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Chapter 640: Mysterious White-Clothes Man!


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Hu Yan Qing stood at the top of Great Village and looked at the luxurious buildings and wide public squares. The main road was even a hundred meters wide. How incredible!

The previous year, he had been to the Competition as well, and there weren’t that many buildings then. Great Village had changed a lot, improving so much in only a year. It was astonishing.

Hu Yan Qing was felt more and more confused. How important was Fortified Village? Was it countryside? People from the slums hated Fortified Village, and many people from Fortified Village wanted to leave that place, hating it.

However, Hu Yan Qing didn’t understand how someone could have a sense of belonging in Great Village. Fortified Village wasn’t a great place, but it was a cozy place to live. He had many beautiful memories of his hometown.

Hu Yan Hao felt like his brother. He also regretted he’d had so many conflicts with his brother, what did they fight over?

The two brothers glanced at each other, knowing they thought the same. They hoped that this time, they’d be the pride of Fortified Village, and help it rise. They wanted Fortified Village to become powerful.

“We all have to focus on making Fortified Village a great place for everybody. The Leader is your father, so I hope you’ll become the pride of Fortified Village. Losing is not an option; otherwise, Fortified Village will become poorer and poorer.

“You two are brothers, you don’t need to fight; you don’t want to become losers, do you? How tragic would that be?

“You are brothers, you should collaborate; if you do, Fortified Village will become powerful. You should seize this opportunity; the Great Competition is a great opportunity. The competition is an opportunity to show everybody how great Fortified Village is.

“Think carefully. Think about the village and the competition. Losing could have tragic consequences for Fortified Village,” Lin Feng said, after suddenly appearing between the two brothers, sounding calm and composed, before flashing away.

The two brothers were stupefied, his words kept ringing in their heads.

After a long time, the two brothers came back to their senses and looked after Lin Feng. They were both confused, their curiosity about him even more aroused.

“Who is he, really?”

“Could it be that our father was right, and that he’s from a powerful group?”

“Maybe. Let’s go. Let’s find an inn and then we’ll go to the government of Great Village to register our fighters,” the two brothers agreed. Not far, they found an inn and paid for rooms.

Hu Yan Qing and Hu Yan Hao needed to register their participants; the Great Competition would start the next day.


Lin Feng didn’t go to that inn. He flew around and explored Great Village. He also wanted to see if he could find some familiar faces, like Xu Gan and Jeston.

Lin Feng flew for hundreds of miles until noon, but he didn’t find anyone. He was a bit disappointed. Maybe they were not in San Country? Thinking about that, Lin Feng felt like leaving San Country even more. He wanted to go and see the strongest people of this world.

But Lin Feng also knew that he had to keep his promise first, and win the Great Competition.

As Lin Feng was about to go to the inn, he suddenly noticed a mountain not far from him. There was a strange man at the top of a tree, drinking alone.

That man’s Qi was extremely strange. He had the strength of the Half-Supreme God layer, but Lin Feng had the impression he was stronger than Lei Gang, which meant that even though that man was a Half-Supreme God, he had the strength of the low-level Supreme God layer.

Strength and cultivation layer were not always consistent with one another. Lin Feng was a perfect example. There were many other examples, and this mysterious man was one of them.

Lin Feng didn’t leave. He hadn’t met anyone interesting in San Country yet. He really wanted to get to know this man.

Lin Feng flew towards the mountain and landed in front of the tree where the man was, but Lin Feng didn’t immediately talk to him. The man probably wouldn’t appreciate it. Lin Feng just sat down cross-legged and took out some of Tang You You’s fine liquor.

When he opened the bottle, it instantly drew the man’s attention. He looked down at Lin Feng. Lin Feng just drank peacefully. The man could see that Lin Feng felt lonely, too.

At the beginning, the man had thought Lin Feng knew who he was and wanted to talk to him, so he was a bit annoyed. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng would sit down and have a drink quietly there. It definitely aroused the man’s curiosity.

“Let’s toast?” The man took the initiative to speak first and raised his bottle.

“Together!” Lin Feng said, smiling indifferently. He raised his bottle and downed it.

“Awesome. Haha!” said the man happily. Then he threw his empty bottle on the ground and it exploded. He could also see that even though Lin Feng was a Half-Supreme God, he was also extremely strong, but he didn’t say anything.

“Brother, what are you doing here?” asked the man, wiping away the drops of alcohol around his mouth with his sleeve. He seemed laid back and easy-going. Lin Feng liked people like that.

“What about you? What are you doing here?” Lin Feng asked, not replying to the man’s question. His smile became even bigger, though.

The man smiled indifferently, “It’s alright, neither of us is willing to give reasons. Let’s forget about it.”

“You’re right,” Lin Feng replied, smiling and raising another bottle of fine liquor. They toasted again.

“You like drinking too, brother?” asked the man, narrowing his eyes. His long hair and white robe were fluttering in the wind. Lin Feng long black hair and long black robe were fluttering in the wind, too. They looked like two demons. Many people noticed them.

“Isn’t that!” shouted a man when he saw the man in white clothes, stupefied. But when he saw the white-clothed man’s expression, he was so scared he ran away. Many people understood he didn’t want Lin Feng to know who he really was, so they kept their mouths closed.

“You must have a very important position,” Lin Feng said. He didn’t blame the man.

The white-clothed man smiled indifferently, respecting Lin Feng even more for understanding him.

“Hehe, I just don’t feel like talking about such things. It could backfire at some point.”

“You’re right, but at that moment, I’ll know who you are.”

“We’re both in the same boat,” the man smiled.

“Alright, anyway. Let’s drink. We were lucky to meet, we don’t need to know more,” Lin Feng said with a wave. He raised his bottle. His liquor smelled good and sweet. It was obviously homemade.

“Alright, awesome, let’s drink! Haha!” said the man, raising his bottle and downing it.

“Next time, bring some alcohol, and come and see me at Qing Feng Shan! See you!” the man grinned, then flashed away. Some leaves fell from the tree as he disappeared. Lin Feng gazed into the distance: the man was already dozens of li away.

Lin Feng threw his bottle away and flew back to the inn. He was really curious.

Who was that white-clothed man?

Actually, Lin Feng could ask anyone and they’d tell him, but he didn’t do that. Since he had been mysterious himself, he respected the fact that that man wanted to be mysterious, too.

“We’ll see each other again, sooner or later…”

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