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Chapter 638: The Seven Princes of Law!


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Lin Feng waited for Xiao Qing for two weeks, but she didn’t come out of the library. The two old men were still seated there. Each time Lin Feng came, he chatted with the old men. In the end, he had no choice but to leave.

Two weeks passed and San Country’s Great Competition was going to start soon. Lin Feng had agreed to participate, so he had to get ready to go to San Country’s capital city with Hu Yan Zan’s two sons.

The atmosphere was extremely lively. There was an ocean of people. Many of them had been there for a while already to say goodbye to the heroes. People from all the villages of Fortified Village came over, as well as their representatives.

Lin Feng looked at the people from the slum; the chubby woman was there, Xiao Qing’s third aunt. When the woman saw that Lin Feng was standing next to Hu Yan Zan, she was astonished. She was so surprised that she almost went up and talked to him.

But she didn’t have time to ask, as Lin Feng walked over to the chubby woman and explained, “Don’t worry about Xiao Qing. She’s meditating in seclusion in the Fortified Village.”

“Oh, good, good. I’m so relieved. Little boy, she’s a good girl, she went through many hardships in life. Take care of her,” said the chubby woman, smiling broadly. She was extremely relieved. Lin Feng was surprised; this chubby woman had misunderstood something, but Lin Feng didn’t need to explain anything.

“Lin Feng, young friend, what do you need to get ready?” asked Hu Yan Zan. He was standing at the top of a lofty stage, smiling.

Lin Feng glanced at him and shook his head. “If you don’t have any problem, we can leave.”

“Alright, let’s go,” said Hu Yan Zan nodding. Then he waved and the seven disciples rose up in the air. They were all riding gigantic golden eagles. The gigantic eagles were a dozen meters tall, their wings fluttering in the wind.

Hu Yan Qing and Hu Yan Hao also rose up in the air. Hu Yan Qing shouted in a strange way. A black-feathered taotie suddenly appeared from somewhere. Its claws were extremely sharp and deadly Qi emerged from them.

Hu Yan Qing glanced at the head of the taotie and jumped atop it. In the blink of an eye, they were already dozens of li away. Their speed amazed the whole crowd.

The disciples on the golden eagles had only flown a dozen li and already couldn’t see Hu Yan Qing and the taotie anymore.

“A Bao!” Lin Feng heard Hu Yan Hao shout. He raised his fist and a black dot appeared, growing bigger and bigger. In the end, it turned into a gigantic panther. It was as big as a taotie, but different; its godly aura was paler and its Qi was different.

“Brother Lin, come on,” said Hu Yan Hao, laughing loudly and loudly tapping on the panther’s back. The gigantic beast instantly disappeared dozens of li away, catching up with Hu Yan Qing.

Lin Feng was the last one in front of the gate of Fortified Village. Everybody looked at him. They were curious to see what he intended to do to catch up with the others. Lin Feng had already become famous in Fortified Village, especially since people had heard that he had said he would even try to rank first. Therefore, everybody smiled and looked at him.

Those people didn’t intend to thank Lin Feng just because he had accepted to go to the Great Competition. On the contrary, they now expected him to do well at the competition and thank him.

Lin Feng looked at Hu Yan Zan. Hu Yan Zan smiled and looked at Lin Feng, but Lin Feng didn’t need to think further, he knew that everybody was trying to oppress him before his departure.

“See you,” Lin Feng said, bowing hand over fist. When Hu Yan Zan heard Lin Feng’s voice, Lin Feng had already disappeared without leaving a trace.

Soon after Lin Feng disappeared, everybody started whispering. Some people said nice things about him, some others didn’t. Not everybody was kind…


At that moment, Lin Feng was alone in the sky. The seven people on golden eagles were already very far behind him. In the distance in front of him, were two blurry silhouettes, Hu Yan Qing and Hu Yan Hao.

Lin Feng flew neither too fast nor too slowly. He didn’t understand why those people were using beasts to fly, though. Weren’t they physically able to fly faster than those beasts?

Lin Feng didn’t understand, but he didn’t care much either. He couldn’t wait for the competition to be over; he’d leave San Country and look for Lun Bi Country. He wanted to find Emperor Yu’s memories and kill Lun Bi Ba!

Lin Feng accelerated a little. Hu Yan Qing and Hu Yan Hao were racing in front of him. Neither of their beasts was willing to surrender, though, and they kept roaring furiously. One could hear them hundreds of li away.

But Lin Feng realized that they couldn’t maintain such a high speed for too long. After a short while, they both stopped. Initially, he couldn’t keep up with them, but now he was getting closer and closer to them.

In the end, Lin Feng understood what was going on; they hadn’t stopped, there was a crowd in front of them, a huge and grand group of people. They were all on golden eagles, an incredibly sharp Qi emerging from them. They were like sharp daggers.

At the front was an incredible Jin Mao Hou. Its hair was scorching hot, and lights flashed around it. Even though it didn’t look bloodthirsty, it was even scarier than a taotie. It was also a dozen meters tall. It looked like the king of all beasts!

Lin Feng studied the man on the Jin Mao Hou. He looked cold and was wearing white clothes. He was wearing a sword on his back, and it wasn’t in a sheath.

When the disciples of Fortified Village arrived and saw the man and the Jin Mao Hou, they all stopped, not daring to get any closer. Lin Feng was a bit surprised. Who was that man? Why did people fear him so much?

Hu Yan Hao looked at his brother; no matter what, they were brothers, and when facing enemies, they supported one another. Hu Yan Qing nodded and tapped his taotie’s shoulder. The taotie took a few steps forwards, but stopped almost immediately again because it was afraid of getting closer to the Jin Mao Hou.

Hu Yan Qing’s expression was solemn as he looked at the man in white clothes.

“Jin Gang Tie Jian, Fang Jun Sheng, the Seventh Prince of Law.”

Seventh Prince of Law? When Lin Feng heard that, he was startled. He studied the man in white clothes again.

Fang Jun Sheng petted Jin Mao Hou’s head as if it were his own child. The creature roared happily and closed its third eye, keeping only two eyes open.

“People from Fortified Village can’t cross Square Village. Take another way,” said Fang Jun Sheng coldly. He sounded extremely aggressive.

Hu Yan Qing was startled and said coldly, “San Country’s Great Competition is about to start. If we don’t cross Square Village, how are we supposed to get there?”

“Hehe, it’s your own problem. It has nothing to do with me.”

“By humiliating people like this, aren’t you afraid of tarnishing your own reputation?” asked Hu Yan Hao.

Fang Jun Sheng smiled disdainfully, “The Seven Princes of Law like to bully people, didn’t you know that?” He smiled broadly, not intending to let them pass.

“You…” Hu Yan Qing and Hu Yan Hao were furious, but they didn’t dare act recklessly, so they forced themselves to remain calm.

Lin Feng found these people ridiculous and wasn’t interested in intervening at all, but the two brothers didn’t intend to let him off. They both looked at him.

“Brother Lin, can you help us?” asked Hu Yan Hao, forcing a smile. He felt humiliated asking for help.

When Hu Yan Hao said Lin Feng’s name, Fang Jun Sheng looked at Lin Feng sharply.

From Lin Feng’s Qi, Fang Jun Sheng had the impression Lin Feng’s Qi was equivalent or even more powerful than the first five princes!

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