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Chapter 637: A Queen and Seven Princes


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“Hehe, it’s alright, it’s just a misunderstanding,” Hu Yan Hao smiled. He had tried to solve the issue quickly, but Lin Feng just glanced at him coldly. Hu Yan Hao didn’t feel at ease, but forced a smile before sitting back down.

“Young friend, it’s a misunderstanding. I hope you’re not angry. Nothing can happen to Xiao Qing in the Fortified Village. She just went to the library to find some skills and techniques. If she finds suitable ones for her, I’ll give them to her without hesitation so that she can study them and become stronger. She’s going to participate in the Great Competition, after all,” Hu Yan Zan smiled. He raised his glass again, wanting to toast again to make everybody calm down.

Lin Feng poured alcohol in a new glass. He wasn’t going to drink the one Hu Yan Qing had poured for him.

When Hu Yan Zan saw that, he was uncomfortable, but they still toasted. Hu Yan Hao had a huge smile.

Even though the atmosphere calmed down, nobody felt at ease. They all remained vigilant, especially the few elders. They had no choice but to stay, however.

“Lin Feng, young friend, if you don’t mind, can I tell you about a few geniuses of San Country?” asked Hu Yan Zan, putting his glass down.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything, but his curiosity was aroused. Hu Yan Zan nodded and started telling him about the geniuses of San Country.

“In San Country, there are seven incredible young geniuses. We call them the Seven Princes of Law. Their existence is equivalent to the global law of San Country, nobody can veto their decisions, or, they’ll be considered criminals.

“The Seventh Prince is from Square Village; his name is Jin Gang Tie Jian Fang Jun Sheng. He’s the Seventh Prince of San Country, the Seventh Prince of Law.

“Then, Bai Bian Tian Jun Quan Leng is from Spring Village, he’s the Sixth Prince of Law.

“Then, Gou Hun Shuang Qiang Mu Sheng from Wood Village, he’s the Fifth Prince of Law of San Country.

“Then, Yi Dao Qing Feng from Breeze Village, Dao Qing Feng is the Fourth Prince of San Country, the Fourth Prince of Law.

“Then, Tian Ren Gui Yi from Precipice Village, Ya Wu Hen is the Third Prince, the Third Prince of Law.

(Translator’s Note: the author seems to have written two names in these sentences, he might settle on one option later)

“The Second Prince of Law is Di Qing Long from Cyan Dragon Village. The First Prince of Law is Ba Hei Long from Black Dragon Village. Ba Hei Long is also called the Great Prince. The First Prince of Law and the Second Prince of Law are similarly strong. They keep fighting all the time. For a very long time, it was impossible to know who was stronger, until the previous Competition.

“Those seven people are the Seven Princes of Law of San Country. You have probably heard of them, they’re Half-Supreme Gods from powerful groups after all, and in terms of strength, they are definitely not weaker than low-level Supreme Gods.

“Apart from them, there’s a queen, who is much stronger than the Seven Princes of Law: Yan Tian Jiao! She’s even stronger than the Seven Princes of Law; she’s a low-level Supreme God, and a very beautiful woman.

“The Queen and the Seven Princes of Law are the most talented young geniuses of San Country. All the young people of the country wish they could become like them!” finished Hu Yan Zan.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything, but he was surprised on the inside. Even though San Country was weak, there were many young geniuses. Lin Feng was even more surprised when the strongest of those eight people was a woman.

Lin Feng wouldn’t forget her name: Yan Tian Jiao! Since he was going to the Great Competition, he’d do his best to rank as high as possible. Therefore, he would probably have to fight against Yan Tian Jiao at some point.

“Young friend, Little Qing can’t compete with any of them, therefore, we really count on you,” said Hu Yan Zan, bowing hand over fist. Lin Feng’s expression softened, and he returned the courtesy. No matter what, when someone respected him, Lin Feng respected them, too.

“Don’t worry, since I agreed to participate in the competition, I will do my best. I even hope I can finish first,” Lin Feng replied, smiling confidently. But when the other elders heard Lin Feng speak so arrogantly, they were stupefied.

Hu Yan Zan didn’t like the way Lin Feng spoke either, actually. If Lin Feng ranked sixth or fifth, Hu Yan Zan would be happy, but if he really managed to rank first… Nobody dared imagine what would happen… Ranking first would be incredible!

When they imagined what it would be like if Lin Feng finished first, they suddenly felt excited.

Lin Feng smiled calmly. Since these people didn’t really believe him, he had to convince them. They’d see after the competition. But after the competition, it would also be time for Lin Feng to leave.

“Hu Yan Hao, bring me to Xiao Qing,” Lin Feng said, standing up and glancing at Hu Yan Hao. They left the dining room and headed to the library.

Halfway there, Lin Feng stopped. Hu Yan Hao looked at Lin Feng strangely and asked, “Brother Lin Feng, why did you stop?”

“Hu Yan Hao, I’ll give you one last chance. Don’t think you can use me as a piece in a game. Don’t think you can use me in your conflict against your brother. My patience has limits!” Lin Feng said coldly. Then he walked past Hu Yan Hao towards the library. Hu Yan Hao watched him go sadly.

I’ve been plotting for a long time to become the Leader of the Fortified Village someday. Lin Feng, you better not ruin my plans; otherwise, even if I can’t defeat you, I don’t mind dying killing you!, thought Hu Yan Hao, staring at Lin Feng’s back coldly. His face was almost distorted.


Lin Feng didn’t know what Hu Yan Hao was thinking. He arrived in front of the library; there were two old men in grey clothes with white beards there who released a swift and fierce Qi.

“Benefactor, are you looking for the miss inside?” (Translator’s Note: benefactor is a form of address used by old monks to call younger men) asked the two old men, suddenly opening their eyes and studying Lin Feng.

“Can I go in, Masters?” asked Lin Feng. The two old men had the strength of the top of the Half-Supreme God layer. It was clear that if the two old men wanted to break through to the low-level Supreme God layer, they could do it in less than a day. That way, there would be two more low-level Supreme Gods in the Fortified Village.

However, the two old men had stopped at the top of the Half-Supreme God layer. Lin Feng didn’t know the reason, but he showed them respect anyway.

The two old men laughed, stroking their beards and shaking their heads indifferently. Lin Feng didn’t understand what they meant.

“Benefactor, the young learn from us. She’s about to break through. You shouldn’t disturb her,” said one of the old men patiently. Lin Feng rejoiced.

Xiao Qing was about to break through? Besides, she had been taught by the two old men?

Lin Feng was extremely happy for Xiao Qing. It was a great opportunity for her. Hu Yan Hao had tried to use Xiao Qing and Lin Feng, but in the end, it had become an opportunity for Xiao Qing.

“Masters, when will she be done?” asked Lin Feng, looking in the direction of the library.

“No idea. At least ten days, at most a few months,” replied the two old men, shaking their heads.

Lin Feng nodded and said, “Masters, can you tell Xiao Qing a few things for me. If she doesn’t come out in two weeks, tell her what I’m going to tell you.”

“Alright, benefactor. Please tell us and we’ll repeat exactly the same.”

“Xiao Qing, your brother is extremely happy that you had an incredible opportunity. Remember to live your life the way you want to. Work hard. In three years, I will come back to San Country to see you, or maybe you will come and find me yourself.

“Xiao Qing, I gave you a jade hairpin, and this is a jade bracelet. I am going to promise you one thing: if you ever need help, break this jade bracelet and I will do my best to arrive as quickly as possible. If you’re alright and just want to see me because you miss me, then you can also find my location using this jade bracelet,” Lin Feng recited, handing a jade bracelet over to one of the two old men. The jade bracelet contained space and time Qi, as well as his own Qi.

“Thank you, Masters.”

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