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Chapter 616: Leaving for Gods Country!


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“But I have one condition; if you accept, I will keep my promise.” added Lin Feng before Lei Gang even had time to smile. Lei Gang looked at him sternly. He knew what Lin Feng wanted to ask.

“If you want to transmit everything you know to Qiong Sheng, hand Fu Su Rong over to me. You don’t need two disciples,” Lin Feng said mercilessly. Lei Gang couldn’t change the topic; he had to reply. “We hate one another. When I go to Gods Country, if I see him, I’ll kill him, and you can’t intervene.

“If Fu Su Rong wants to kill me, it’s his problem. If I kill him, then he’s unlucky. But you can’t prevent me from getting my revenge.

“He killed so many of my people in the Continent of the Nine Clouds when I wasn’t there. I respected Mister Tian Ji a lot, and he killed him. I must kill him. If you really want to protect him, then hand Qiong Sheng over, and I’ll take him away.

“Now, you have two options. Whom do you want to choose, Qiong Sheng or Fu Su Rong?” asked Lin Feng. If Lei Gang didn’t reply or chose Fu Su Rong, then Lin Feng would take Lin Qiong Sheng away.

Lei Gang didn’t know what to say. He wanted to kill Lin Feng; death ends all troubles, after all. But he also knew that if he killed Lin Feng, then Lin Qiong Sheng and he would become enemies, and everything he had done for Lin Qiong Sheng would have been in vain. He cared about Lin Qiong Sheng as if he were his father, the young man was his most beloved disciple.

It was for Lin Qiong Sheng that Lei Gang, six months before, had protected Lin Feng, even though he had killed over twenty judges of the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds. Lin Qiong Sheng had begged him to not allow the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds kill Lin Feng, so Lei Gang had no choice but to agree.

Then he thought about Fu Su Rong. He had recruited him by a lucky coincidence. Fu Su Rong respected him a lot, but he knew that the young man had a complex personality as well, and wouldn’t necessarily always be loyal. Maybe he would betray him someday for something better. If Fu Su Rong became stronger someday, would he continue respecting his old teacher?

Therefore, Lei Gang decided to accept Lin Feng’s request. Qiong Sheng was more stable, and had more principles. He was a less risky choice.

“I accept. If you fight against Fu Su Rong and decide to kill him, I won’t get involved. He can only blame himself if something like that happens,” Lei Gang finally agreed. He didn’t openly say he was abandoning Fu Su Rong, but it was obvious; Fu Su Rong’s death would have nothing to do with him if it happened.

“Alright, we’ve reached an agreement then,” Lin Feng nodded. Lin Feng wouldn’t see Lin Qiong Sheng for three years; Lei Gang would be able to take care of him, and help him become stronger.

Lin Feng and Lei Gang had managed to come to an agreement thanks to Lin Qiong Sheng, because they both cared about him.

“Lin Feng, let bygones be bygones. Let’s forget about what happened in the past. So now, Tiantai and the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds…?” Lei Gang smiled. He didn’t finish his sentence, but Lin Feng understood what he meant.

“I’m going to leave the Continent of the Gods to go to Gods Country. Lin Zhe Tian will be in charge of Tiantai when I’m away. He can decide what he wants to do,” Lin Feng replied. He didn’t give an explicit answer. Lei Gang knew what Lin Feng meant.

The future of the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds was in Lin Qiong Sheng’s hands, and the future of Tiantai was in Lin Zhe Tian’s hands. It was between the two brothers, not between other people.

Lei Gang knew that if the two brothers met, then the relationship between the two groups would be cordial.

“Lin Feng, the issue is solved, but I’d like to ask you something. What do you know about Gods Country?” Lei Gang asked seriously.

When Lin Feng heard the question, he shook his head. He didn’t know much about Gods Country. He had just heard a few things from Ancestor Kong, but mostly they were about his teacher, Emperor Yu, whose memories had been removed by a prince from Gods Country, Lun Bi Ba from the Lun Bi Clan. Lin Feng had to avenge his teacher, too!

Apart from those things, Lin Feng didn’t know anything about Gods Country. He only knew that above the Three Dynasties in the Continent of the Gods, there was Gods Country.

“I know you don’t know much about Gods Country, so I’ll explain a few things to you,” said Lei Gang, smiling calmly when he saw Lin Feng seemed embarrassed.

“In Gods Country, there are Seven Countries and Four Cities. They are the most powerful influential groups of Gods Country. There are rules there, too. When a commander-in-chief sees a king, they treat them extremely respectfully. When earls see them, they also treat them extremely respectfully. The highest cultivation level in Gods Country is the high-level Supreme God layer.

“From what I know, there are less than twenty high-level Supreme Gods in Gods Country. In the Seven Countries and Four Cities, each influential group will have, at most, two Supreme Gods.

“Actually, what we call the Seven Countries are just influential groups. Their Leaders are kings, and so they call their influential groups Countries. But the Four Cities also have at least one Supreme God, and at most two.

“The seven influential groups are the Lun Bi Clan, the Fa Lan Clan, the Zhao Clan, the Ri Guan Clan, the Yue Guang Clan, San Country, and Ze Country. Those seven influential groups are the Seven Countries. The Four Cities are Jin Lun City, Lang Ya City, Tian Dong City, and Ao Lai City. Combined they are the Seven Countries and Four Cities.

“I sent Fu Su Rong and Yan Ran Xue to San Country. When you go to Gods Country, you will definitely land in San Country first, because San Country accepts people from outside. The six other Countries and Four Cities are extremely proud and arrogant. San Country’s status is the lowest in Gods Country. If they didn’t have a high-level Supreme God, they wouldn’t even exist.

“Do you know the way to Gods Country?” Lei Gang asked after explaining everything to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng nodded. He knew the way because Ancestor Kong had told him. “The depths of the Yin Territory,” he replied.

Lei Gang was surprised. He had really thought Lin Feng wouldn’t know. Who had told him?

“So you know that Xuan Yuan City wasn’t created there to block the unknown creatures, but because Gods Country stands behind the unknown creatures, then,” said Lei Gang firmly. “When you break through to the Half-Supreme God layer, you’ll be able to go to Gods Country. You can also bring people you really trust with you. When you go to Gods Country, I’ll go as well, with Qiong Sheng and Zong Tong.”

“We won’t meet, though. You and Qiong Sheng will meet again in three years,” finished Lei Gang. He would definitely keep his promise.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything. He just looked at Lei Gang, then slowly walked away and left Long Yun Peak.

Outside, Wen Ao Xue was still waiting, extremely worried.

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