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Chapter 622: Borderland Village!

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“Little Qing, I’ve heard that there was a wild man behind the mountain. I don’t mean to be mean or annoying, but you’re a virgin, and you’re the most beautiful woman of our Fortified Village. If anyone hears about that, your reputation will be tarnished.

“The prince of the Fortified Village is interested in you. You brought an unknown man home, it’s not a very good idea.

“You should get rid of that man. You won’t be lucky anymore if you continue doing things like that, Miss Chen.”

Lin Feng awoke from his coma and smelled plum blossoms on him. He glanced around; someone was talking to him?

Lin Feng sat up and looked around. He felt a bit dizzy. He wasn’t in the Yin Territory anymore. He was in a simple room, everything made of wood. He was on a wooden bed in a cozy little room.

It was a woman’s room. Lin Feng looked out of the door and saw two silhouettes. One of them was a chubby woman wearing robes, looking about fifty years old. In front of that middle-aged woman was a pure and innocent-looking young woman.

Lin Feng thought of Tang You You when he saw her. Tang You You was beautiful in her own way, because of her personality and her particular physical features. She looked beautiful, like women in ancient times. The woman Lin Feng saw looked beautiful in a way to Tang You You. She looked heroic, like Hua Mu Lan (Translator’s Note: Hua Mu Lan was a legendary warrior woman from the fifth century).

Lin Feng sighed and smiled. He was lucky, he had just bumped into another beautiful woman. Were Jeston, Xu Gan, and the others as lucky?

Lin Feng stood up and got ready to leave the room, but when he heard the middle-aged woman and the younger woman’s conversation, he decided to hide temporarily and listen to their conversation a little bit more.

“Third aunt, thank you for your kindness, but I have to take care of him. I don’t know where he’s from. His clothes are different from the clothes we wear; he could be the prince of a big clan because he’s wearing fine clothes. No matter what, I need to save him,” replied the woman resolutely, yet imploringly.

When the older woman heard that, she wanted to say something else but she just ended up sighing helplessly and said worriedly, “Sigh, Little Qing, it’s your own decision, but if the great prince hears about it, nobody will be saved, some people will get injured…” sighed the chubby middle-aged woman, before turning around and slowly walking away from the small wooden house. She disappeared from the young woman’s field of view. Of course, Lin Feng couldn’t see her anymore, either.

The small woman brushed her dress to remove dust from it before entering the small wooden hut. Lin Feng was crouched down behind the door so the woman couldn’t see him, and her expression changed.

“Where is he?” asked the woman worriedly after she pushed open the door. She was worried that Lin Feng would escape while she was busy washing her clothes.

“Miss, are you looking for me?” asked Lin Feng, chuckling as he looked at the woman’s back. Then he flashed over and suddenly landed in front of her, smiling cheerfully.

“Ahhhhhhh! Don’t get any closer!” shouted the woman, startled when she heard Lin Feng’s laugh. She took a few steps backwards until she was against the wall, nearly panicking. When she saw Lin Feng, she was relieved and took a deep breath, and then her eyes became wet and tears dripped on the floor.

“Eh, Miss, I didn’t do it on purpose. I’m sorry! Hehe!” Lin Feng said. He hadn’t thought his little joke would scare the young woman. He was afraid that she would really burst into tears.

But the woman still fell down on her knees, put her hands on the floor and burst into tears. What a poor girl! Lin Feng suddenly had a headache; he hated it when women cried. Women were his weakness.

“I, Miss, don’t cry. I’m sorry,” Lin Feng said. He felt powerless. He crouched down and tried to cheer her up.

But the woman cried louder and louder. Lin Feng was starting to panic. What could he do?

“Miss, please, don’t cry. What can I do to cheer you up? Do you need help with house chores? Please, anything as long as you stop crying,” Lin Feng said. He really couldn’t think of a good solution.

But as soon as Lin Feng was done talking, the woman instantly stopped crying and laughed. Lin Feng was astonished. Apart from her eyes, which were a little bit red, nothing suggested that she had just been crying.

Lin Feng knew she had tricked him, but it felt better than disappointing a woman. She didn’t do anything harmful, after all.

“You said you were ready to do anything?” said the woman, her eyes twinkling. She smiled in self-satisfaction. She suddenly looked like a sly little demon, but adorable at the same time.

Lin Feng realized he had been wrong, That young woman didn’t really resemble Tang You You, but Huo Wu!

Lin Feng grit his teeth and nodded.

“Alright, we’ll see if you keep promises. I’ll trust you once,” the woman nodded. Then she stood up, giggled, and tapped Lin Feng’s shoulder. She opened the door and pointed at a two-meter tall tree.

“Use an axe to cut down that tree, then chop it into pieces and put the pieces in the carriage. I need to bring that wood to the borderland village to sell it,” said the woman, pushing Lin Feng ahead. Lin Feng looked at the tree, which was barely taller than him, and the axe leaning against it. He had the impression he had been turned into a slave suddenly.

How unlucky! Argh! Lewis, Xu Gan, I hope you’re unluckier than me!, thought Lin Feng. But then he remembered that he was in Gods Country, so he had partly succeeded…

It was a new world, a world where he would be able to become stronger, where he would face new challenges!

“What are you looking at! Hurry up and get to work!” shouted the woman as Lin Feng was lost in thought, daydreaming about his future accomplishments in this new world. Her voice sounded strident suddenly, and she instantly brought Lin Feng back to his senses.

“Alright, alright, I’ll cut the wood,” Lin Feng said angrily. He grabbed the axe, and got ready to use pure Qi.

However, the woman said nonchalantly, “I like men who rely on their muscles to work, but…” she grunted coldly and continued, “I hate men who use pure Qi to work! Those who do are not real men in my opinion! Hmph!”

How oppressive!

Lin Feng was furious; how had he ended up near such an annoying woman!

“Alright! I won’t use pure Qi to chop wood!” Lin Feng agreed, smiling wryly and lifting the axe.

He wasn’t too happy at the beginning, but as he chopped away, the muscles in his hands started to warm up. He remembered when he was young, a dozen years old, when people used to call him a piece of trash, and he used to do manual labor everyday.

He also worked faster and faster. He didn’t want to stop anymore after a short while.

The woman was stupefied, she could barely follow his movements with her bare eyes. If she hadn’t been watching him the whole time, she would have thought he was a different person.

“What’s your name, Miss?” asked Lin Feng, wiping the sweat off his forehead with his sleeve.

“My name is Xiao Qing. I don’t have a family name. My third aunt gave me this name. My aunt is the one who was talking to me before I came back inside. She adopted me when I was a child. She says my parents abandoned me.”

“Oh, I see,” Lin Feng said. She didn’t seem very saddened about her past.

“How old are you?” asked Lin Feng.

“One hundred years old.”

“Cough, cough…”

“What’s the matter? Is there a problem?”

“No, no problem.”

“You think I’m a genius because I have the strength of the fifth Godly Emperor Layer, even though I’m only a hundred years old?” asked Xiao Qing, giggling proudly.

Lin Feng had to admit that she was really talented. Having the strength of the fifth Godly Emperor Layer at a hundred years old was indeed not bad.

Lin Feng didn’t disdain her because she was already that old. Meng Qing, You You, Huang Nü, and the others were all more than a hundred years old. Huo Wu was the youngest one, only a few dozen of years old.

In the world of cultivation, people who were younger than a hundred years old were considered extremely young. People who were older than five hundred years old were considered middle-aged people. Lin Feng was in between, going to become a middle-aged man soon enough.


Translation of the Author’s Note: the third part of PMG 2 has started, let’s see how until Lin Feng will become an eternal overlord!

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