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Chapter 617: Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor’s Plot!

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Lin Feng and Wen Ao Xue left Long Yun Peak. Wen Ao Xue followed Lin Feng as they went back Tiantai. She knew that Lin Feng was going to leave the Continent of the Gods soon, and that he would go to that mysterious place called Gods Country. She couldn’t go with Lin Feng because she was too weak.

Only Jeston and Xue Ran were strong enough to go to Gods Country with Lin Feng. The others couldn’t. Meng Qing wouldn’t go for the time being, but she would at some point.

Lin Feng had nothing to do, so he could focus on progressing until he broke through to the Half-Supreme God layer. He needed to have enough primal chaos strength for that, and then he’d easily manage to break through to the Half-Supreme God layer. He’d then be ready to go to Gods Country.

There wasn’t much primal chaos strength in the Continent of the Gods, but there was enough for Lin Feng. However, after him, it’d be difficult for anyone to break through to the Half-Supreme God layer. Maybe that people would find another solution. However, primal chaos strength was Lin Feng’s only solution since his forbidden body had broken. He had to rely on that peculiar strength.

Lin Feng also understood why he had suddenly had brightness strength as well: brightness strength was the foundation of primal chaos strength! His brightness strength had started turning into primal chaos strength. Lin Feng had also understood what the strength of the earth and the sky of Long Yun Peak was: primal chaos strength!

The trees at the top of the mountain were primal chaos trees; Lei Gang had relied on them to recover his original strength. Now Lin Feng also needed to rely on primal chaos strength to break through to the Half-Supreme God layer.

Lin Feng didn’t see Xue Ran, and hadn’t seen him since his battle at Long Yun Peak. Lin Feng hadn’t managed to contact him, either.

But on that day, a guest who usually never came to Tiantai came. The guarding disciple of Tiantai hadn’t even had time to inform Lin Feng, that guest had already shown up in front of him.

He was wearing a black robe and looked emotionless, like someone owed him money. Lin Feng just regarded Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor icily.

“Tian Mian told you the truth?” Xuan Yuan asked indifferently. He sounded like a judge.

Lin Feng just watched him. Xuan Yuan looked proud and arrogant. Lin Feng smiled icily, “Since you know he did, why come here and ask?”

“Since he told you the truth, I have nothing to hide. Tian Di and I were one before; well, more precisely, Xue Ran, Tian Di, and I were one. We all developed our own determination, and unfortunately for him, you killed Tian Di, and I can’t absorb pure Qi anymore.

“Therefore, I have no choice but to absorb Xue Ran’s pure Qi. Lin Feng, hand Xue Ran over,” ordered Xuan Yuan, revealing his true colors.

Lin Feng looked at him stonily. Xuan Yuan had probably been planning this for a long time. He had used Lin Feng to infuriate Tian Di for his own benefits. He had hoped that Tian Di would get weak so that he would be able to kill him himself.

He hadn’t thought that Tian Di would commit suicide!

Lin Feng knew why Tian Di had killed himself and why he had made people believe Lin Feng had done the deed. Tian Di had started telling him how to defeat Xuan Yuan, but then Tian Kui had interrupted him.

That solution was Tian Di’s death and Xue Ran’s disappearance. That way, Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor would never be able to become the strongest. He would never be able to succeed.

Tian Di had died, and Xue Ran had disappeared. Xuan Yuan was alone. No matter how strong he was, he would only ever have the strength of the Half-Supreme God layer.

“So you’ve been using me from the beginning to get close to Xue Ran and Tian Di for your own personal interests,” Lin Feng said icily.

Xuan Yuan didn’t reply. He had really plotted against Lin Feng. He had been planning this for tens of thousands of years, but he had never found the right pawn for it. Then Lin Feng had appeared and Xuan Yuan had seen a real opportunity in him.

But Xuan Yuan hadn’t thought that Tian Di and Xue Ran would understand his plot, all thanks to Lin Feng.

“Hand Xue Ran over and I’ll spare your life,” Xuan Yuan frowned. He didn’t want to waste his time talking to Lin Feng, so he gave him a straight order.

However, Lin Feng didn’t know where Xue Ran was, and even if he did, he wouldn’t sell Xue Ran out. Lin Feng had always remained true to his himself. Xuan Yuan was a liar and a schemer; he had no compassion, and he had even used Lin Feng’s compassion for his own benefits. Xue Ran was a hypocrite. How could Lin Feng tolerate having been used by him?

“Your plot failed. You will never succeed,” Lin Feng promised, smiling icily. His eyes were filled with death.

“Since it’s that way, I’ll absorb your pure Qi!” replied Xuan Yuan, smiling ferociously. He flashed to the attack. Since he had become a Half-Supreme God, his Qi had become terrifying. It was different from everybody else’s.

Lin Feng now had the strength of the top of the Godly Emperor Layer, and he was also about to break through to the Half-Supreme God layer, but the difference between the Half-Supreme God layer and the top of the Godly Emperor Layer was gigantic. Lin Feng felt great pressure.

“Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill!” shouted Lin Feng explosively. He released demon blood Qi and threw punches at Xuan Yuan. However, Xuan Yuan was a Half-Supreme God and was extremely strong. Lin Feng was pushed back a hundred zhang.

All the members of Tiantai were astonished. Ruo Xie and the others were all standing on the kwoon of Tiantai and watching Xuan Yuan and Lin Feng. Their expressions all changed drastically.

“Xuan Yuan has broken through to the Half-Supreme God layer; how could Lin Feng be able to compete with him?” Ruo Xie was extremely worried; he wanted to go and help Lin Feng, but he was too weak, and he’d just be a burden for Lin Feng.

“I’ll go,” said Jeston, flashing towards the top of the mountain. Only Jeston was strong enough to help Lin Feng now!

Jeston controlled light Dao, he was protected by Heaven, and naturally lucky. Therefore, he flashed over to Lin Feng, caught him, and blessed him.

With his primal chaos body and Jeston’s blessing, Lin Feng’s Qi instantly became much more powerful. With Jeston’s blessing, he instantly felt that he was getting even closer to breaking through to the Half-Supreme God layer.

Xuan Yuan’s expression suddenly changed when he saw Lin Feng’s Qi. He knew that Lin Feng was about to break through to the Half-Supreme God layer.

He couldn’t let that happen. Thinking about that, he shouted furiously, and a drop of demon blood appeared in midair. Demon Qi condensed there, and a demonic howl spread out. The drop of blood containing a terrifying demon strength moved towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng and Jeston retreated until they couldn’t withdraw anymore. Lin Feng glanced at the buildings of Tiantai and realized Tiantai was in danger.

Lin Feng ground his teeth and shouted furiously. He put his palms together and a golden strength emerged. A hundred zhang wide golden hand imprint appeared. Jeston blessed Lin Feng again. The golden lights fused together warmly with Lin Feng’s pure Qi. Lin Feng was condensing more and more strength.

The two kinds of strength started colliding. The drop of blood and the golden hand imprint moved towards one another.

On one side was Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor’s evil demon energy; on the other side was the combination of Lin Feng and Jeston’s strength. The whole Continent of the Gods turned extremely calm.

The sky was the same, as were the clouds. It was like those kinds of strength weren’t violent at all.

But after the calm came the rumbling sounds. Feng Qi Mountain shook violently. Lin Feng and Jeston were blown away at the same time. Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor was thrown back as well.

The energies caused by the collision of the two attacks roiled madly for five whole minutes. After that, only half of Feng Qi Mountain remained. Only a cliff was left. The onlookers gasped with terror when they saw that.

What a terrifying strength, Godly Emperors couldn’t achieve such power…

Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor stood up. He had his hand on his chest, and looked at Lin Feng grimly. “Lin Feng, you are my real enemy. Since I can’t kill you today, we’ll see one another in Gods Country again!” he shouted Xuan Yuan. He flashed away hastily, and disappeared from Tiantai.

After the Demon Emperor left, everybody ran to the back of the mountain. Ruo Xie, Hou Qing Lin, and the others all gathered and supported Lin Feng and Jeston by the arms.

Jeston watched Xuan Yuan disappear. Then he looked at the severely injured Lin Feng, and his expression changed drastically.

“Half-Supreme God layer? Lin Feng, you…?”

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