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Chapter 632: As Expected, it’s You!

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“Xiao Qing from the slum against Chen Hu from Fu Hu Village,” said Hu Yan Qing coldly, glancing at Chen Hu and then at Xiao Qing, who looked so weak. He smiled cruelly.

When Hu Yan Hao heard that, his expression changed, and he pulled a long face. Hu Yan Qing had chosen Chen Hu, which meant he was indirectly attacking his brother again.

When Lin Feng heard that, he frowned. Hu Yan Qing kept plotting against Lin Feng and against his brother. That way, he would be able to kill two birds with one stone.

Lin Feng smiled coldly and glanced at Hu Yan Qing.

Xiao Qing was standing in the middle of the kwoon facing Chen Hu, a tall and sturdy man who had the strength of the seventh Godly Emperor Layer.

“Please,” said Chen Hu nodding. Then, he stretched out his hand and bowed.

Xiao Qing clenched her fists resolutely. She had won her first battle, she wasn’t too scared this time. She was excited. She would be happy if she managed to qualify for the Great Competition.

“Start,” said Chen Hu. Then he raised his fist, running towards Xiao Qing while throwing a punch. People were astonished because he was extremely fast, even though he was tall and sturdy. Most people initially thought that his weight would be a weakness, but it wasn’t.

Chen Hu landed in front of Xiao Qing and threw a punch so hard it whistled. Xiao Qing could sense an extraordinarily heavy strength emerge from Chen Hu’s fist, but she still threw a punch back at him fearlessly as well.

Their fists collided. The whole kwoon shook violently. Many people took a few steps backwards and stared at the center of the kwoon.

A godly aura dispersed and everybody saw Xiao Qing and Chen Hu again. None of them had flinched, but neither had won, either.

A crackling sound spread out and Chen Hu’s fists hung loosely. He did all he could to raise his arms again, but in vain, nothing worked. He had no strength in his arms anymore!

Xiao Qing had won again, defeating Chen Hu. It was her second victory!

Hu Yan Qing glanced at Hu Yan Hao mockingly. Hu Yan Hao just looked indifferent. Xiao Qing hadn’t done anything wrong. Hu Yan Hao was just furious that his brother was so shameless.

Hu Yan Hao didn’t know that apart from this, his brother had another enemy in sight, the mysterious man, Lin Feng! Lin Feng had humiliated Hu Yan Qing by leaving even though he had asked him to stay, and then he had humiliated him even more by killing Manager Tian. He couldn’t let Lin Feng off!

He was disappointed again, however, because he hadn’t managed to confirm whether the mysterious man was Lin Feng or not. On the contrary, he had helped Xiao Qing qualify for the next round. No matter what, Xiao Qing was sure she would be able to go and participate in San Country’s Great Competition.

“Next round…”

When Xiao Qing went back to Lin Feng, she smiled happily. She was qualified! In the future, people from her slum would admire and respect her, and the slum would obtain a lot of money, so they would be able to expand!


Lin Feng didn’t pay attention to the rest of the exam. Half an hour later, the round was over. Fifteen people were chosen. Now, those fifteen people needed to eliminate seven people so that only eight people remained. Those eight people would be able to go to and participate in San Country’s Great Competition.

Because Xiao Qing had been the first one to fight and she had won twice, she didn’t need to participate in the next round, she was already qualified to go to San Country’s Great Competition.

“Xiao Qing, you’re eliminated from the competition,” said someone suddenly as Lin Feng was congratulating Xiao Qing. It was Hu Yan Qing. When Lin Feng heard that, his smile disappeared angrily. He lowered his head and clenched his fists. Xiao Qing shook her head and grabbed his hand to prevent him from attacking.

But Lin Feng didn’t listen to her. No matter what, he had to teach Hu Yan Qing a good lesson. He kept plotting against him and trying to see whether he was the mysterious man or not.

Lin Feng hadn’t done anything, so he didn’t care. But this time, he was using Xiao Qing like a piece in a game of chess; he didn’t respect Xiao Qing’s efforts. By saying that, he was still trying to draw him out.

Lin Feng had to do something. Therefore, he pushed Xiao Qing away and slowly walked forwards. In the end, everybody saw Lin Feng stand in the middle of the kwoon. Lin Feng looked at Hu Yan Qing coldly.

Hu Yan Qing smiled confidently and coldly. He had guessed right. This man was the mysterious person!

“What, you’re finally going to show your true colors?” sneered Hu Yan Qing coldly.

When Lin Feng heard that, he smiled thinly and then disappeared. Hu Yan Qing’s expression changed, and he flashed away immediately. Where he was just before, a silhouette suddenly appeared.

If Hu Yan Qing had been slower of a millisecond, Lin Feng would have destroyed him!

Hu Yan Qing never thought Lin Feng would dare attack him there in the officials, in front of his father!

“You dare act insolently in front of my father! Are you sick of living?” shouted Hu Yan Qing angrily while releasing his Qi of the Half-Supreme God layer. Everybody was terrified.

Everybody looked at Lin Feng mockingly. A middle-aged man in the crowd smiled mockingly and said coldly, “Kill that moron who dares cause trouble here!”

“Right! How does he dare act insolently in front of our Great Prince, who is a Half-Supreme God?!” added a yellow-teethed man in the crowd.

“How reckless… He’s doomed…” said an old man in the crowd, shaking his head confidently, as if what he said had to be right.

Many people pointed at Lin Feng. Many were disciples of the government, but even more were strong cultivators from the other villages. They encircled him completely.

Lin Feng ignored those people. He couldn’t care less about them.

He raised his head, scratched his neck, then he put his sleeve on his face and then wiped it away, his real face appeared. Hu Yan Qing shouted angrily, “As I expected, it’s you!”

His eyes were filled with murder, his Qi rolling out. It sounded like a bunch of galloping horses.

“You really dared come?” said Hu Yan Qing smiling coldly.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently, “Why wouldn’t I come? Is the government of the Fortified Village an impenetrable and majestic palace?”

“You are very reckless, and you’re going to see that. We’ll see how strong you are! Argh!” shouted Hu Yan Qing furiously. He clenched his fists angrily and threw himself at Lin Feng. Lin Feng had the impression a mountain was falling on him.

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