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Chapter 639: Death Qi!


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Lin Feng looked back at the two brothers. They wanted him to intervene because they feared Fang Jun Sheng, or maybe they wanted to test him, or maybe that they wanted to use him as a shield. No matter what, Lin Feng didn’t like any of those reasons.

But he had agreed to go and participate in the competition. He would even do his best to finish first at the competition so the village wouldn’t consider what he had said empty words.

Therefore, no matter what, Lin Feng wanted to get to the place of the competition as quickly as possible. Since he was a temporary member of Fortified Village, he had to help them, and that way, the Leader would also treat Xiao Qing even better.

Lin Feng nodded. The two brothers suddenly looked relieved. Lin Feng took a few steps forwards and arrived in front of Fang Jun Sheng. He noticed that Fang Jun Sheng had the strength of the Half-Supreme God layer, but his Jin Mao Hou was extraordinary.

“Who are you? I’ve never seen you before,” said Fang Jun Sheng. Even though he could see Lin Feng looked strong, even much stronger than him, he still looked at Lin Feng without fear.

“My name is Lin Feng. I don’t care whether you know me or not. I just hope you’ll let us pass. The Great Competition of San Country won’t wait, after all,” Lin Feng said sternly, but not proudly. Fang Jun Sheng still found him proud; proud, because he was fearless!

Fang Jun Sheng looked over Lin Feng skeptically. He studied him from head to toe, but Lin Feng seemed mysterious. He wasn’t used to meeting people like this; Lin Feng even seemed as strong as the first five Princes of Law.

“I know that the Great Competition of San Country doesn’t wait for people, but not just anyone can cross Square Village. What makes you think you can fly over our village?” demanded Fang Jun Sheng. He understood that Lin Feng was strong, but he was the Seventh Prince of Law, and he wasn’t willing to submit to someone. His tone of speech was still cold and proud. He didn’t intend to let Lin Feng cross Square Village easily.

“What do you need to let us pass?” asked Lin Feng calmly. His curiosity was aroused.

“Come closer,” replied Fang Jun Sheng indifferently.

“You come closer, too.”


Then they flashed together. People looked at them skeptically. They were now only a a few centimeters away from each other.

Fang Jun Sheng stretched out his hand and smiled at Lin Feng, “My name is Fang Jun Sheng. I am one of the Seven Princes of Law.”

Lin Feng smiled. If he wasn’t mistaken, Fang Jun Sheng probably wanted to have a little pure Qi competition. The one whose Qi was the most powerful one would win. If Lin Feng failed, then he would have nothing to say and would have to submit.

Lin Feng smiled, but didn’t stretch out his hand. He clapped Fang Jun Sheng’s shoulder and smiled broadly, “No need to exchange gifts, we’ll see each other on the battle stage of the competition.” (Translator’s Note: by “no need to exchange gifts”, Lin Feng is referring to a kind of gift people give to each other when meeting for the first time)

“Let’s go,” Lin Feng said, turning around and looking at the two brothers, before flashing away. In the blink of an eye, he was a dozen li away from Fang Jun Sheng.

Hu Yan Qing and Hu Yan Hao were astonished, but Fang Jun Sheng didn’t prevent Lin Feng from passing, so they guessed he had a good reason for doing so. Therefore, they didn’t waste time and tapped their wild beasts, the taotie and the panther, to proceed.

The seven other disciples on golden eagles also followed.

“Young Master, you…?” asked some people, looking at Fang Jun Sheng skeptically. Why had he allowed those people to pass so easily? But then they looked at Fang Jun Sheng’s face and were absolutely astonished, because his face was completely pale!

“Young Master, what’s wrong?”

“Young Master, your Qi…?”

The twenty disciples around him were afraid. They all rushed over to Fang Jun Sheng. Fang Jun Sheng waved and made them stop. “I’m alright. Let’s go,” he said.

His scalp bristled when he remembered how it had felt a moment before, when Lin Feng had clapped his shoulder. He had sensed some death Qi penetrate into his body. He had sensed such Qi from his father before, but his father had the strength of a low-level Supreme God.

He had noticed that Lin Feng only had the strength of the Half-Supreme God layer, so how was that possible? Fang Jun Sheng was really curious; who was Lin Feng? Why was his Qi so scary?

Fang Jun Sheng had even tried to test Lin Feng in terms of Qi, but Lin Feng had treated him disdainfully. Why would he waste his time with someone like him? So he had just clapped Sheng’s shoulder to show him there was a huge difference between them, a difference which couldn’t be explained by a cultivation layer difference, but only by life and death.

Fang Jun Sheng ignored the expressions of Square Village’s disciples. He turned around and gazed into the distance, Lin Feng’s words resonating in his brain.

See you on the battle stage of the competition…

“Maybe when you meet Ba Hei Long and Di Qing Long, you’ll understand what a really strong cultivator is…” whispered Fang Jun Sheng after a long time. Then he said to the other disciples, “Let’s go!”

Fang Jun Sheng and the twenty disciples of Square Village flew in the direction of the Great Competition. The yearly competition was going to start soon.


Lin Feng was flying at the front serenely. Hu Yan Qing and Hu Yan Hao were behind him, because they didn’t dare fly at his side. At the beginning, they wanted to oppress Lin Feng so that he would stop acting arrogantly, but now that they had seen him face Fang Jun Sheng, they understood they couldn’t oppress him at all. They were still shocked.

“Hu Yan Hao, I think we should make peace and collaborate. We’re brothers after all,” Hu Yan Qing proposed suddenly after a long time.

Hu Yan Hao was startled at first, but he quickly understood why his brother had come up with such an idea. He found Lin Feng dangerous!

Hu Yan Hao thought so as well. Lin Feng was way too strong. He could eat Hu Yan Qing for breakfast, and he had even made Fang Jun Sheng submit. It proved that Lin Feng was extremely strong, stronger than they had imagined.

“Alright, let’s make peace and focus on the Great Competition,” Hu Yan Hao nodded. Hu Yan Qing smiled, having achieved his goal.

“Let’s hurry up. I hope we’ll manage to finish in the top six at the competition!” Hu Yan Qing sighed, tapping his taotie. His taotie roared out and accelerated.

Even though San Country was the weakest country, it was still ten million li in size; at maximum speed, they still needed a week to cross such a distance!


Lin Feng and the others flew day and night without stopping, and finally, seven days later, they arrived in the capital city of San Country, Great Village.

When they arrived, Lin Feng noticed things were very different there. Even though the name of San Country’s capital city was simple, Great Village, he finally understood what it was really like now that it was in front of him.

Lin Feng looked at the buildings, and saw pavilions which were dozens of li square. There were gold-plated palaces as well, and the city walls seemed indestructible.

“Great Village has become much wider in only a year.”

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