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Chapter 623: Country of Eternity!

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“By the way, what’s your name?” asked Xiao Qing. She had introduced herself to Lin Feng, but she didn’t know anything about him. She looked at Lin Feng, whose forehead was covered with sweat. He didn’t use pure Qi to chop wood, he didn’t even use primal chaos strength. He used his most basic physical strength, like an ordinary human.

Xiao Qing took out a blue embroidered handkerchief from her sleeve and got ready to wipe Lin Feng’s sweat off. Lin Feng took a few steps away when he saw that, and Xiao Qing shouted angrily, “Stop moving!”

She impatiently ran towards Lin Feng and wiped Lin Feng’s sweat off his forehead. Lin Feng looked at Xiao Qing, who was standing extremely close to him. She was a strange young woman. He didn’t think it was necessary to be angry at her, she was sharp-tongued but soft-hearted.

She was probably just too ordinary for him, which was why she seemed strange to Lin Feng.

“My name is Lin Feng!” Lin Feng smiled.

Xiao Qing nodded and asked, “How come you were in a coma behind the mountain of the borderland village? Are you from the borderland village?” asked Xiao Qing, taking her handkerchief back. She continued, “Hurry up and chop more wood. You’ve only done half of the work.”

“Oh, alright, I’ll chop more wood,” Lin Feng said, continuing at it.

“So, where are you from?” pressed Xiao Qing aggressively. Lin Feng smiled wryly. He knew he had to lie, though. So he told her he was from somewhere else, and that he had hidden there from an enemy clan who was chasing him, and that he had fainted behind the mountain of the borderland village.

Lin Feng was pretty good at lying. Xiao Qing didn’t question Lin Feng’s story.

“So you’re from another place? Where exactly? The Country of Eternity has eleven regions, seven great influential groups and four cities, so where are you from?” asked Xiao Qing, very curious now.

Lin Feng continued chopping wood while talking, that way she wouldn’t get angry again.

“I’m from San Country, have you ever heard of it?” asked Lin Feng, looking serious. He hoped he’d learn things from Xiao Qing. So far, he only knew that he was in a place called a borderland village, nothing else. He could just be sure that he was in Gods Country.

When she heard Lin Feng’s question, Xiao Qing blankly stared at him. Then she stretched out her little hand and put it on Lin Feng’s forehead, she whispered, “You don’t seem to have a fever? Did the people who were chasing you hit you in the head?”

“What do you mean?” Lin Feng asked, curious.

Xiao Qing waved indifferently, “I’m just wondering how you became stupid?”

“Uhhh? Why do you say that?” asked Lin Feng, puzzled. Had he said anything wrong?

“Don’t you know that the borderland village is one of San Country’s many villages? How could I not know about San Country? Are you making fun of me? You think I’m illiterate? Or are you illiterate?” sniffed Xiao Qing disdainfully.

Lin Feng was extremely happy, and instantly started thinking of a plan. He asked, “Alright, we’ll see if you really know about it; apart from the borderland village, what other villages are there in San Country?”

“Hmph! Why the hell would I answer your questions?” replied Xiao Qing angrily, turning away.

Lin Feng sighed helplessly. He took out a jade hairpin from his ring. It was glittering and translucent, carved with a phoenix. There were three jade stones on it, looking magnificent in the sunlight.

Xiao Qing looked at the jade hairpin, and seemed overjoyed. She had never seen such a beautiful jade hairpin, especially in the borderland village where life was difficult. She had never seen anything so expensive.

“I can’t accept it. Keep it,” said Xiao Qing, trying to control herself. She was happy for the offer, but she didn’t stretch out her hand. She had known Lin Feng for less than a day, after all. She had to remain vigilant.

Lin Feng knew what she was thinking, but he couldn’t force her to accept it.

“Xiao Qing, you saved me. Some enemies were chasing me to kill me. If you hadn’t rescued me, they would have continued looking for me and I might be dead. I think that a jade hairpin is nothing compared to my life, right?

“If you think my life is less valuable than this jade hairpin, alright, I’ll keep it. I’m off now,” Lin Feng said. He stopped smiling and put the jade hairpin away. Then he put the axe down and got ready to leave. Xiao Qing promptly grabbed his sleeve.

“I want it, I want it!” exclaimed Xiao Qing. Even if she didn’t want to accept it, she had to, and she liked it a lot. She was a woman, after all. She took the jade hairpin and put it in her jet-black hair. She looked even more beautiful.

“Beautiful!” Lin Feng said approvingly.

“I know you’re trying to test my knowledge, but you can’t. There are nine great villages in San Country. Apart from the borderland village, there are the Square Village, Black Dragon Village, Cyan Dragon Village, Spring Village, Wood Village, Breeze Village, Precipice Village, and San Country’s capital village, the Great Village. The Great Village is the most powerful village. Every year, Great Village wins the competition of the nine villages. Borderland Village always finishes at the bottom of the rankings.”

“Xiao Qing, what do you know about other influential groups, such as Ze Country, or the Lun Bi Clan?” asked Lin Feng. He was very interested in what Xiao Qing had told him. What Ancestor Kong and Lei Gang had told him was pretty vague. In order to learn the details, he had to question the local people.

Xiao Qing looked at Lin Feng skeptically; hadn’t Lin Feng grown up in the Country of Eternity? He didn’t seem to know much about it, though. But then she quickly excluded that assumption and believed that Lin Feng was just trying to test her knowledge, “In the Country of Eternity, in total, there are…”

“Wait, Country of Eternity?” asked Lin Feng, interrupting Xiao Qing.

Xiao Qing’s eyes gleamed, she stared blankly at Lin Feng and nodded, “Yes, the Country of Eternity!”

“Uh? Wasn’t it supposed to be Gods Country? How has it become the Country of Eternity?” whispered Lin Feng to himself. Lin Feng quickly understood that Gods Country was just a name people gave it, but local people didn’t call this place Gods Country.

So Gods Country was actually called the Country of Eternity! But what kind of country was this Country of Eternity?

“The Country of Eternity is five hundred million square li. Every single li of the territory is ruled by the eleven influential groups. The Fa Lan Clan is the most powerful clan. They are in the very center of the Country of Eternity and their territory is nine million square li. They call themselves the Fa Lan Empire.

“Ze Country is situated in the western part of the Country of Eternity. Ze Country’s area is five million square li. San Country is situated at the intersection between Ze Country and Lang Xie City. It’s only a million square li. In San Country’s south, there is Jin Lun City, it’s a long and narrow city, and is five million square li.

“In the north of Ze Country, which is the western part of the Country of Eternity, there is the Lun Bi Clan, they call themselves the Lun Bi Country, and their territory is seven million square li. They’re the third great country, after the Fa Lan Empire and Tian Dong City.

“Ao Lai City is in the western part of the Lun Bi Empire, in the north of the Country of Eternity. Their territory is six million square li. The Zhao Clan, who call themselves the Zhao Country, have a territory of six million square li as well.

“Apart from Tian Dong City, which is in the eastern part of the Country of Eternity, the Ri Guang Empire and the Yue Guang Empire rule over the southeast of the Country of Eternity. The two empires are connected by a beam of light. Their total territory covers an area over a hundred million square li.”

Lin Feng understood that all the influential groups of Gods Country were well-distributed, none of them had the advantage over the others, only San Country was smaller than the others.

As Lei Gang had said, if San Country didn’t have a high-level Supreme God, maybe they would have been absorbed by the other influential groups.

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