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Chapter 629: Going Back to the Government Offices!

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“Brother, you think I can do it?” asked Xiao Qing. She was seated on a log and seemed relieved. She was swinging her legs. Lin Feng looked at her and remembered Xiao Qing back when she was still a little girl. She used to do similar things.

Xiao Ya didn’t have as miserable a life as Xiao Qing’s when Lin Feng had met her, but they were both similarly optimistic. Xiao Qing had gone through many hardships, but she had gotten used to it and didn’t focus on hardships. Lin Feng was thoughtful.

“Why wouldn’t you? If anyone thinks you’re not a good representative, I’ll teach them a good lesson,” Lin Feng said, nodding and smiling calmly.

Xiao Qing smiled sweetly and nodded. She had a big brother now, she didn’t need to worry anymore. Lin Feng was a Half-Supreme God; there wasn’t a single Half-Supreme God in this part of the village.

“Brother, I have the impression that Hu Yan Qing recognized me?” Xiao Qing asked worriedly. Lin Feng nodded. He was sure he had recognized her, because he had recognized her jade hairpin. He also understood that the man had probably cast lustful eyes on her in the past.

Maybe that was the reason why he had chosen her to be the representative. He had probably chosen Xiao Qing because he had other things in mind…

Thinking about that, Lin Feng admired Hu Yan Qing. He was resourceful, and his plot wasn’t too bad. If anything happened to Xiao Qing, he really wouldn’t stand by with folded arms.

Lin Feng decided he had to go to the government offices with Xiao Qing, but he knew he couldn’t go as himself, so he used the same old trick. He changed his Qi and his face and ended up looking like a completely different person.

Xiao Qing laid down on the table and fell asleep. Lin Feng sighed, then grabbed her, put her on her bed, and covered her up. Then he closed the windows, went outside, and closed the door so that no wind could enter the house and disturb Xiao Qing.


Lin Feng sat down on the door step and looked up at the sky. The moon was silky white. The wind was fresh at night. Lin Feng enjoyed it a lot. He wasn’t tired at all, the fresh wind made him feel even more vigorous. He looked at the star-studded sky, seeing a few shooting stars passing now and then.

In Lin Feng’s hometown, there was a valley where people enjoyed going out at night to watch shooting stars. Lin Feng recalled his life on Earth: It had been a calm and peaceful life, without mortal enemies, without battles to death, without insane people who could become lifelong enemies from one day to another.

Even though he had had a romantic disappointment and had been hit by a car, he didn’t regret it. He was even happy back on Earth. Since he had arrived in the Continent of the Nine Clouds and then in the Continent of the Gods, Lin Feng had realized that strength couldn’t solve all problems.

So many people had died: Xue Ran, Mister Tian Ji, Protector Kong, Protector Bei, Nan Gong Ling, and so on. Lin Feng wasn’t able to bring them back to life.

I hope things like that won’t happen again in Gods Country, thought Lin Feng grimly. He turned around and looked at the small house in which Xiao Qing was sleeping peacefully. She was the first person he had met in Gods Country. His relatives hadn’t followed him here. In the future, Lin Qiong Sheng and Lin Zhe Tian would join him here, but so far, he was alone, and Xiao Qing was his first friend here, whom he now considered a sister.

She had had a difficult life, she had gone through many hardships, and Lin Feng wanted to protect and help her. He didn’t want anyone to bully her again. He wanted to make her happy. However, in the Continent of the Gods, Lin Feng realized that Godly Emperors were almighty cultivators respected by all, Supreme Gods were.


Time passed slowly when Lin Feng didn’t sleep, but he didn’t cultivate, either. He just sat there all night until dawn, when the sky became rosy.

Xiao Qing woke up, but she didn’t come out immediately. She looked out of the window and smiled sweetly when she saw Lin Feng. She was an orphan, but now she had a brother. He loved her and protected her. What else could she hope for?

“Brother, let’s go,” said Xiao Qing after opening the door. She went to hug Lin Feng. She smelled good. Lin Feng felt much better.

“Let’s head to the government offices,” Lin Feng nodded, looking at her. But when she saw Lin Feng’s different face, her expression changed drastically, and she hastily jumped back. Her expression was extremely funny, but she was really frightened, because Lin Feng had the face of a relatively old man.

“Who are you?” asked Xiao Qing, still shaking with fear.

Lin Feng smiled wryly. He reverted to his normal self and said to Xiao Qing, “Who else could I be? I’m your brother.”

“So, brother, why…?” gasped Xiao Qing. Lin Feng’s voice and face were now the familiar ones again. She was relieved and lowered her guard, but she didn’t understand what was happening.

“I changed my appearance and Qi so that people won’t recognize me. Let’s go,” Lin Feng said, transforming again. Xiao Qing wasn’t used to it and didn’t feel comfortable next to him, even though she knew it was him.


Lin Feng and Xiao Qing left her house. Xiao Qing kept turning around and looking at her house. She might never come back this time, because Lin Feng told her he wanted to take her with him to explore the world.

Xiao Qing went to see the chubby old woman: her adoptive third aunt, the woman who had raised her.

Xiao Qing cried when she left. She didn’t feel like she was leaving, it felt as if she were being expelled from her family.

The woman smiled and nodded at Lin Feng. Lin Feng didn’t quite understand what the woman meant…

Lin Feng and Xiao Qing walked on the road to the government offices. Xiao Qing’s eyes were still red. Lin Feng wiped off her tears and took her small hand. He took out his shuttle and they flew towards the government offices, although not too fast.

Xiao Qing instantly cheered up when she jumped into the shuttle. She was excited. She crouched down and looked at the rivers and mountains on the ground. Everything was so tiny.

“Brother, what is this? How can it fly on its own?” asked Xiao Qing. She had never seen a shuttle. Even though she had relied on her own self to break through to the fourth Godly Emperor Layer, she was still poor and not well-traveled, so there were many things she had never seen.

“It’s a flying shuttle. It’s like a boat on water, but in the sky. A user can control it with their mind.”

Lin Feng told her she could try. At first, she refused, but her curiosity was aroused, so in the end, she agreed to try. She condensed her consciousness and tried to control the boat. At the beginning, it swung violently and almost crashed; she was frightened and her face paled, but after a few minutes, she managed to fly it extremely fast, so she was extremely happy.

Even Lin Feng was impressed by her speed. When Xiao Qing saw Lin Feng’s expression, she was even happier.

They had a happy flight to the government offices. When they arrived, Lin Feng put his shuttle away, took Xiao Qing in hand, and they landed.

“Let’s go,” Lin Feng said, descending towards the government offices.

No guards appeared. Lin Feng was happy when he saw that.

When they entered the government offices, they met an office worker, an old man. When Xiao Qing told him she was the chosen representative for her slum, he sneered disdainfully.

In the end, they arranged a room for Lin Feng and Xiao Qing. It was so cheap that Lin Feng got angry. He wanted to speak to the old man, but he was gone, too.

Xiao Qing suggested that he calm down; they were in the government offices after all, and having a room here was already great.

Lin Feng just nodded and waited for the beginning of the exam.

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