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Chapter 621: En Route for Gods Country!

Part 3 of PMG 2: Country of Eternity

Edited by RED

There was no public announcement, nothing. Two days later, everything was normal in Tiantai. Many disciples were in the kwoon exchanging views on cultivation as if they didn’t know Lin Feng was going to leave. Hou Qing Lin, Tian Chi, and the others were also calm. They knew Lin Feng had to leave.

Ancestor Kong was in Xuan Yuan City with Mister Time and Xu Gan. Lin Feng and Jeston arrived in town, as well. Those days, the Godly Emperors sent to Xuan Yuan City were from the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty and Tiantai. When they saw Lin Feng, those Godly Emperors naturally showed him respect.

When they learned that Lin Feng and the others were going to go to the Yin Territory, their expressions changed drastically. They didn’t dare say anything, however. Lin Feng was much stronger than them, after all, and Ancestor Kong was the strongest cultivator in the continent.

Lin Feng was the Ruler of the Continent of the Gods. He had the strength of the Half-Supreme God layer. Nobody dared act insolently in front of him. Xu Gan and Jeston had the strength of the top of the Godly Emperor Layer. They’d soon break through to the Half-Supreme God layer. Only Mister Time had the strength of the first Godly Emperor Layer.

Lin Feng had already told Mister Time about the solution regarding his forbidden body. They didn’t hurry to leave the Continent of the Gods. They decided to stay in Xuan Yuan City for a short time, so Lin Feng could discuss some things with Mister Time.

Lin Feng forbade anyone to come in and disturb them while they were talking. Lin Feng and Mister Time were in a room, all the others were outside.

About an hour later, Lin Feng and Mister Time came out of the room. Xu Gan didn’t notice anything different about his fellow disciple. He still had the strength of the first Godly Emperor Layer, so he looked at Lin Feng strangely.

Lin Feng smiled calmly and looked at Mister Time without saying anything. Mister Time remained silent as well. It seemed like they both knew something others didn’t.

Xu Gan didn’t notice anything different. Ancestor Kong, who had the strength of the medium-level Supreme God layer inspected Mister Time and noticed something. Mister Time had no forbidden body anymore, it had been replaced by a pure primal chaos body. It was exactly the same as Lin Feng’s, there was no difference.

Ancestor Kong sighed. There were two people in front of him who both had primal chaos strength. Even though Supreme Gods had to study primal chaos strength, they didn’t necessarily have a primal chaos body. That kind of body was priceless and rare. People who had a primal chaos body definitely had an advantage; they could absorb primal chaos Qi earlier than others.

At the same level, someone who had a primal chaos body definitely had an advantage. It was only one of the advantages of having such a body, and Lin Feng would slowly discover all those advantages.

Xu Gan didn’t notice anything different about Mister Time, but when the group of people went to the Yin Territory, Xu Gan turned around at some point and was astonished; Mister Time looked handsome, his eyes bright and piercing, his long black hair hung over his shoulders.

“Seventh Godly Emperor Layer?” Xu Gan was dumbstruck. Mister Time had broken through from the first Godly Emperor Layer directly to the seventh! That was just astonishing! He had never seen or heard of such a thing in his entire life!

But it was a fact. And on top of that, it wasn’t as fast as it could have been because back in the days, he had given Lin Feng half of his forbidden body.

“Good, good! My brother is back on track!” shouted Xu Gan laughing happily, glad for his friend. He was extremely happy for Mister Time.

“Alright, it’s time for us to leave!” said Ancestor Kong calmly, studying the yin Qi of the Yin Territory. They couldn’t see the gate because of the evil, cold Qi piercing into their bodies.

Lin Feng looked over the Yin Territory. It was much worse than he had thought. Back then, there were only a few threads of purple yin Qi, but now, the evil Qi was black and there was an ocean of it. It was enough to make anyone shudder.

“Follow me. Before we arrive in Gods Country, we should all stick together!” shouted Ancestor Kong seriously. The old man was extremely cautious in the Yin Territory, even though he had already been to Gods Country several times and had experience.

Lin Feng and Jeston had never been to Gods Country, so they listened to Ancestor Kong attentively.

Ancestor Kong made a slapping motion, and a strong wind began to blow. The others couldn’t sense his strength, but they saw the black energy disperse slowly and softly. The gate of the Yin Territory slowly appeared.

“Go!” shouted Ancestor Kong, flying towards the gate. He disappeared inside, swallowed by the vortex of the gate.

Even though Lin Feng had never been to Gods Country, he had come to the Yin Territory with Huang Nü and they had also crossed that gate before, so Lin Feng was familiar with the environment there. He also jumped through the gate. Jeston and Xu Gan followed. Mister Time crossed the gate after everyone else.

The five people appeared in the depths of the Yin Territory, and found the landscape desolate, the grass dry and dead on the ground. It made everybody shudder. It was difficult to imagine there was such places in the world.

Lin Feng looked indifferent because he had already been here before. He had been here and he had been in many places here. He remembered the underground tunnels, which felt like another world in there.

“Let’s continue,” said Ancestor Kong, raising his head. There was a black hole in the sky. Calling it the sky was not adequate actually, because the Yin Territory was just a boundless territory. It was just darkness everywhere, there was no visible difference between the sky and the ground, there was no horizon.

Ancestor Kong didn’t explain why to the others, he just flew upwards. He stretched out his hands and put his palms together. Whistling sounds hummed, two beam of lights appeared and an imprint stamped the sky.

Lin Feng looked at Ancestor Kong strangely. However, a second later, the four found themselves as astonished as if they were dreaming.

The two beam of lights dispersed, and golden lights came out of that hole. They turned into a golden flight of stairs. There were at least tens of thousands of steps. When the others saw that, they gasped in amazement.

“Stop standing there just like that! Hurry and climb up the flight of stairs, then you’ll arrive in Gods Country,” Ancestor Kong told everybody. He started up the flight of stairs. He had done it many times, before so he was familiar with the way as well.

Lin Feng followed him. He wanted to stay with with Ancestor Kong and ask him a few questions, and ask him why there was a flight of stairs in the black hole, but Ancestor Kong turned into a beam of light and disappeared.

“Lin Feng, we’ll see each other again!” shouted Ancestor Kong as he disappeared. Lin Feng put his hands on his ears because Ancestor Kong’s voice was so loud. At the same time, Lin Feng guessed that Ancestor Kong had already arrived in Gods Country.

“Let’s accelerate!” shouted Mister Time and Xu Gan. They passed in front of Lin Feng and Jeston, jumping into the black hole and disappearing. Lin Feng could sense a terrifying space and time strength emerge from it, different from his own top-level space and time strength.

Lin Feng’s space and time Dao strength had the maximum level, but it was small Great Tao strength, Dao strength. The space and time strength here was Great Tao strength. Lin Feng couldn’t modify it, he could only follow it. Jeston and Lin Feng arrived at the top of the flight of stairs.

Lin Feng and Jeston felt dizzy, and struggled not to fall unconscious.

“See you in Gods Country!” said Jeston, and then he started falling asleep, as did Lin Feng.

After that, the two of them didn’t know what was happening; it felt as if the whole world had gone calm and silent.

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