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Chapter 633: Enemy or Guest of Honor?

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Everybody gasped in amazement. People started clapping cheerfully. That was the strength of a Half-Supreme God? How terrifying! With such a strength, wasn’t he sure he would rank really well at the Great Competition of San Country?, many people thought.

However, nobody paid attention to Lin Feng. Everybody considered him dead already. That’s what happened to people who dared offend their Great Prince!

I don’t give a shit about those fucking morons, thought Lin Feng. Hu Yan Qing wasn’t weak, though…

Lin Feng flashed and shouted. He looked like a monstrous taotie, his voice echoing far away. The sky turned dark, and energies rolled in waves all around him. The observers had no time to think or act; they were all blown away, including those who had just humiliated Lin Feng.

When the crowd saw Lin Feng’s Qi, they were completely astonished, because he also had the strength of the Half-Supreme God layer.

“How’s this possible? Am I hallucinating?” The middle-aged man who had humiliated Lin Feng first blinked, but it was true. When he realized that, his cheeks reddened. He felt he had humiliated himself and was truly ridiculous. Many people looked at him and smiled coldly. They knew that he was the first one who had made fun of Lin Feng and now he wished he had somewhere to hide.

“Could it be that he is the mysterious man?” asked someone suddenly. Many people looked at him, including Hu Yan Hao and Hu Yan Zan.

No wonder he was furious and said ‘as expected’; that guy is the mysterious man, thought Hu Yan Hao. Then he looked at his father. His father was shaking his head. Hu Yan Hao wondered why his father didn’t try to stop them.

But Hu Yan Hao was smart, and quickly understood. He initially wanted to draw that mysterious man out and see if he was extremely strong. If the mysterious man couldn’t defeat his brother, then they wouldn’t need to make him a distinguished guest.

“Watch how I’m going to kill you!” shouted Hu Yan Qing furiously, throwing a punch. The energies which emerged from his fist rolled towards Lin Feng like an army of ferocious beasts hammering the ground with their hooves.

Lin Feng looked like a gigantic taotie. The earth and the sky trembled before him.

The two strengths collided. Hu Yan Qing was blown away and crashed to the ground violently.

Clean, quick, issue solved!

“Hehe, kill me? Come back to your senses, little boy,” Lin Feng scoffed, slowly walking towards Hu Yan Qing. He crouched down and slapped him on the cheeks. Hu Yan Qing felt extremely humiliated, especially when he looked at Lin Feng’s mocking smile, wanting to smash Lin Feng’s face.

Lin Feng stood up and walked back to Xiao Qing. He was about to leave the building.

“I will kill you! ARRRGHHHHH!” Hu Yan Qing shouted furiously, standing up. He used his full strength to throw himself at Lin Feng. He felt extremely humiliated, so he didn’t care anymore and attacked Lin Feng by surprise.

He needed to kill Lin Feng now!

But he underestimated Lin Feng. How could Lin Feng turn his back on an enemy carelessly? He was prepared to protect himself at all times!

Lin Feng raised his left hand and a space and time cage appeared around him. Hu Yan Qing looked more and more ferocious. He flew past Lin Feng… but nothing happened!

When people saw that, their expressions changed. They couldn’t believe it. They glanced at Lin Feng, and then at Hu Yan Qing.

Lin Feng stretched out his left hand and clenched his fist. He had to injure Hu Yan Qing, even if he didn’t kill him. An explosion rang out.

“Young friend, please be merciful!” shouted Hu Yan Zan suddenly. He couldn’t just watch his older son get crushed. Therefore, he stood up and decided to intervene.

Lin Feng glanced at him indifferently. He had already had contacts with Lei Gang and Ancestor Kong, he didn’t fear low-level Supreme Gods anymore, especially since Lin Feng knew he would break through to the low-level Supreme God layer sooner or later.

“Give me one reason,” Lin Feng replied indifferently.

Hu Yan Zan and Hu Yan Hao walked over to Lin Feng. The old man smiled and bowed hand over fist. “Young friend, I’ve been looking for you for two days, and finally you’re here. Let’s chat in the living room.”

“Dear prince, I am Hu Yan Hao. I’d like to ask you a few questions. I hope you can enlighten me with your instructions,” said Hu Yan Hao, bowing respectfully as well.

Many people were dumbstruck. They didn’t understand why Lin Feng, who had just tried to kill Hu Yan Qing, had suddenly become a distinguished guest. The Leader had personally invited him to the meeting room!

Lin Feng looked at the old man and his son; one was a low-level Supreme God and the other one had the strength of the top of the Godly Emperor Layer. Thinking about that, Lin Feng remembered that he didn’t know much about Gods Country.

These people seemed to be the perfect histories. Xiao Qing’s knowledge was extremely limited. Even though being the Leader of the Fortified Village wasn’t really a high status, it wasn’t a low one, either. He probably knew many more things than Xiao Qing.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng pretended to hesitate, but in the end he nodded. He kicked the space and time cage, which exploded and released Hu Yan Qing.

Hu Yan Qing looked at Lin Feng ferociously. He clenched his fists and threw himself at Lin Feng again. However, Lin Feng stretched out his left hand and grabbed Hu Yan Qing’s fist firmly. Hu Yan Qing’s fist couldn’t move any further. Lin Feng pressed down on Hu Yan Qing’s fist and pushed him back a few steps.

I definitely can injure you!, thought Hu Yan Qing. He growing more and more furious, his face distorting with hatred. He wanted to defeat Lin Feng; he didn’t accept his loss, so he got ready to attack Lin Feng again, using his most powerful skill this time.

But Lin Feng noticed him; he looked at Hu Yan Qing in disgust and used his Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill first. There was a rumble of thunder, and two blood-red threads of energies emerged from his hands. Another explosion rang out.

Hu Yan Qing was smashed away. He crashed against a wall, which collapsed at the impact.

Hu Yan Qing’s face was extremely pale as he coughed blood. His Qi was extremely weak.

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