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Chapter 618: Favor!

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“No, I am not done breaking through yet. Brother Ruo Xie, I need to meditate in seclusion. Don’t let anyone get close to me during these next two weeks,” Lin Feng replied, shaking his head weakly. He struggled to stand up, and then disappeared.

“Nobody is allowed to get closer to the back of the mountain!” shouted Ruo Xie. He would seal the place off for two weeks!

Lin Feng was in danger; he had only started breaking through to the Half-Supreme God layer, the transition between two cultivation layers was the most dangerous time for a cultivator. If anyone attacked him, his primal chaos body could break apart, and his soul would disperse.


Lin Feng was in the middle of a beautiful emerald-green forest. Nobody would disturb him. It was a beautiful forest in Tiantai.

Lin Feng was seated cross-legged, his hands crossed before his chest. His primal chaos Qi started rotating around him. He absorbed the primal chaos Qi around him, but it seemed like it was far from enough. It was like he was a giant and didn’t have enough food.

He needed enough primal chaos Qi to break through. However, he had absorbed only ten percent of what he needed so far. The longer the process lasted, the more dangerous it was for a cultivator.

Lin Feng’s forehead was covered with cold sweat. It was the first time he had felt so bad while breaking through. He had the impression his body was literally going to explode. He was even starting to panic. If it continued like this, his primal chaos strength would explode, and his body along with it.

Lin Feng had to hold on. He focused on every single part of his body. However, it wasn’t enough to break through!

Lin Feng felt ever grimmer. He started to feel dizzy, too. He ground his teeth, trying not to faint. If he fainted, it might be the end.

But it was almost impossible. He struggled to hold his head up. His skin started feeling numb. His face became wrinkled, and his hair turned white. His eyes became clouded, and he looked like he was dying.

Lin Feng didn’t even have the strength to shout anymore, as if someone were strangling him. His circulatory system didn’t even feel like it was his anymore. No matter what he did, it didn’t work.

Lin Feng slowly closed his eyes. His primal chaos Qi kept coming out of his body; he looked like a deflating balloon.

Lin Feng suddenly felt absent-minded. His body grew heavier and heavier. He had felt the same during his battle against Xuan Yuan. Even though he had studied life and death Dao before and it had reached its maximum level, since Lin Feng had studied the strength of the Great Tao, those things had become useless; it had all started from scratch again.

Lin Feng smiled wryly and fell back down in the forest. Maybe he would die here, then leaves would cover his body; nobody would ever find him, and he would rest in peace.

Lin Feng gave up, closing his eyes and waiting for his body to explode.

“Hey, little boy, you can’t die as long as I’m here,” someone joked at that moment. Lin Feng recognized that voice. He wanted to open his eyes to look at the old man, but his eyelids felt heavy, and he couldn’t move them anymore.

Lin Feng then suddenly sensed primal chaos strength condense. It felt like being a withered plant and suddenly watered. Primal chaos strength suddenly started flowing into his body again.

Xue Ran smiled kindly, but looked older and older. His skin began to dry out.

“Enough! Enough!” When Lin Feng finally had the strength to open his eyes again and saw how the old man looked, he shouted. The old man had even more wrinkles now, and he was extremely pale.

So he shouted and pushed Xue Ran. If Xue Ran continued transferring strength, he’d die. If Xue Ran lacked primal chaos strength, his body might explode. Lin Feng couldn’t let anything like that happen to Godly Emperor Blood, he had too much esteem and affection for him.

“Haha! As long as you’re alive, I can’t die. But Tian Di is dead; I will never break through to the Supreme God layer. I can give you all my primal chaos strength. You’re my heir, I can give you everything.

“You won’t need to struggle that way. And as long as you can survive and succeed in Gods Country, then I can die content. Little boy, call me teacher only once, please, before I die,” said Godly Emperor Blood gently. He even stretched out his hand.

Lin Feng sat up and grabbed the old man’s hand, shouting, “Teacher, teacher, teacher!”

Godly Emperor Blood’s eyes grew wet, and then he started crying. He held Lin Feng’s dry wrinkled hand firmly and transferred more and more primal chaos strength to Lin Feng.

“No, teacher, don’t!” shouted Lin Feng, pressing on the old man’s hand. The old man’s hand became dried out. He transmitted all the primal chaos strength he had to Lin Feng.

Xue Ran’s hair became whiter and wispier. His skin became brittle. He looked a little bit like Tian Di before dying. The old man smiled gently, but he didn’t say anything anymore. He had no primal chaos strength left.

“Good, good…” wheezed Godly Emperor Blood, but he couldn’t say it a third time. The old man sighed and collapsed in the forest. His body swelled and exploded. Lin Feng was blown a hundred meters away.

Xue Ran had decided to implode so as not to injure Lin Feng. That way, he would never have the opportunity to come back to life. Even if Lin Feng asked Ancestor Kong for help, Ancestor Kong wouldn’t be able to do anything for him, because a medium-level Supreme God didn’t have that power.

Lin Feng blankly stared at Xue Ran’s body, now naught but ashes, and kept shaking his head in denial. He couldn’t believe it. Xue Ran was dead. He had sacrificed himself to allow Lin Feng to break through to the Half-Supreme God layer. He was really dead!

“No! Teacher! No!

“Xue Ran, Master! NO!” shouted Lin Feng falling on his knees. He burst into tears and looked at the place where Xue Ran had exploded. He would never be able to see and talk to the strange old man ever again.

Xue Ran would never make fun of him and tease him again! He was dead!

Godly Emperor Blood was dead!

Lin Feng howled sadly. His heart ached. His tears flowed down his cheeks and dripped on the ground. Lin Feng rarely cried, but this time, he was truly extremely sad.

Tian Di had died because he didn’t want Xuan Yuan to become stronger, but Xue Ran was different. He had sacrificed himself for Lin Feng, and also so that Xuan Yuan would never be able to use his body to break through to the Supreme God layer. He had sacrificed himself for Lin Feng, so Lin Feng would have enough primal chaos strength to break through.

Godly Emperor Blood was dead.

That short, strange old man wouldn’t make fun of him ever again…

Lin Feng remembered when he had met him in Xuan Yuan’s grave. Back then, Xue Ran wanted to use Lin Feng to concoct blood pills in the Blood Cauldron but then had pretended he wanted to help Lin Feng because he had realized he couldn’t do it.

Xuan Yuan had plotted against Lin Feng. Xue Ran was different, he really cared about Lin Feng. He loved him as a disciple.

What about him? Had Lin Feng treated him like a teacher?

Lin Feng blankly stared at the place where Godly Emperor Blood had exploded and at his robe on the ground.

He took the robe and put it away. He would never get rid of it. Xue Ran was one of the most important people in Lin Feng’s life. He had helped him break through to the Half-Supreme God layer.

“Teacher, rest in peace, and wait for me. When I break through to high-level Supreme God, I’ll bring you back to life,” Lin Feng promised, holding the old man’s robe resolutely. Medium-level Supreme Gods couldn’t bring Half-Supreme Gods come back to life, only high-level Supreme Gods could.

Xue Ran had become one more purpose to make great efforts and break through to the high-level Supreme God layer someday, to bring him back to life someday!

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  1. Iqqy Chan July 24, 2019 at 1:23 am - Reply

    What a sad chapter.

    My prediction is, after this chapter everyone among his peers and enemies can easily become Half-Supreme God layer or even higher. Hmm how boring is that.

    • Marcosius July 29, 2019 at 3:35 am - Reply

      mmmm si lin feng puede porque ellos no, ademas en el pais de dios es como otro mundo. donde hay muchos en la capa dios medio supremo. en el continente de los dioses no hay muchos por la falta de fuerza primordial.

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