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Chapter 643: First One to be Qualified!


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“Lin Feng, you represent Fortified Village?” asked Fang Jun Sheng, ignoring Lin Feng’s cold and detached look. He couldn’t help it, he couldn’t control his curiosity.

“Indeed, I represent Fortified Village,” Lin Feng nodded. Fang Jun Sheng’s expression changed slightly. Nobody noticed it, but Lin Feng did.

“It seems that this time, Square Village is going to be under pressure,” said Fang Jun Sheng, smiling wryly. However, it was a forced smile. Lin Feng represented Fortified Village, that wasn’t a problem, but Square Village couldn’t find anyone stronger.

“Even though you are much stronger than me, even when I face you, I won’t flinch,” said Fang Jun Sheng bravely.

Lin Feng was surprised, but then smiled and nodded, “Thank you for your respect. Don’t worry, Fortified Village won’t be at the bottom of the rankings,” Lin Feng said.

Jin Gang Tie Jian Fang Jun Sheng was the weakest of the Seven Princes of Law, but he was a genius, too. Besides, he seemed like a good guy. He was aware how strong he was, and he was able to control himself and his emotions when he had to. Even if Lin Feng and Fang Jun Sheng were close friends, at least they wouldn’t become enemies.

When Fang Jun Sheng heard Lin Feng, he took a deep breath, though he didn’t know why. Maybe it was because he took it as a promise.

“Stop talking, the lots are going to be drawn.”


Time passed slowly. A few old men in white clothes came out of a palace. They were all low-level Supreme Gods. Their Qi and godly auras were astonishing. Everybody looked at them solemnly and respectfully.

“The State Teachers are here,” whispered Fang Jun Sheng.

State Teachers? Lin Feng had never heard of such a position, but he didn’t care. They were just elders in his eyes.

Lin Feng glanced at Di Qing Long and Ba Hei Long. The two dragons didn’t act arrogantly anymore. They looked at the State Teachers respectfully.

“Everybody, take a bamboo slip,” said the Leader of the State Teachers, handing a box of bamboo slips to a disciple. The disciple took the box and walked in to the crowd, starting from the people of Fortified Village. The people of Fortified Village took bamboo slips first.

Lin Feng also took one. He didn’t open it. He just stared at Ba Hei Long and Di Qing Long. He opened his bamboo slip after they opened theirs.

“39” was written on his bamboo slip. Lin Feng would fight against the one who had picked the “61” bamboo slip. Coincidentally, the one who picked up the “61” bamboo slip was a disciple of Fortified Village.

When he saw Lin Feng, he seemed disappointed. He had hoped his opponent would be an easy one to defeat, but his opponent would be Lin Feng, so he just sighed.

Hu Yan Qing had obtained the “4” bamboo slip. His opponent was a tall disciple of Precipice Village, but Hu Yan Qing had the strength of the top of the Godly Emperor Layer, so he would probably win.

Hu Yan Hao wasn’t that lucky. His opponent would be Yan Tian Jiao.

In other words, he was going to have to fight against the woman his brother secretly desired, the strongest woman of San Country.

He was extremely disappointed. He looked at Hu Yan Qing. Hu Yan Qing just smiled helplessly and wished his brother good luck.

Yan Tian Jiao glanced at Hu Yan Hao for a second, but then turned her eyes to Lin Feng. She found him extremely mysterious, and he was also extremely strong. With the strength of the Half-Supreme God layer, he seemed to be as strong as her, a low-level Supreme God.


After that, the duels started. Two hundred people started fighting on the gigantic kwoon. The battles all turned into attractions for the crowd, but most people paid attention to the Seven Princes of Law and Lin Feng’s fights.

Lin Feng almost didn’t use any strength at all and instantly defeated the disciple of Fortified Village. His opponent had the strength of the top of the ninth Godly Emperor Layer; Lin Feng blew him away extremely quickly, being the first one to finish. The State Teachers instantly declared Lin Feng winner of the first match.

When Lin Feng walked away from the kwoon, Yan Tian Jiao and Ba Hei Long also walked away. They finished their battles right after him. Di Qing Long was the fourth one to finish.

Hu Yan Qing was the seventh one to finish, Fang Jun Sheng the sixth, Ya Wu Hen the fifth.

Ba Hei Long and Yan Tian Jiao walked past Lin Feng. Lin Feng had become the talk of the town because he was there with the Seven Princes of Law and the Queen of San Country.

Hu Yan Qing was going to congratulate Lin Feng when suddenly, his smile stiffened, because Yan Tian Jiao was walking towards Lin Feng. When he saw that, he looked glum.

Hu Yan Hao looked miserable. Yan Tian Jiao had defeated him in only three attacks. He went back to the group of people from Fortified Village, and noticed that Hu Yan Qing’s eyes were filled with envy and hatred. He looked in the same direction as his brother and saw he was looking at Lin Feng, and understood.

“Brother, let’s avoid inner battles, let’s focus on our common enemies,” Hu Yan Hao said to his brother.

Hu Yan Qing looked at his brother; it was the first time he had the impression his brother really cared about him. It felt good. It reminded him that the same blood flowed through their veins. People who weren’t related by blood couldn’t understand.

“Alright, I’ll give up the Leader position of Fortified Village, but I have one request; make Lin Feng bring ruin and eternal shame on himself,” said Hu Yan Qing, after remaining silent for a few minutes.

The two brothers glanced at each other and smiled.

They looked at Lin Feng, thinking the same thing. Lin Feng didn’t know he had just become the target of the two of them. It was inevitable; when someone was extremely strong, it naturally made some people envious and jealous.

Lin Feng studied Yan Tian Jiao and Ba Hei Long. Yan Tian Jiao looked morally elevated, Ba Hei Long looked outstanding and talented.

“What do you want?” Lin Feng asked indifferently.

“I want to challenge you; do you accept?” asked Ba Hei Long. He didn’t wait for Yan Tian Jiao to speak. He always acted first if he could.

Lin Feng looked at him skeptically, but he quickly understood what kind of person he was. He smiled in a strange way.

“I am only a passing traveler. My presence will not have any influence on your positions, why do you need to pay attention to me?” replied Lin Feng, smiling thinly.

Yan Tian Jiao frowned. She was intrigued, but remained silent. She knew that Ba Hei Long wasn’t going to let Lin Feng off so easily. Ba Hei Long was extremely strong and he liked showing it. He also admired people who were stronger than him. It was why he was eager to fight against Lin Feng.

“Just reply! Will you dare fight against me or not?!” said Ba Hei Long icily, staring at Lin Feng. He looked like an insane demon dragon.

Lin Feng frowned. He didn’t feel like fighting at first, but now he was getting angry. His patience had limits. “How do you want to fight?”

“Haha! Good! You’re not a coward!” shouted Ba Hei Long, laughing too loudly. Many people on the kwoon paled. Some smart people took advantage of the opportunity to defeat their opponents and get qualified for the next round.

Lin Feng smiled. He didn’t care about Ba Hei Long’s reaction. He just glanced at Yan Tian Jiao and frowned, “You also want to challenge me?”

“No. I don’t want to challenge you. I just wanted to invite you to come over to the palace. My father would probably be happy to see you,” replied Yan Tian Jiao, smiling resplendently. She wasn’t interested in fighting Lin Feng at all.

“You’ll talk about that later! First, he’s going to fight against me!” interrupted Ba Hei Long impatiently. He clenched his fists, unable to wait to fight against Lin Feng.

Di Qing Long also came over. He didn’t want to miss Ba Hei Long’s battle. Di Qing Long looked Lin Feng over. He was surprised that Lin Feng had accepted Ba Hei Long’s challenge. He had managed to resist one of Ba Hei Long’s punches, but that didn’t mean that he was strong enough to fight against him. Di Qing Long was a dragon himself, and he knew how powerful dragon’s bodies were. Humans couldn’t compete with dragons in terms of physical strength.

“Are you sure?” asked Di Qing Long icily.

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