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Chapter 631: Successfully Qualified!

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Hu Yan Qing shouted out to announce the beginning of the battle. Xiao Qing sensed Wei Lin’s oppressively heavy strength move towards her. He seemed extremely excited, as if he were sure he could crush her easily, so he wanted to end the battle as quickly as possible and eliminate her.

Xiao Qing was a bit scared when she saw his face, but she couldn’t stop halfway, she had to do her best. Besides, Lin Feng had given her a blood pill; her pure Qi had suddenly become much more powerful.

Xiao Qing shouted and threw a punch at Wei Lin’s surge of strength. Their energies sparkled and exploded, and their godly auras enveloped the whole kwoon, shaking everyone.

Lin Feng frowned. Even though he wasn’t worried at all, he clenched his fists. He hoped that Xiao Qing would be able to defeat Wei Lin using the blood pill.

Hu Yan Qing paid careful attention to Lin Feng’s expression. However, he was disappointed. Lin Feng just frowned, nothing else. His plan was slowly failing.

Could it be that it wasn’t him? Hu Yan Qing stared at Lin Feng pensively.

At that moment, Lin Feng was surprised. Hu Yan Qing looked in the same direction as Lin Feng, towards the center of the kwoon. Hu Yan Qing was suddenly astonished because the result of the battle was completely unexpected.

Xiao Qing won; she had defeated Wei Lin!

Wei Lin looked at the ground in front of him; he had slid backwards, leaving two long marks. He seemed completely dumbstruck. He couldn’t believe it. He had the strength of the eighth Godly Emperor Layer (Translator’s Note: the author said seventh in the previous chapter and now he’s saying eighth), and Xiao Qing only had the strength of the fourth Godly Emperor Layer. This was simply astonishing!

A cultivator of the fourth Godly Emperor Layer had defeated a cultivator of the eighth Godly Emperor Layer? It was unbelievable. Even Xiao Qing was shocked. Her beautiful eyes twinkled as she looked at Wei Lin and clenched her fists. She could feel an incredible strength flowing throughout her body.

Xiao Qing glanced at Lin Feng. She understood that it was all thanks to the blood pill Lin Feng had given her. She would have never been able to defeat her opponent otherwise!

Hu Yan Qing couldn’t believe it, but he had no choice. Everybody had seen the battle clearly. Many people suddenly looked at Xiao Qing in a different way. They had already seen cultivators fight against people who were stronger than them, but four cultivation layers was a huge difference. They had never seen that.

“Xiao Qing from the slums won, and is qualified for the next round!” shouted Hu Yan Qing. What bad luck, he thought, but didn’t show it. He just looked at Wei Lin angrily. Useless piece of trash!

Wei Lin was also one of his servants, so he had chosen him to fight against Xiao Qing for two reasons: the first one was to help get qualified easily, and the second reason was to make the mysterious man who had saved Xiao Qing show himself, and kill him!

His two plans had failed, and he had suffered a double loss after trying to trick his enemy.

“Brother, I am qualified?” Xiao Qing walked back to Lin Feng. She couldn’t believe she had won. She seemed so excited. She didn’t speak loudly though, as she knew Lin Feng wanted to be discreet.

Lin Feng nodded and clapped Xiao Qing’s shoulders cheerfully.

“Next round, Li Biao from Feng Yun Village against Chen Hu from Fu Hu Village!” shouted Hu Yan Qing. He looked at Li Biao, and Hu Yan Hao smiled and nodded at Chen Hu.

The great prince and the second prince were implicitly competing, as well.

Li Biao and Chen Hu were two tall and sturdy men. Their battle was wild and fierce. They kept colliding, their muscles twitching.

The two cultivators were far from weak. They both had the strength of the seventh Godly Emperor Layer, just one cultivation layer weaker than Wei Lin.

The two men exchanged punches for ten minutes and finally, Chen Hu from Fu Hu Village won and naturally qualified for the next round. Hu Yan Qing pulled a long face. Many people noticed that.

The Great Elder hastily came over and smiled, “Great Prince, I think they should both get qualified.”

“Indeed, Great Prince. They fought for ten minutes and in the end, Chen Hu ended up finding Li Biao’s weakness, that’s how he defeated him.”

After the Great Elder, the third elder went even further. Many people nodded approvingly when they heard them. Everybody feared the Great Elder, so they approved of everything he said, afraid he would get angry otherwise. Hu Yan Hao wasn’t happy when he saw that, though.

“What a joke! The competition should be fair! We should abide by the rules! How could we have them both move on the next round?! Why would Li Biao have the advantage of being qualified? Why wouldn’t Chen Hu have an advantage as well?” shouted Hu Yan Hao coldly, staring at the Great Elder and the third one. Those people clearly supported Hu Yan Qing.

“Brother, what is that supposed to mean?” shouted Hu Yan Qing angrily.

“It’s a competition! Why would we waste free spots on useless people?! If we do that, how can we find the best candidates for the competition?! Brother, have you thought of this issue?

“Don’t try and help your people, alright? This is about San Country’s Great Competition, nothing else. If we help pieces of trash, it’ll have a negative impact on our results at the Great Competition!” shouted Hu Yan Hao mercilessly.

When Lin Feng heard that, he looked at Hu Yan Hao. He was completely right. What would they do with pieces of trash at the real competition?

Hu Yan Hao kept contradicting Hu Yan Qing.

Hu Yan Qing glared at Hu Yan Hao and shouted furiously, “How shameless! You dare talk to me that way?! Don’t forget you’re just the second prince! I am your older brother!”

“Now, it’s exam time, it doesn’t matter who the older or the younger brother is. I just hope the strongest contestants will be chosen so that we can participate in the Great Competition serenely and secure spots in the top six. We don’t need a bunch of useless pieces of trash, you understand?” retorted Hu Yan Hao. He didn’t give his older brother face at all and was fearless.

Hu Yan Qing looked even glummer and shouted explosively, “You really want to die!”

“Enough! How dare you argue in front of everybody like this? Piss off!” shouted Hu Yan Zan, glaring at his sons sternly. He was sad inside. Everybody knew that his sons were on bad terms, but he hadn’t thought they’d ever dare argue in front of everybody; they were even extremely aggressive at it.

They didn’t show each other an iota of brotherly love. He glanced at Hu Yan Qing; he was the one to blame.

The two sons stopped arguing when they saw their father was angry. He was a low-level Supreme God, and could punish them easily.

“Let’s continue the competition,” said Hu Yan Zan glumly. The atmosphere changed again; people focused on the competition once more as Hu Yan Qing and Hu Yan Hao stopped fighting.


In the end, out of sixty people, thirty moved on to the next round. One of them was Xiao Qing because she was the first one to qualify. For that reason, she was first in the temporary rankings.

“The next round is a vitality test!” shouted Hu Yan Qing coldly. He glanced at Lin Feng with a faint sneer. It was his last chance to check whether Lin Feng was the mysterious man or not.

When Lin Feng heard that the next round was a vitality test, he understood what Hu Yan Qing was trying to do, but Lin Feng wasn’t afraid. He just felt angry for Xiao Qing because she was the victim of Hu Yan Qing’s plot once again. However, if he pushed Lin Feng to the limit, the consequences would be too dreadful to contemplate.

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    What BS is this If blood pills also increased strength that much Lin Feng wouldn’t have had such a hard time with people who were 7th and 8th layer at least write something believable 4 layer diff with just one blood pill.

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