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Chapter 642: We’ll Fight, Sooner or Later!


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“Yan Tian Jiao, San Country’s queen. She can oppress the two dragons. A year has passed, how strong has she become?”

Hu Yan Qing looked bewitched by Yan Tian Jiao’s beauty and giggled. Hu Yan Qing wasn’t merely a cold and bloodthirsty man; he also had desires, and he lusted after beautiful women.

“Yan Tian Jiao is only a hundred years old, the youngest low-level Supreme God of San Country. I’ve heard that her father, the Leader of San Country, did his best to raise her. In the future, she’ll surpass her father. San Country will have two low-level Supreme Gods; who will dare try and oppress San Country in the future?” said Hu Yan Qing resolutely. He was proud of his country.

Hu Yan Hao looked at his brother skeptically. He had never seen his brother look so soft.

“Yan Tian Jiao, a year has passed; how strong have you become, you fucking bitch!” shouted Ba Hei Long, clenching his fists. The muscles of his entire body twitched. He was extremely aggressive and violent, attacking Yan Tian Jiao verbally and insulting her.

“Come and see for yourself!” said Yan Tian Jiao in cold disdain.

“I am sure that fucking bitch won’t disappoint us! But if you lose, you’ll have to let us fuck you! Hahaha!” shouted Ba Hei Long, laughing sinisterly. Then he blew a kiss at Yan Tian Jiao, staring at her white cheeks.

Many people were outraged. Yan Tian Jiao was the dream woman of all men in San Country, their goddess, their queen. How dare Ba Hei Long talk that way? Insulting the queen of San Country came down to insulting all the people of San Country!

However, nobody dared come forth and challenge Ba Hei Long.

Lin Feng looked at Hu Yan Qing behind him. Hu Yan Qing was trembling. He couldn’t stand seeing anyone humiliate the woman he desired, hence his reaction.

“When you love a woman, you protect her, even if she’s stronger than you. Otherwise, she will never pay attention to you,” Lin Feng said indifferently, glancing at Hu Yan Qing.

When Hu Yan Qing heard that, he looked even angrier. He was on the verge of bursting. He took a step forwards and looked at Ba Hei Long icily, “You better take what you just said back, don’t humiliate Yan Tian Jiao!”

Everybody’s expression suddenly changed when they heard Hu Yan Qing. Yan Tian Jiao looked at him; she didn’t know him at all. She was a bit touched; a tiny little Half-Supreme God standing up for her was touching, but nothing more.

Ba Hei Long’s face twitched violently. He looked at Hu Yan Qing with a dark and pressing gaze. His powerful dragon Qi oppressed Hu Yan Qing’s vitality. Hu Yan Qing had the impression he was going to collapse, but he also knew that he had to stand out, even if he wasn’t strong enough; he had to show the woman he wanted he couldn’t tolerate anyone who bullied her.

Hu Yan Qing also thought of Fortified Village. People all considered Fortified Village nonexistent. By drawing people’s attention to himself, Hu Yan Qing also drew people’s attention to Fortified Village.

“Where are you from, you piece of trash? How dare you talk to Great Master Hei Long that way?”  Hei Long scoffed disdainfully. He pressured Hu Yan Qing even more. Hu Yan Qing, however, remained resolute and determined.

“I come from Fortified Village. I am the Great Prince of Fortified Village, Hu Yan Qing!” said Hu Yan Qing, gritting his teeth under the pressure.

“Eh? Fortified Village?” Ba Hei Long was stupefied. He couldn’t believe it. A Half-Supreme God from Fortified Village dared talk to him like that? People had almost forgotten about Fortified Village.

Ba Hei Long smiled wickedly while releasing even more Qi.

“Hey, little boy, do you even know who I am?” asked Ba Hei Long, smiling disdainfully.

Di Qing Long looked at Hu Yan Qing. Hu Yan Qing was just too reckless. What a pitiful guy, he wants to stand up for Yan Tian Jiao, but how could a woman like that pay attention to a piece of trash like him? A Half-Supreme God from a worthless village?

Di Qing Long laughed. Many people laughed along with him. Hu Yan Qing had just become famous, but not for good reasons. Everyone considered him a joke. However, people wouldn’t forget Fortified Village for a while after that, and their ridiculous Young Master.

“You have three seconds to piss off,” said Ba Hei Long. His smile suddenly froze. He stared at Hu Yan Qing threateningly. He was Ba Hei Long, the strongest of the Seven Princes of Law. He couldn’t let a piece of trash humiliate him!

“You disrespected Miss Yan Tian Jiao, I can’t accept that. I will not flinch,” said Hu Yan Qing after taking a deep breath. He knew he couldn’t compete with Ba Hei Long, but he couldn’t let everybody think he was ridiculous. He had to show he was determined, even if it meant getting forced away.

“Hehe, what an audacious little boy, Young Master of Fortified Village, huh?” said Ba Hei Long. He was surprised, but his eyes were filled with murder. Di Qing Long took a few steps backwards. He didn’t want to get involved.

“Three,” said Ba Hei Long, starting a countdown. Hu Yan Qing remained where he was. He didn’t flinch at all.

“Two,” said Ba Hei Long, showing two fingers. Hu Yan Qing stood there silently and resolutely.

“One,” said Ba Hei Long, gritting his teeth. But Hu Yan Qing still didn’t react. Ba Hei Long glared at him. His tall and sturdy figure disappeared, and when he reappeared, he was only five meters away from Hu Yan Qing.

“Piss off!” shouted Ba Hei Long, throwing a punch. Hu Yan Qing’s eyes rolled. Everything around him was spinning. It was like a mountain had fallen on him.

Hu Yan Qing shouted furiously. Even if he had to die, he didn’t intend to flinch. Besides, he was convinced that Lin Feng would get involved if his life was threatened, because Xiao Qing was from Fortified Village, and Lin Feng couldn’t let the people of Fortified Village down.

Actually, Hu Yan Qing was right. Lin Feng couldn’t let people of Fortified Village die. He was worried about Xiao Qing; if he did something bad for Fortified Village, her safety wouldn’t be ensured. Besides, he was the one who had advised Hu Yan Qing to stand up for Yan Tian Jiao; he hadn’t done it without ulterior motives, because Ba Hei Long was a great opponent to fight against.

Therefore, at that moment, Lin Feng intervened. He flashed, raised his left hand and pushed Hu Yan Qing away. Hu Yan Qing was thrown back. At the same time, he threw a punch with his right hand. An explosive strength rolled in waves and crashed against Ba Hei Long’s fist.

Boom, boom! The collision made the whole city tremble. People who were thousands of li away sensed a powerful earthquake under their feet.

Lin Feng and Ba Hei Long were both pushed back a few steps. Lin Feng’s right hand felt a bit numb. Ba Hei Long looked at Lin Feng skeptically.

Everybody was looking at Lin Feng, astonished. Before that attack, nobody had noticed him. Even though he was a Half-Supreme God, apart from the Seven Princes of Law, nobody was strong or important enough to draw anybody’s attention.

In the blink of an eye, everybody had noticed Lin Feng. Yan Tian Jiao also raised her eyes and stared at him like she wanted to read him.

“Who’s that? How come he’s able to compete with Ba Hei Long?”

“How terrifying! He can resist Ba Hei Long, just like that?”

“Ba Hei Long and Di Qing Long are both dragons, their physical strength is inherently incredible, their bones are extremely resistant… how can he compete with them using physical strength? How strong!”

Many people pointed at Lin Feng and whispered. Lin Feng was immediately the talk of the town. Everybody considered Lin Feng extremely strong.

Fang Jun Sheng looked at Lin Feng. He had already guessed Lin Feng was at least as strong as Ba Hei Long and the others. He hadn’t thought that Lin Feng would be able to compete with him using physical strength, though. That was just astonishing!

“He’s only a Half-Supreme God!” whispered Fang Jun Sheng, sighing. He was dumbstruck.

“Who are you?” asked Ba Hei Long, after staring at Lin Feng for a while.

“Lin Feng,” he replied indifferently. He didn’t feel like talking too much. He looked calm and composed, neither proud nor conceited. Ba Hei Long’s curiosity was even more aroused. He wanted to know who Lin Feng really was.

“You’re going to participate in the competition?” asked Ba Hei Long.

“We’ll fight sooner or later. Be patient,” Lin Feng said. He didn’t reply to Ba Hei Long’s question directly, turning around and going back to the people of Fortified Village. He even decided to stand at the back of the group.

Ba Hei Long looked at him grimly. He clenched his fists, popping the bones, looking around bloodthirstily. This time, the Great Competition was going to be fun!

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