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Chapter 641: Confrontation Before the Beginning of The Competition!


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When Lin Feng went back to the inn, it was already dark outside. Lin Feng headed to his own room and didn’t back out until early in the morning. That was the day on which San Country’s Great Competition was going to start. It was the day on which Lin Feng would be able to show he was a man of his word.

San Country’s Great Competition wasn’t complex at all. It was an ordinary competition with a simple ranking system. Any disciple could participate, and Leaders could participate, too. Two battles sufficed to determine the rankings. The first one fought against the second one, the second one fought against the third one, the last one fought against the first one, and the ranking list was formed that way.

Then, during the second round, the winners fought on one side, and the losers fought on the other. The members of Fortified Village had always finished last, so this time everybody considered them weaklings.

When Lin Feng arrived at the kwoon, he saw a list hanging on a wall. It was a ranking list based on the chances different groups had to do well during the competition. Great Village had the highest chance, so it was first on the list. Azure Dragon Village and Black Dragon Village were second. Breeze Village was third. Lin Feng looked at Fortified Village’s rank: 200th!

In other words, Fortified Village didn’t stand a single chance to win. Hu Yan Qing and Hu Yan Hao pulled a long face when they saw it.

“Did you bring the registration list?” Lin Feng asked Hu Yan Qing neutrally.

Hu Yan Qing nodded glumly, “I did, but the managers of the competition want to remove Fortified Village from the list.”

The two brothers pulled a long face. It was normal that Fortified Village got bullied; they had no Prince of Law, they had no strong cultivator. Lin Feng understood why they got bullied.

Lin Feng nodded, but didn’t say anything. He just turned around again and looked at the gigantic kwoon. It was a hundred thousand meters long, and it was still packed with people.

The competition hadn’t started yet, many people looked excited or anxious. Who would win? Or would Great Village, or more precisely Yan Tian Jiao, win again?

Tshh, tshh…

As everybody was chatting loudly with vigor, some fierce and tough beast howled in the sky, making people shudder.

Lin Feng quickly noticed a figure up there.

It was a tall and sturdy man, standing on a thunderbird. What drew everybody’s attention was that that thunderbird had three heads, and the strength of the top of the Godly Emperor Layer.

When Lin Feng saw that, he was more and more confused. Why did people from San Country like beasts so much? Was there something important he didn’t understand?

When the tall and sturdy man appeared, many women shouted loudly in admiration. Their voices were even more strident than the thunderbird’s. The tall and sturdy man on the bird was also one of the Seven Princes of Law, so many women were infatuated with him.

“Ba Hei Long, he’s here, finally,” murmured Hu Yan Qing behind Lin Feng. He sounded angry. Lin Feng frowned and looked at the tall and sturdy man. That man was the First Prince of Law, Ba Hei Long! His Qi was impressive. Lin Feng even sensed some death Qi…

“Di Qing Long, since you’re here, why are you hiding?” shouted Ba Hei Long furiously. His voice made all the buildings of Great Village shake. People who were Godly Emperors and under all felt like their circulatory systems were going to explode.

“Hehe, Hei Long, you still have a bad temper, huh?”

A white light appeared and grew more and more dazzling. An azure dragon appeared. The dragon was a hundred zhang long. Its eyes looked like scorching hot suns and his two horns were dozens of meters long. A terrifying dragon Qi emerged from those two golden horns.

When Ba Hei Long saw that, he grunted icily. He flashed and rose higher up in the air. The thunderbird screamed out fiercely and was forced to the ground. Lin Feng wondered whether the thunderbird was still alive or not…

Ba Hei Long was standing in the sky, his godly aura flashing. He suddenly turned into a black dragon. His eyes were filled with black demon lights, and his claws were terrifyingly sharp. One scratch and he could instantly kill a Godly Emperor!

The two dragons flew around in the sky. Dragon Qi rolled in waves and suppressed the whole crowd. Many people fled, feeling humiliated.

There weren’t the only two Seven Princes of Law, but none of them dared say anything and come to the front in the face of the power of the two dragons.

Hu Yan Qing and Hu Yan Hao were oppressed too, and stepped back. The other Godly Emperors all moved away. Apart from the Seven Princes of Law and Lin Feng, nobody was standing in the middle anymore.

Lin Feng also understood how extraordinary those two dragons were. But he wasn’t in danger, and he even felt close to dragons. He even had some dragon Qi! Therefore, these two didn’t pose a threat to him.

“Haha, anyone think they can oppress us!?” shouted Ba Hei Long, opening his gigantic dragon mouth. Everybody was terrified. Many people clenched their fists, but nobody dared say anything.

Fang Jun Sheng walked up to Lin Feng and smiled wryly. “Why don’t you intervene?”

“Me? I can’t defeat them,” Lin Feng said, smiling guilelessly. He didn’t pay much attention to Fang Jun Sheng. He didn’t intend to make a show of strength there. It wouldn’t bring anything good to Fortified Village, or even himself.

Fang Jun Sheng knew that Lin Feng was lying, but he didn’t insist. However, he was sure that if Lin Feng intervened, he would definitely be able to compete with them, and in case of a fight, the result would at least be a draw. Lin Feng was definitely able to protect himself against them!

“Haha! Nobody?!” shouted Di Qing Long, fierce and proud. The hundreds of thousands of people there were angry, but nobody stepped up.

“Someone is going to intervene.” Lin Feng looked in the direction of the palace and saw a terrifying Qi emerge, a woman’s Qi. Lin Feng instantly noticed how dangerous that Qi was.

When Fang Jun Sheng heard Lin Feng, everybody looked at him in a strange way, mockingly even. How could he know someone was going to intervene?

However, as those people mocked him inside, they heard a slashing sound from the palace. An extremely powerful Qi suddenly exploded around Hei Long and Di Qing Long.

Di Qing Long and Ba Hei Long were both smashed away and turned into humans as they crashed to the ground. Hei Long and Di Qing Long both pulled long faces.

Their energies dispersed. A dainty and delicate woman appeared in front of them. She was extremely beautiful, wearing a blue skirt and snowy-white shoes. She looked like an extremely strong and powerful celestial being.

“Yan Tian Jiao, as expected, it’s you…” growled Ba Hei Long when he saw that extremely beautiful woman. He didn’t look enchanted or bewitched by her beauty at all, though. On the contrary, he looked grim.

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