How could he let anyone use his son?

“I don’t think that we need to talk further,” Lin Feng said coldly.

Lei Gang shook his head and smiled broadly. He said sincerely, “I owe Qiong Sheng. That young man saved me three years ago. Without him, I would probably be dead now; therefore, everything I own is his.

“I am the Leader of the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds, but three years ago, the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds ceased to exist except in name because I was severely injured. I only had the strength of the Holy Spirit Emperor level left, and then I met Qiong Sheng, who was from the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

“Qiong Sheng had followed a group of people into a grave and found me. I was still healing. I transmitted some knowledge to him and hoped he’d use it wisely, but I didn’t think Qiong Sheng had a way to heal me. He had a kind of strength which could heal me, which I know he inherited from you.

“Qiong Sheng and I spent a year in that grave. During that time, I recovered my strength to the top of the Godly Emperor Layer, and back then, he benefited from that opportunity to break through to the top of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

“During the next two years, I started bringing the Alliance back to life. Former Vice Leader Zong Tong came back willingly. I also invited Yan Duan and Yan Zun to become Vice Leaders in the Alliance. I also proposed that Qiong Sheng become a Vice Leader, but he refused.

“A year ago, he got news about you; he wanted to run away to find you, but I prevented him from doing so. I couldn’t let anything happen to him, because I owe him. I am grateful to him, and he’s also my disciple.

“Today, Qiong Sheng already has the strength of the seventh Godly Emperor Layer. If he wishes, I can give the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds to him. I am ready to give up anything for Qiong Sheng. I treat him as my own child,” sai Lei Gang said warmly. He seemed satisfied and happy.

When Lin Feng saw Lei Gang’s expression, he had the impression the latter was talking about his own child.

When Lin Feng heard Lei Gang’s story, he understood both Lei Gang and Qiong Sheng’s past a little bit better. Qiong Sheng had had a much better experience than him after arriving in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. He had instantly bumped into an extremely strong cultivator who had recovered his strength of the low-level Supreme Godly emperor layer, and helped Lin Qiong Sheng cultivate much faster.

Lin Feng was impressed; Lei Gang had taken good care of his son and helped him become stronger extremely quickly. However, it wasn’t a good enough reason to make Lin Qiong Sheng forget about his father!

“Thank you for helping my son become stronger faster, but I still can’t accept your request.

“Besides, I need to tell you something; before dying, Miss Snow told me that you gave her up and killed your own child yourself. You killed your own child, how could I trust you?”

Lin Feng didn’t trust Lei Gang; how could he know Lei Gang was telling the truth?

When Lei Gang heard that, he looked very unhappy, and smiled angrily. “I killed our own child? Hehe, what a joke! She was unfaithful, that child wasn’t mine. He had nothing to do with me.”

“He wasn’t your child?” Lin Feng was stupefied.

Lei Gang nodded and said, “Maybe you knew she was close to the Leader of the Du Hu Government. When I wasn’t there, she was filthy, dirty. You believe what she told you? How can you be so sure she told you the truth?”

“Why would I believe you, though?” Lin Feng rebutted.

Lei Gang knew what Lin Feng meant; without proof, he wouldn’t believe him!

“Alright, I’ll prove that I’m telling the truth,” said Lei Gang, smiling harshly. He took out a ring, there was a memory crystal inside. He gave it to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng took the ring and inspected its contents. It was filthy, dirty. Lin Feng couldn’t imagine that Miss Snow was so dirty. He remembered that before killing her, she had tried to turn him on. When he remembered that, he was angry, as Miss Snow had deceived Meng Qing…

“That was a misunderstanding, then…” whispered Lin Feng, glancing at Lei Gang.

“Not maybe, it was really a misunderstanding. Miss Snow was an evil woman. Her child wasn’t mine. When I discovered she was unfaithful, I decided to kill her, but she controlled someone to try and kill me instead.

“She even used your wife, Meng Qing, to plot, hoping we’d become enemies. She hated you. She hated people who were in healthy relationships, unlike her,” said Lei Gang.

“Lin Feng, I really care about Qiong Sheng, but he can’t progress because of you, he keeps comparing himself to you, his tall and almighty father. No matter what I do for him, he’s always thinking about you,” said Lei Gang, sighing helplessly.

“Therefore, I really want Qiong Sheng to focus solely on my legacy. I will give him everything so that he can progress. You may tell me I don’t need to do so, but when I, Lei Gang, owe someone, I serve them my entire life.

“I owe Qiong Sheng, I must give everything I can. Therefore, Lin Feng, for your child’s strength, accept my request,” Lei Gang implored.

Lin Feng was surprised; a low-level Supreme God was begging him! But Lin Feng really couldn’t accept…

But… “What we can do is, I won’t see him for three years. You can focus on his cultivation and help him. In three years, I must be able to see my son, he must come to me. I am his father after all, and you are only his teacher!” Lin Feng stated after thinking for a while. It was all he could do.

When Lei Gang heard that, he seemed a bit kinder. Even though Lin Feng accepted not seeing his son for only three years, Lei Gang could imagine how strong Lin Qiong Sheng would become within three years. At that time, Lei Gang wouldn’t mind dying; he’d die content!

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