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Chapter 634: Social Status?

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“Little moron! Get the hell out of my sight!” shouted Hu Yan Zan furiously at his older son. He was really angry. Hu Yan Qing had lost already, he should have left as soon as he had lost, yet he was making a fool of himself in front of everybody, and he was making his father lose face as well!

Hu Yan Hao looked at his older brother coldly yet silently.

Hu Yan Qing was bleeding. He staggered up, and stepped away letting them pass. He didn’t dare provoke Lin Feng anymore. He still dreamed of killing Lin Feng, but he knew he couldn’t, and if he attacked Lin Feng, he’d be the one who would get injured instead.

Hu Yan Zan looked at his older son, then he turned around and smiled at Lin Feng, “Young friend, come to the living room.”

“My sister was eliminated from the competition, I don’t need to stay here,” Lin Feng replied, smiling at the old man. Then he turned around and took Xiao Qing’s hand with a smile. “Xiao Qing, come.”

“Alright, brother,” agreed Xiao Qing, nodding like a good girl, even if she was unhappy. She had thought she’d contributed to making her slum become a better place, but now it was over. She still followed Lin Feng, though.

However, Hu Yan Zan didn’t want to let Lin Feng leave.

“Young friend, ask me anything and I’ll do my best to help you,” said Hu Yan Zan hesitantly. He knew what Lin Feng wanted to do, so Hu Yan Zan had no choice.

“Wonderful, Master! I have a request, let my sister represent the Fortified Village at the Great Competition,” Lin Feng said smiling broadly. Xiao Qing was confused, but when she saw Lin Feng’s smile, she understood.

Her brother was messing with these people, and they couldn’t do much about it. They had to suffer silently.

“I accept. I’ll also give a hundred million coins to Miss Xiao Qing’s slum, hoping they’ll use it to improve their living conditions,” said Hu Yan Zan, nodding and trying to get Lin Feng on his side.

Lin Feng had no reason to leave anymore, so he finally nodded and followed Hu Yan Zan to the living room.


A living room wasn’t a meeting room; it was the Leader’s personal living space, only the Leaders of the different parts of the Fortified Villages and the most outstanding disciples of the Fortified Village could go there. Lin Feng was now an exception. He was the first person who didn’t have a special social status who could go there.

“Everybody can leave. The fourteen other contestants can continue the small competition tomorrow,” said Hu Yan Hao, waving. All of them left.

Hu Yan Qing was there, too. He glanced around silently and took a deep breath. When he left, nobody noticed because they were all looking at Lin Feng.

The mysterious man was in the living room with their Leader, discussing things. Everybody talked about it in the Fortified Village. When Hu Yan Qing heard that Xiao Qing’s slum had received a hundred million coins, he nearly burst into tears.

When the news spread out, Xiao Qing became famous in her slum. Nobody dared call her names anymore.


Back in the living room, Lin Feng was now seated on a chair. Xiao Qing wasn’t seated. She was standing behind Lin Feng and looking around vigilantly. Apart from Hu Yan Zan, there were also a few elders and a few high officials of the government. All of them looked at Lin Feng and her in a strange way.

Xiao Qing didn’t like being watched by everybody, but Lin Feng didn’t mind. No matter how swift and fierce those people’s glares were, Lin Feng had seen worse. He didn’t feel oppressed at all.

After a long time, they all stopped staring at him like that since Lin Feng remained calm and expressionless. Hu Yan Zan’s curiosity was aroused; this mysterious man in black wasn’t easy to understand.

“May I ask you your name, young friend? Where is your teacher?” asked Hu Yan Zan, smiling respectfully and finally breaking the ice. He was a low-level Supreme God; according to custom, he didn’t need to respect a Half-Supreme God, but this Half-Supreme God seemed dangerous…

This same Half-Supreme God also posed a threat to his older son. Hu Yan Zan understood that he wasn’t just an ordinary person, he had to be from a powerful group!

Lin Feng glanced at Hu Yan Zan and the others. They all looked the same, and couldn’t wait to know who he was.

Lin Feng couldn’t possibly tell them the truth, so he told them the same thing he had told Xiao Qing.

“My name is Lin Feng. I come from another country. I came here because some people wanted to kill me,” Lin Feng said, staring at Hu Yan Zan confidently. That way, Hu Yan Zan wouldn’t have any doubts.

As expected, Hu Yan Zan believed him, but he still asked, “Whom did you offend?”

“I can’t tell you that. If I did, I fear the Fortified Village would get in trouble, as well,” Lin Feng said, shaking his head. He beat about the bush on purpose.

The Great Elder frowned and said, “Lin Feng, young friend, we’re one of the organizations of San Country. You escaped from your enemies, came here, but you disdain us?!”

The Great Elder didn’t really believe him, and he was also unhappy with Lin Feng’s arrogant answer. He also had faith in the Fortified Village, because there weren’t that many low-level Supreme Gods in the Country of Eternity, and their Leader was one of them!

The other elders thought the same, but they didn’t dare say anything because they didn’t want to offend Lin Feng. They still remembered what had happened to Manager Tian…

When Lin Feng heard the Great Elder, he looked at Hu Yan Zan’s expression. Then he smiled coldly and replied to the Great Elder, “How strong is the Fortified Village? Who is stronger? The Fortified Village? Or San Country?” he asked straightforwardly. The atmosphere became quite cold.

“I’ll tell you the truth; if my enemies show up, not only would the Fortified Village get destroyed, but San Country, as well! I know that there’s one high-level Supreme God in San Country, but the Leader the group of my enemies’ is one of the Leaders of the Country of Eternity!”


“How’s that possible?”

“Are you joking?”

When Lin Feng said that, everybody gasped with shock in the living room. Hu Yan Zan looked astonished as well.

Lin Feng actually told the truth. The Lun Bi Clan, or Lun Bi Country as it was called in this world, was really terrifying. Ancestor Kong had told him that the Lun Bi Clan had a high-level Supreme God.

“It doesn’t matter whether you believe me or not. That’s all I have to say. If you don’t believe me, what can I do? Nothing. Xiao Qing, let’s go,” Lin Feng said, shrugging and smiling indifferently. Then, he stood up and got ready to leave with Xiao Qing.

“Young friend, come on, we all believe you,” spoke up Hu Yan Zan, waving hastily to make Lin Feng stop. He didn’t want Lin Feng to leave, especially after having heard that story. His curiosity was even more aroused.

Lin Feng smiled, then glanced at Xiao Qing. Xiao Qing put her hand on her mouth to hide her smile; her brother was really smart!

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