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Chapter 628: Xiao Qing Becomes the Representative!

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In a meeting hall…

At the end of a table was an old man in golden clothes. He was the leader of the Fortified Village, Hu Yan Zan. He was a low-level Supreme God and he had six million people under his authority.

He raised his head and looked at the other people around the table. There was the Vice Leader of the village, and his older son, Hu Yan Qing. His younger son Hu Yan Hao was there, too. All the others were elders who had paid tribute to the palace.

“In the Fortified Village’s territory, there are fifty stockade villages. We need representatives from all of them. They have to come to the government offices and compete in the form of a small competition. The final winner will go and participate in San Country’s competition with my two sons. If he finishes in the top five, I’ll do anything he wants and I’ll even let him replace me as the leader of the Fortified Village.”

“We haven’t managed to finish in the top five for a hundred years, at least. How do you intend to choose contestants this time?”

“Go, hurry up. Little Qing, you’re in charge of the western villages of the Fortified Village, including the slums,” Hu Yan Zan told his older son.

Hu Yan Qing nodded and stood up, quickly leaving the meeting room. After that, the others also got ready to leave. Hu Yan Hao was the last one to leave the meeting room, because he had received a secret assignment from his father. He had to find the mysterious Godly Emperor who had recently shown up in the government offices.

After that, he had to get ready for the yearly competition of San Country. He had to do his best to finish in the top five. But Hu Yan Hao also had to listen to his father, who was also curious about that mysterious cultivator. He had also heard that Manager Tian had been killed by that mysterious man.

It was a good thing, he thought. Manager Tian used to be his older brother’s servant, and they had done many bad things together. Now, Manager Tian had been killed, so many people in the borderland villages were happy.

Hu Yan Hao looked at the awl of the city gate. There was a new flag at its top. Manager Tian had died atop it; nobody wanted to fly a soiled flag.

He was getting more and more curious about that mysterious cultivator. Hu Yan Qing was annoyed. He had a special position in San Country, and had brought representatives three times consecutively to the competition, even if he didn’t have a very good reputation.

Hu Yan Hao decided to go and ask the Great Elder about the mysterious cultivator, because only Hu Yan Qing and the Great Elder had seen him on the previous day.


The government offices sent people to find the strongest people of all the stockade villages. They’d all participate in a small test.

Lin Feng didn’t intend to leave so soon. He wanted to stay with Xiao Qing a little before leaving. Maybe he’d take Xiao Qing away with him. She was so poor here. Lin Feng didn’t need to hurry and leave to find Jeston, Xu Gan, and the others. The most important thing in Gods Country was to gather experience, and then to find the Lun Bi Clan, and more precisely Lun Bi Ba, because he wanted to avenge his teacher, Emperor Yu!

On that day, Xiao Qing went to the entrance of the village. Lin Feng didn’t know what she was doing there, but he noticed that everybody was going there, and guessed that a meeting was going to take place. Lin Feng didn’t really care, however.

There were many people at the entrance of the village, at least two thousand. They wore simple clothes which actually suited them. Xiao Qing was there too, and if she hadn’t worn a jade hairpin in her hair, she wouldn’t have stood out at all.

The buildings at the entrance of the village were a little bit better than in the middle, because the leader of the village had built them himself for special occasions. Hu Yan Qing was standing in the middle of the crowd and looked at the villagers disdainfully. Next to him were a few disciples from the government offices.

“Godly Emperors, come to the front,” said Hu Yan Qing angrily. If his father hadn’t given him the order to come here, he wouldn’t have, as he didn’t like being around those poor and miserable people.

All the villagers knew that, and they also knew what was going on; some people were going to be chosen for the Fortified Village’s competition, and the winners would have the opportunity to go and participate in San Country’s great competition.

Swish, swish, swish! When Hu Yan Qing said that, four people flashed to the front, Xiao Qing being one of them. She didn’t look at Hu Yan Qing, though. She knew that he was like Manager Tian, evil. He had already cast greedy eyes upon her in the past. He had even tried to rape her, but then Hu Yan Hao had shown up and Hu Yan Qing had been forced to stop.

Hu Yan Qing looked at the four people disgustedly. He suddenly frowned and stared at Xiao Qing. Then, he looked at her jade hairpin icily.

He knew that his servant, Manager Tian, had harassed a woman with obscene language and gestures and had taken her jade hairpin, was this her?

Thinking about that, Hu Yan Qing ordered Xiao Qing, “Raise your head,” pointing at her.

The others’ expressions suddenly changed, and they stepped away from Xiao Qing. They were afraid that Hu Yan Qing would think they were friends with her. A chubby woman who was standing behind Xiao Qing looked at her worriedly, but she didn’t dare come to the front.

Xiao Qing grit her teeth and slowly raised her head. Her beautiful eyes gleamed coldly. Hu Yan Qing instantly remembered who she was.

Fucking slave! He harassed the woman I like?, thought Hu Yan Qing. He didn’t intend to avenge Manager Tian’s death anymore since the fool had assaulted the woman he liked, that was audacious in the extreme!

“You’re the representative,” said Hu Yan Qing, smiling broadly and pointing at Xiao Qing.

“I… I am the representative?” Xiao Qing was stupefied. She couldn’t believe it.

The others were astonished as well, everybody was. Xiao Qing had become the village representative?

There were four Godly Emperors there, and Xiao Qing was the weakest one; the three others were men, stronger than Xiao Qing; one of them had even participated in the competition in the past but he just hadn’t gotten qualified. He had spent a whole year getting ready for the competition and now Xiao Qing had been chosen instead of him?

But he didn’t dare say anything, he just looked at Xiao Qing angrily. He hated her already!

“Tomorrow, come to the government offices. You can come with an assistant,” said Hu Yan Qing smiling strangely.


Very quickly, he and his people left the slum. If Hu Yan Qing hadn’t been interested in Xiao Qing, he wouldn’t have been willing to spend more than a second there.

After the people of the government offices left, Xiao Qing didn’t dare look at the men on her side. She knew they were angry, but she didn’t even understand why she had become the representative herself, so she just left and went back to her house.

However, as Xiao Qing was about to leave, a man suddenly shouted icily, “Stop, let’s exchange views on cultivation! How could you have been chosen? You’re a useless bitch!”

He didn’t intend to let her leave. The man released Qi of the seventh Godly Emperor Layer, which started intertwining like vines. Then it shot straight towards Xiao Qing and she was instantly hurled away.

“Hey, how come you’re flying and not walking back home?”

But Xiao Qing didn’t crash to the ground, she landed in a strong man’s arms. The man chuckled and looked at her. Xiao Qing’s face was pale until she saw who it was, then she stopped struggling.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently. He put Xiao Qing on the ground and glanced at the man who had attacked her emotionlessly. The man was looking at him angrily.

“Who are you? Why are you interrupting us while we’re exchanging views on cultivation?” asked the man icily.

Lin Feng grinned mockingly, “Oh? Exchanging views on cultivation? How about we exchange views on cultivation?” Lin Feng replied, laughing low, and slowly walking towards the man.

Xiao Qing knew that her new brother was angry again. She wasn’t used to having someone who kept helping her each time someone humiliated or bullied her. In the past, she had just suffered silently and cried alone at home after she was humiliated. Now, she didn’t need to be scared anymore.

When the man sensed Lin Feng’s Qi, he was terrified and fell down on his ass. He could only stare at Lin Feng with his eyes wide with fear.

Lin Feng arrived in front of the man and grabbed him by the chin, smiled and asked, “Who did you just insult and call a useless bitch? Say it again.”

“I… No…!” said the man. His heart felt as if it were going to explode. His face was completely pale. He didn’t dare speak.


However, everybody heard an explosion before the man even had time to finish his sentence. He crashed against a building and blood sprayed.

Lin Feng flashed and landed in front of him again. He smiled and asked, “Who did you just insult and call a useless bitch? Say it again?”

“No! How would I dare! I will never say that again…”


“Say it again.”

“No! I wouldn’t dare!”


“Say it again.”…


That scene last for five minutes. The man was completely silent before Lin Feng smiled in satisfaction. He stopped hitting the dolt and stood up again. His robe was fluttering in the wind. He walked back to Xiao Qing and grabbed her hand, and they walked away.

“Xiao Qing, you’re my little sister. Nobody can insult you. If anyone dares, I’ll crush them,” Lin Feng said after a long time. His voice sounded like the voice of a demon. Everybody was scared to death and their legs gave out. They wouldn’t forget that demonic voice for a long time.

Everybody looked after the man who had almost gone insane. How scary.

The chubby woman watched Xiao Qing and Lin Feng and smiled. Maybe Xiao Qing had done the right thing by saving that wild man. Maybe he had been sent by Heaven to protect her!

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