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Chapter 635: Conditions!

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“Stop beating about the bush. If you have anything to say, just tell me straightforwardly. I hate people who waste time,” Lin Feng said, sitting back down and looking at Hu Yan Zan impatiently.

When Hu Yan Zan heard Lin Feng, he was a bit angry on the inside, but needed to understand more about Lin Feng’s background. One of his enemies was one of the Leaders of a country; how powerful was Lin Feng’s background, then? Lin Feng’s group probably wouldn’t fear a tiny little low-level Supreme God like him!

Thinking about that, Hu Yan Zan forgot about his own status and quit drawing things out. He immediately told Lin Feng what he had in mind.

“Lin Feng, young friend, I’d like to invite you to participate in the competition of San Country in two weeks. Do you accept?” Hu Yan Zan asked excitedly. The other high officials of the government also looked at Lin Feng excitedly.

The Fortified Village had been participating in San Country’s Great Competition for hundreds of years, but they had never managed to finish in the top six. If that continued, they’d become one of the weakest Fortified Villages in the region. The villagers’ lives would become even more difficult.

Therefore, if an extremely strong cultivator could help them succeed, it would be wonderful. They wouldn’t be downgraded. They didn’t even dare imagine what would happen if such a thing happened!

When Lin Feng heard Hu Yan Zan, he was surprised. He hadn’t thought Hu Yan Zan would ask him such a thing.

To be honest, Lin Feng was already sick of such events. He hated competitions. How many competitions had he participated in since he had started practicing cultivation? In Xue Yue, in Xue Yu Region, in Ba Huang Province, in the Qi Tian Dynasty, in different small worlds, and then in the Continent of the Gods… He always ended up in competitions!

The Great Competition for the Gods’ List, the Top-Class Great Competition, etc… Lin Feng had to admit those competitions had contributed to making him famous, but he was sick of them. Now, he was in the Country of Eternity and had hoped he wouldn’t need to participate in boring competitions to draw people’s attention.

Therefore, when Hu Yan Zan said that, Lin Feng wanted to refuse. He didn’t want to waste his time. He wanted to do what he loved the most: traveling the world, exploring, visiting historical remains.

When Hu Yan Zan saw Lin Feng’s expression, he quickly understood and reacted, “Lin Feng, young friend, if you have conditions, just tell me what they are. I’ll do my best to help you.”

“I don’t want anything. I just don’t feel like going at all,” Lin Feng said, shaking his head. He wanted to travel and do what he liked, and focus on his cultivation. His goal was to break through to the high-level Supreme God layer, and then he’d bring some people back to life.

Then, he’d have a peaceful life with all his wives!

He didn’t feel like participating in competitions all the time, fighting, fighting, killing, killing… But the problem was that to break through to the high-level Supreme God layer, he had to kill people; he couldn’t just sit there and meditate…

“Lin Feng, young friend, I understand your point of view, but think of Miss Xiao Qing,” said Hu Yan Zan when he saw Lin Feng didn’t even want anything in exchange. He had to try something else.

Hu Yan Zan looked at Xiao Qing, who was wearing simple clothes. She seemed poor, and had probably had a very sad life with many hardships. He had even heard that Lin Feng had killed Manager Tian because of that girl, which meant Lin Feng cared about her, so he tried to convince Lin Feng using her.

When Lin Feng heard that, his face froze and he said coldly, “Don’t try and threaten me with Xiao Qing! Otherwise, I won’t be merciful! Remember what happened to Manager Tian!” Lin Feng’s Qi started rolling around him. Apart from Hu Yan Zan, everybody felt oppressed and paled instantly.

“Young friend, don’t be angry, calm down!” shouted Hu Yan Zan hastily. Lin Feng grunted coldly and recalled his Qi. Everybody took a deep breath.

“Young friend, don’t misunderstand me, I am not trying to threaten or use Miss Xiao Qing. Miss Xiao Qing has the strength of the fourth Godly Emperor Layer, that’s quite weak compared with some people in the Fortified Village. Don’t you want to help her break through to the next cultivation layer? Don’t you want to help her become strong enough for her to be able to protect herself?

“I know that you care about her a lot, but caring doesn’t mean making someone suffocate, it means trying to help them. Miss Xiao Qing is extremely talented; she could become an extremely strong cultivator in the future.

“You are an incredible cultivator, young friend. You probably already know that there are many extremely strong women in the world, one of them is even one of the world Leaders. Miss Xiao Qing could become one of them someday.

“Therefore, Lin Feng, young friend, don’t oppress Xiao Qing; help her become free and strong enough. Don’t you think I’m right?” pressed Hu Yan Zan seriously.

Lin Feng looked at Xiao Qing; he had mixed feelings, and said, “Xiao Qing, do you really think I’m preventing you from becoming stronger?”

“Brother, I…” began Xiao Qing. She didn’t know what to think either. She was very happy to have a brother who protected her, but she also wanted to be able to protect herself.

“Alright, I understand. No problem,” Lin Feng answered when he saw Xiao Qing seemed hesitant. He understood what she was thinking and nodded. “Are you trying to influence Xiao Qing?” Lin Feng asked.

“Young friend, if you agree to participate in the competition on our side, I can guarantee you that Miss Xiao Qing will break through to the Half-Supreme God layer within three years. What do you think?”

“How can you prove that?” Lin Feng said coldly.

“It’s my reputation which is at stake. If she doesn’t break through to the Half-Supreme God layer within three years, I’ll lose face, and it will be as if I had humiliated you, and everybody in San Country will know that,” said Hu Yan Zan resolutely.

Lin Feng had the impression he was telling the truth. He looked at Xiao Qing and finally nodded. He accepted. He would do it for Xiao Qing!

Lin Feng decided that after San Country’s Great Competition, he’d leave and travel alone. Xiao Qing would stay with Hu Yan Zan, and then three years from now, Lin Feng would return and see her again.

“I agree,” he said.

Everybody smiled when he said that, and everybody but Hu Yan Zan stood up and bowed before Lin Feng. They set high expectations and hopes on Lin Feng for the Great Competition.

“Little Hao, one more spot is taken. You and your brother should get along well with our young friend. You three will be the Leaders of the group. Use your full strength to win the competition and secure a spot in the top six,” Hu Yan Zan said to his younger son. He was excited.

Hu Yan Hao nodded and smiled. He bowed hand over fist and said extremely respectfully, “Brother Lin Feng, I hope you can enlighten me with all your knowledge.”

“No, I don’t do such things. I hope you can understand,” Lin Feng said, waving the words off. He preferred being straightforward rather than offending someone later.

“Of course. We wouldn’t dare overstep our bounds with you. It’s already wonderful that you agreed to participate in the competition with us!” Hu Yan Hao nodded.

Lin Feng had agreed to participate in the competition for Xiao Qing, to help her to become stronger. She was a talented girl, but because of her precarious living conditions, she wasn’t able to become any stronger.

Now was a great opportunity for her. This way, she’d have access to more resources to cultivate. She would be able to become a Half-Supreme God, too!

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