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Chapter 626: In the Future, Consider Me Your Brother!

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Manager Tian was panicking. Lin Feng’s expressions kept changing, it was impossible to know what he was thinking, but why?

“I’ll ask you a question; do you know my little sister?” asked Lin Feng, smiling kindly, like someone who wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Manager Tian was puzzled, he shook his head and said, “Prince, I don’t know your sister.”

“Oh? You really don’t know her?” Lin Feng said skeptically.

“I really don’t know her!” said Manager Tian. His eyes were wet. He was in pain and he almost burst into tears.

“Oh, I forgot, this jade hairpin is… my sister’s!” Lin Feng said, smiling indifferently and lifting the jade hairpin. Gradually, his smile was replaced by a murderous glare.

When Manager Tian heard that, he nearly fainted. He stared at Lin Feng with his eyes wide. He finally understood why Lin Feng had come.

He plopped down the ground uncontrollably. Since when did that miserable girl have a big brother? A Half-Supreme God, on top of that!

“Prince, please spare my life! Please! Woo, woo! Please!” said Manager Tian, kowtowing before Lin Feng. His legs were shaking uncontrollably as he burst into tears. He didn’t sound as aggressive and violent as he had when he had injured Xiao Qing, for some reason.

“Spare your life? Do you think that it’s possible?” Lin Feng said stonily. He slapped Manager Tian’s face hard. Big red marks appeared on his cheeks, burning red.

“AAAHHHHHH! Someone save me, please!” shouted Manager Tian. He knew that he was doomed, so he could only hope someone would save him. There were Half-Supreme Gods in the palace, so if one of them came, he’d be able to save his life.

He tried to stand up and run away, like a miserable and terrified dog. He continued shouting while running away.

Lin Feng sighed and slowly stood up, grabbing his cup of tea and walking out of the room. He threw the teacup. Phwap! It crashed against Manager Tian’s waist. He gave out a scream which echoed through the entire palace.

Lin Feng flashed ahead and grabbed Manager Tian by the collar, getting ready to leave.

“Who are you? How dare you act insolently here in the Fortified Village’s government offices?! Stop!” shouted a voice behind Lin Feng. A dark silhouette appeared in front of Lin Feng. Lin Feng sensed a powerful Qi, top of the Godly Emperor Layer, but for Lin Feng, it was nothing impressive.

“Piss off!” Lin Feng said, making a slapping motion. The man’s face paled and he retreated.

He had no chance to do anything. He was blown away and crashed through a wall. A big hole appeared in the wall.

“We’ll see each other again,” Lin Feng said, holding Manager Tian by the collar after he saw the man crash against the wall. He flashed over the city wall and was away.

“Your Excellency, you don’t take the leader of the Fortified Village seriously?! Stop!” shouted someone else. Lin Feng sensed some Qi, more powerful than the previous man’s. It was the Qi of a Half-Supreme God, like himself.

Lin Feng turned around and saw a man in white clothes. He seemed angry, looking at him icily.

When Manager Tian saw that, he was overjoyed and shouted, “Great Prince! Save me! Woo, woo! Save me!”

“Oh, the Great Prince of the Fortified Village?” Lin Feng immediately understood who the man was.

“Your Excellency, it must be a misunderstanding. Can we solve it amiably?” asked the Great Prince coldly. He knew that Lin Feng was a Half-Supreme God. He didn’t want to fight him, and hoped they’d manage to solve the issue peacefully. Besides, becoming enemies with a Half-Supreme God because of a simple manager was stupid.

However, Lin Feng didn’t intend to explain anything. This damn manager had humiliated Xiao Qing, Lin Feng had to avenge her. He’d feel guilty if he didn’t. She had brought him back to her village in spite of everybody’s remarks; fighting for her was definitely worth it.

“No need. See you,” Lin Feng said. He didn’t feel like talking to the Great Prince, so he flashed away and made ready to leave. When the Great Prince saw that, he understood that solving the issue peacefully was impossible. However, if he let Lin Feng leave like that, people would talk about it and then make fun of him.

“Where are you going? Stop!” shouted the Great Prince angrily. Then he flashed after Lin Feng, throwing out a punch.

Lin Feng turned his head around, made a slapping motion, and a hundred zhang high golden imprint appeared with an ominous hum. The Great Leader was blown away, but so was Lin Feng. However, he took advantage of the opportunity to escape.

The Great Leader was pushed back a thousand steps and had to release strength to stop. Two servants caught and supported him by his arms. He looked after Lin Feng, who had disappeared in the darkness. He ground his teeth and shouted furiously, “When we see each other again, I’ll kill you!”

But Lin Feng didn’t hear him because he was already far away, in the wooden house with Manager Tian, who had fainted. Lin Feng then tied Manager Tian up to a wooden pillar, and cast a deployment spell around Manager Tian to prevent him from escaping. With the strength of the fifth Godly Emperor Layer, he couldn’t.

Lin Feng sat outside of the wooden house, lost in thought, all night long.


On the day after, at dawn, all the cultivators of the Fortified Village were talking about one thing. Someone had gone in to the government offices on the previous day in the evening, had kidnapped a manager, and the Great Prince and a Great Elder had both failed to stop him.

Everybody wondered who the mysterious man was. Lin Feng didn’t know about it, but he had become famous in the Fortified Village on his first day in Gods Country, even though people didn’t know his name.

On the next day at dawn, Xiao Qing woke up and opened her eyes. She saw the blanket over her. She recalled she had fallen asleep on the table while crying. It felt like a nightmare. Who had put her in bed and covered her up, then?

Well, who else could it be? Xiao Qing hastily sat up, rushing to the door and opening it. She immediately saw Manager Tian, who was tied to a post, and Lin Feng, who was seated on the ground.

“You’re awake?” asked Lin Feng, opening his eyes. He turned his head and chuckled when he saw Xiao Qing, who looked dumbstruck.

Xiao Qing slowly walked to Manager Tian, and then looked at Lin Feng’s smile again. Instantly, warm drops of tears started flowing down her cheeks. Xiao Qing then took small steps towards Lin Feng, and then hugged him tightly while shedding warm tears.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently and tapped her back to cheer her up. He smiled and said calmly yet resolutely, “In the future, consider me your big brother. We’ll see if anyone ever dares bully my little sister again!”

“Yes, brother, from now on, you’re my brother!” said Xiao Qing, shedding tears of joy and hugging Lin Feng tightly, as if she were afraid Lin Feng would leave.

Lin Feng smiled silently.

After a long time, she slowly opened her arms and grabbed Lin Feng’s hand, holding it tightly. She smiled happily and said, “Hehe, I have a brother now. I have a family! Hehe!”

“Yes, you have a brother now, a family. Nobody will dare bully you ever again,” Lin Feng said, caressing her head. She looked adorable. He couldn’t help but remember the one he considered his little sister in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, Xiao Ya.

Xiao Ya had a peaceful and happy life. He hadn’t seen her in the Continent of the Nine Clouds the lst time, but he knew that she was a mother and probably happy in her husband’s family.

Now, he had a second sister.

“Oh, brother, how did you know that this bastard was the one who bullied me?” asked Xiao Qing suddenly, staring at Lin Feng. She suddenly seemed angry, as if she had understood what method Lin Feng had resorted to.

“Save me!” This time, it was Lin Feng who shouted because Xiao Qing was angry.

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