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Chapter 627: Choosing a Village Representative

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“Xiao Qing, what should we do with him?” asked Lin Feng icily.

Xiao Qing was angry. She would never forget how this bastard had humiliated her, or the way he had looked at her.

Manager Tian had just woken up from his coma, but when he saw Lin Feng, he was desperate and terrified. He realized that the Great Young Master had failed to stop Lin Feng. Thinking about that, he was even more terrified. If his Great Young Master couldn’t protect him, how strong was Lin Feng? What was his background?

When he saw Lin Feng’s ice-cold look, he was even more afraid.

Xiao Qing walked over to Manager Tian. She didn’t say anything, and immediately slapped his face hard three times. Pa pa pa! His cheeks became red.

“Give me the jade hairpin back,” said Xiao Qing, holding out her hand. However, Manager Tian just looked at Lin Feng, because he had taken it back from him already.

“Xiao Qing, I already have the jade hairpin,” Lin Feng said, taking out the emerald green jade hairpin. Xiao Qing hastily ran towards Lin Feng and grabbed the hairpin, holding it tightly. It was the first time she had received a gift from the man she now considered her older brother. That jade hairpin meant a lot to her.

“Brother, release him,” said Xiao Qing.

Lin Feng looked at her skeptically. Xiao Qing had been so humiliated by him, and now she wanted to release him after just slapping him three times? Lin Feng knew that Xiao Qing was kindhearted; she wasn’t cruel at all, so she couldn’t possibly ask Lin Feng to kill the bastard.

But how could Lin Feng release this kind of person? Releasing Manager Tian would come down to setting the stage for a calamity in the future. How many more innocent and kind young women would he humiliate, or even rape?

But Lin Feng nodded. Xiao Qing didn’t react. Manager Tian seemed extremely happy. If he weren’t tied up, he would have knelt down and kowtowed in front of Lin Feng. He would eagerly lick his boots.

Lin Feng turned around and kicked the post, then grabbed Manager Tian by the collar and disappeared from Xiao Qing’s view. Xiao Qing worriedly ran out of the courtyard and gazed into the distance to look for the two silhouettes.


On an empty mountain, a hundred li away, Lin Feng threw Manager Tian to the ground and looked at him icily. When Manager Tian saw that, he had a bad feeling. It seemed like Lin Feng didn’t intend to let him off. Manager Tian was terrified once again.

“Prince, you just agreed to let me off,” implored Manager Tian, paling again.

“Release you?” Lin Feng repeated, smiling mockingly. Manager Tian nodded pleadingly.

However, Lin Feng smiled indifferently and shook his head. He didn’t intend to release him. Manager Tian crawled to Lin Feng’s feet and cried out sadly, “Please, prince! Please! Please release me! Please! I know I made a huge mistake, I will never do it again!”

“You won’t?” Lin Feng asked, frowning and pretending to be touched.

Manager Tian hastily nodded resolutely, “I will never dare offend your sister ever again! Otherwise, may I be cursed and have the most horrible death! Really!”

Manager Tian was terrified as he cried hastily, hoping Lin Feng would spare his life. If Lin Feng spared him, he could go back and ask the members of the government to help him kill Lin Feng!

His eyes gleamed murderously for only a millisecond, but Lin Feng still noticed it. His godly awareness was extremely powerful, especially when facing a cultivator of only the sixth Godly Emperor Layer.

“Take off your clothes,” Lin Feng said icily.

Manager Tian’s expression suddenly changed and he looked at Lin Feng with his eyes wide. His heart started racing violently. What did Lin Feng want to do? He couldn’t help, but crawl backwards.

“If you don’t take off your clothes, I’ll kill you right now,” Lin Feng said chillingly, clenching his fists, which crackled scarily. Manager Tian abruptly stood up and took off his clothes; he had to do everything to increase his chances of survival.

Lin Feng didn’t look at Manager Tian. He grabbed Manager Tian and flew in the direction of the government offices.


In a very short time, Lin Feng arrived at the government offices. He glanced at the palace from the sky and smiled mockingly.

Manager Tian stared at the government building; he looked miserable, and understood what Lin Feng wanted to do. He had the impression he was standing under a mountain.

Lin Feng threw him away violently.

Boom boom!…

In the blink of an eye, the naked Manager Tian crashed against the wall of the palace. However, he was unlucky, because there was a sharp awl on the gate, and a flag was fluttering at its top. Manager Tian crashed into it and was transfixed Blood gushed out

Manager Tian gazed into the distance unhappily, and then the dark silhouette in the distance disappeared. He smiled wryly, understanding that Lin Feng had never intended to release him, and then he died.

He had humiliated Xiao Qing, Lin Feng couldn’t possibly have forgiven him.

More blood flowed out and Manager Tian’s last thread of Qi dispersed.

Everybody there turned their heads and looked at the corpse hanging on the awl of the gate. They all rushed over and gathered on both sides of the city wall.

“Isn’t that Manager Tian?” shouted someone suddenly in a trembling voice.

“Ah? Manager Tian? The arrogant and despotic bastard who likes bullying women?”

“Indeed, it’s him. I’ve seen him many times. He’s the one who raped my niece. He’s dead now, good riddance for him! Bah!”

“Yes, indeed. Good riddance! That mysterious cultivator must have killed him!”

“Good. That’s one less bastard in the village. Will anyone else ever dare bully and humiliate women again after him?”

The news that Manager Tian was dead was quickly spread around. The mysterious cultivator became even more of a mystery in the village. People all wondered who that extremely strong person was.

In the government offices, the atmosphere became oppressive, but nobody investigated the manager’s death because he was a nobody, a good-for-nothing. Nobody cared about him, so his death was sufficient to attract the high officials’ attention. Most people considered that since he had humiliated so many women in life, he had just gotten what he deserved.

“It’ll soon be the yearly competition of the village in preparation for San Country’s competition in a month. We have to fully focus on that. We have to find the strongest cultivators of the village. We have to find a representative for the village.”

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