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Chapter 619: The Continent of the Gods Stirs with Excitement!

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Xue Ran had sacrificed himself to help Lin Feng break through. When the members of Tiantai heard that, they all felt sad. Lin Feng felt guilty. He owed that short and strange old man so much.

Lin Feng had the impression he owed many people in his life. Protector Bei, Protector Kong, Nan Gong Ling, Mister Tian Ji… all those people had considered him as their beloved disciple, they all cared about him, but he kept losing them. There was no way he could help them rescucitate.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng felt even sadder.

“Hehe, Lin Feng! Ah… Lin Feng! A strong cultivator, you? Hehe. You’re not even able to protect your elders. You’re incompetent. You’re useless!”

Hehe, Lin Feng! Ah, Lin Feng! You piece of trash! Hehe. They were all right. You can’t protect or save people you love. How could you succeed in life?, thought Lin Feng, slapping his own face many times consecutively. Later on, Meng Qing entered his room, and when she saw Lin Feng’s red cheeks, she felt extremely sad. She knew that Lin Feng wasn’t depressed, but he was going through a lot, and he needed to release his anger.

Lin Feng burst into tears and laid down on the cool floor. His whole body felt as if it were burning so it felt good to lay on the ground, it was refreshing and helped him calm down.

“Protector Bei, Protector Kong, Master Yan Yu, Leader of the Fortune Shrine, Mister Tian Ji, Teacher Xue Ran, don’t worry. When I become a high-level Supreme God, I will do my best to bring you back to life,” Lin Feng said, slapping his own face one last time. The pain he felt on his cheeks was insignificant in comparison to the pain in his heart. He promised himself he’d do his best in life to resuscitate the people he loved!

Lin Feng took a deep breath and wiped away his tears. He rarely cried, but he felt sad; it didn’t mean he was weak, it just meant that his wounds were too deep.

“Husband, don’t worry. no matter what happens, I’ll always be on your side.” Meng Qing stood near Lin Feng, then slowly laid down next to him. Lin Feng put his arms around her waist. The feeling of Meng Qing’s skin under his hands felt good and made him forget the pain and the sadness.

“Meng Qing, when I go to Gods Country, I don’t know when I’ll be able to return. You’ll have to take good care of yourself,” said Lin Feng. The feeling of Meng Qing’s skin under his hands made his heartbeat accelerate. She smelled too good…

“Husband, you’re going to leave, you should give me another child. Zhe Tian is a grown up now. He’ll probably go to Gods Country to be with you soon. We should have a second child,” said Meng Qing. She was aroused, and looked bewitching. Her cheeks were rosy, and her eyes twinkled. They were filled with love and passion.

Lin Feng looked at her for a long time, and finally, he couldn’t control himself anymore. He groaned like an animal, jumped on her, and a few seconds later, the room was steamy. It didn’t matter though; nobody would disturb them there…


The next day, early in the morning, Lin Feng had already left the palace. He had carried Meng Qing to her room so she could rest. She was exhausted after the night they had had, and didn’t even have the strength to move her hands anymore.

When Lin Feng carried her back to her room, he watched her; she seemed so weak.

Lin Feng knew that the next time he’d come back from Gods Country, his second child would call him father. Lin Feng daydreamed in the back of the mountain. Only half of the mountain remained, the top half had been destroyed during his fight against Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor.

Lin Feng blankly stared at the forest where Xue Ran had died, where he had sacrificed himself for his student.

Lin Feng also figured that Xue Ran had probably meditated in seclusion so that he would be able to help Lin Feng break through as quickly as possible. It was probably why he hadn’t seen Xue Ran recently.

At the beginning, Xue Ran had done all he could trying to break through because he wanted to help and protect Lin Feng. Xue Ran didn’t know that he wouldn’t have enough primal chaos strength to break through to the Half-Supreme God layer.

Therefore, when he realized that Lin Feng didn’t have enough primal chaos strength, he decided to give everything to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng stood up, looked at the mountain, and did some sword moves. His white godly aura flashed. Lin Feng turned into a hundred zhang tall warlord. No matter where in the Continent of the Gods, cultivators and ordinary people, they could all see Lin Feng cultivating the sword.

“Look, Ruler Lin Feng!”

Many people in the North raised their heads and saw an unrestrained silhouette in the sky. How enchanting!

“Ruler Lin Feng is going to leave?”

“Unfortunately. The strongest of the youngest geniuses of the continent… He just became the ruler of the Continent of the Gods and now he’s going to leave?”

“We shouldn’t be sad, we should be happy. Our Leader is going to go to Gods Country. I wish him the best. I hope he’ll succeed!”

“Yes, I wish him the best!”

All the people of the Continent of the Gods bowed. Lin Feng looked out at that ocean of people. He continued making sword moves. His godly aura grew more and more dazzling. His silhouette also became bigger and bigger, from a hundred zhang, he grew to become a thousand zhang tall image.


The South of the Continent of the Gods…

“That’s Ruler Lin Feng, our new protector!”

“Who’s stronger? Ruler Lin Feng or Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor?”

“I don’t know. They must be equally strong. But Lin Feng is our new ruler, hehe, what is the Demon Emperor to us?”

“Indeed. We thought that Tian Di was the most shameless cultivator, but Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor, who seemed to be the calmest, but in the end, he was the evilest plotter.”

“May our ruler be blessed! Let’s hope he’ll succeed in Gods Country and come back safe and sound.”

Lin Feng looked at the ocean of people and continued performing sword moves.


The North…

“Hurry up and look! Haha! It’s Lin Feng! I’ve even already talked to him in the past.”

“Indeed, it’s Lin Feng. He started rising when he was in the eastern part of the continent.”

“Hurry up, go and inform the Godly Leader and the Leader about it, we should wish him good luck altogether.”

The people of the southern part of the Continent of the Gods gathered. The whole continent started stirring with excitement. The temperature increased everywhere in the Continent of the Gods along with people’s ardor.


In the West, people raised their hands and golden lights flashed.

“Oh! Free and unrestrained! Cup to cup calls for song! Nonexistence, how long?!”

“You are arrogant and wild! How do you know how old I am?!”

“Holding a sword in the remotest parts of the world, experienced hardships?!”

“Open-hearted and forthright, stop! Broken! Like! The! End! Of! The! World!”

Lin Feng sang a song while brandishing his sword. Everybody in the Continent of the Gods felt extremely excited. Many people raised their hands and shouted Lin Feng’s name. This scene would be remembered throughout the whole history of the Continent of the Gods!

“Xue Ran!”

“Tian Di!”

“Ancestor Fo!”

“Zun Xie!”

All the people of the Continent of the Gods released strength, and Lin Feng used that strength to carve the four ancestors’ names in the back of Tiantai’s mountain. The pure Qi of the Continent of the Gods suddenly became much thicker and denser. From that moment on, people would advance much faster in terms of cultivation.

Many people stared at the four names cavred in the back of Tiantai’s mountain solemnly and respectfully.


“They are all heroes, heroes who fought for the Continent of the Gods!” whispered a man in red clothes who was holding a sword somewhere in the North: Zai Qiu!


“They helped Lin Feng become who he is now. Now he’s now changing the course of history of the continent,” said a middle-aged man in blue clothes in the South. His long hair hanged over his shoulder. He looked natural and unrestrained, open-hearted and forthright: Duan Wu Wei!


“I want to become the second Lin Feng!” whispered someone in the East, in the Dark Palace. Gao Di was standing there looking in the direction of the Central Continent. Mister Time was standing behind him, smiling happily.


“Lin Feng, in Gods Country, we’ll either drink fine liquor and chat happily together, or we’ll fight to death!” shouted someone furiously in the West: Chang Feng! He was already tens of thousands of li away from Tiantai.


An Zi Xi, Fan Huang Bin, and the Invisible One all raised their heads and looked at Lin Feng’s gigantic image. They all looked resolute.

They were convinced that they would soon see Lin Feng in Gods Country. There, battles between true geniuses would happen.

The Invisible One took off his plaited bamboo hat, and his true face was revealed; he was Liu Yun Yang, from the Continent of the Clear Sky.

“I am a Half-Supreme God, too,” said Liu Yun Yang with a faint smile, looking in Lin Feng’s direction in a strange way, as if he were making fun of him. It was difficult to understand what he was really thinking.


At the same time, in the East, a man in black clothes and a veil covering his face smiled icily while looking in the direction of the Central Continent. He swore coldly, “Lin Feng, since you’re going to Gods Country, it’s time for us to meet. I, the fake Cheng Shan, will show up again. Hehe!”

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