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Chapter 644: You Lost! I’ll Become A Dragon Rider Now!


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“You can also challenge me, I don’t mind,” Lin Feng said to Di Qing Long coldly.

Di Qing Long was angry, but he wasn’t as stupid, rough, and aggressive as Ba Hei Long, so he controlled himself. Lin Feng didn’t manage to infuriate him, so he just smiled coolly and kept silent.

The reason why Lin Feng was so cold towards Di Qing Long was that even though Di Qing Long had said that to Lin Feng as a friendly warning, he spoke in a disdainful and mocking way.

He disdained Lin Feng, and so he was an enemy. Lin Feng didn’t need to think any further.

“Ba Hei Long, we can fight, there is no problem at all, but I don’t like fighting for nothing. Let’s bet something,” Lin Feng said to Ba Hei Long, who was ready to fight. Ba Hei Long didn’t seem surprised when Lin Feng said that.

“Hehe, humans are greedy. Fighting with something at stake? Boring!”

“Do you accept or not?” Lin Feng challenged him, ignoring Ba Hei Long’s reaction.

Ba Hei Long clenched his fists and said resolutely, “I accept, what do you want to bet?” He stared at Lin Feng. He was a member of a Dragon Clan; he didn’t mind betting because Dragon Clans had many precious items.

But maybe he had underestimated Lin Feng…

“I want to ask you a question first; why does everyone ride beasts around here?” Lin Feng didn’t tell Ba Hei Long what he wanted, instead asking something he was really curious about. Ba Hei Long and Yan Tian Jiao looked at him strangely.

“Are you not from San Country?” asked Ba Hei Long, frowning.

Lin Feng shook his head, not bothering to lie. Ba Hei Long was even more curious, but he replied, “In San Country, riding a beast is a symbol, it shows someone’s position. The stronger someone’s beast is, the higher the master’s social position.”

“Oh, I see. So, which beast is the most powerful as a symbol of social status?” Lin Feng wasn’t surprised by Ba Hei Long’s answer.

Ba Hei Long didn’t seem to realize what was going on. Di Qing Long’s expression changed quickly. He understood what Lin Feng wanted to do. He looked at Lin Feng and said sternly, “Don’t imagine that’s possible. No dragon can accept your bet.”

“What are you doing?! Who allowed you to talk in my name?” demanded Ba Hei Long coldly. He was really angry that Di Qing Long had interrupted him. Di Qing Long didn’t pay attention to him, he just glared at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked back at Di Qing Long. This azure dragon was much smarter than Ba Hei Long, but he was slightly weaker than Ba Hei Long, which was why he was only the Second Prince of Law.

“Lin Feng, tell me, what do you want to bet?” asked Ba Hei Long, frowning impatiently.

Lin Feng grinned. Yan Tian Jiao was stupefied. She understood what Lin Feng wanted to do from what he had just said; how audacious! She even had cold sweats when she guessed what he wanted to do.

“If you lose, you’ll become my mount, and I’ll ride you,” Lin Feng declared, staring at Ba Hei Long calmly.

When Ba Hei Long heard Lin Feng, he stared at him coldly. Then he glanced at Di Qing Long. He understood why Di Qing Long was so angry. Lin Feng wanted to humiliate a dragon!

Suddenly, Ba Hei Long’s Qi exploded around him. That kind of Qi could definitely pose a threat to Lin Feng, but Lin Feng was determined.

Ba Hei Long had just humiliated humans, so Lin Feng didn’t mind humiliating Ba Hei Long back and using him as his own beast. Lin Feng wanted to show all the humans of San Country that humans weren’t weaker than dragons.

Lin Feng didn’t mind using a dragon. He didn’t have any sense of belonging towards dragon clans, even though he had demon dragon energy inside of him, but that part of himself was sleeping.

“If you don’t dare bet, no problem. I can try and think of something else,” Lin Feng said. He knew what Ba Hei Long’s weakness was. Ba Hei Long didn’t like it when people humiliated and belittled him.

As expected, when Lin Feng said that, Ba Hei Long’s eyes filled with ire. He hammered the ground with his fist and howled, “Alright! I accept! If I lose, I’ll be your beast! But if you lose, you’ll be my slave for your entire life, what do you think?”

“Alright, awesome! It’s a deal!” Lin Feng agreed without any hesitation. Lin Feng agreed because he was very confident. He based his confidence on his primal chaos body. He finally understood what the purpose of his primal chaos body was: it was to absorb primal chaos Qi!

In the Continent of the Gods, primal chaos strength was extremely scarce, but since Lin Feng had arrived in the Continent of the Gods, he had noticed that not many people seemed to know how to use primal chaos Qi. Lin Feng had an incredible idea which might prove extremely useful in the long run. If he found a cave and meditated in seclusion for a few dozen years, maybe he’d manage to break through to the high-level Supreme God layer solely relying on primal chaos strength.

But Lin Feng didn’t want to do that. He liked having a lively lifestyle. He liked fighting, and above all, he loved traveling. Therefore, Lin Feng was willing to take risks to break through. He didn’t want to rely solely on his primal chaos body to do so.

But Lin Feng could still travel and use his primal chaos body at the same time, it would just be a little bit slower than if he meditated in seclusion and solely relied on absorbing primal chaos strength. It would have no influence on his cultivation, however!

“When do we start fighting?” asked Ba Hei Long, rolling up his sleeves. In San Country, only Yan Tian Jiao could compete with him, nobody else. He hated San Country’s Great Competition. But now that Lin Feng had appeared, he felt motivated and excited again. He had a goal; he wanted to defeat Lin Feng! On top of that, if he won, he would have a powerful human slave for life!

But he hardly realized that Lin Feng thought the same way. Lin Feng really wanted to have a dragon pet, and riding a dragon would allow him to show everyone he had a high social status, at least in San Country.

“After the Great Competition, we’ll fight behind the mountain,” Lin Feng said, pointing at a mountain in the distance. Even though the mountain wasn’t very high, it was massive. It was the mountain where Lin Feng and the mysterious man in white clothes had drank together.

Ba Hei Long was surprised by the place Lin Feng proposed. He hesitated for a second, but finally accepted.

“Alright, after the Great Competition, we’ll meet behind the mountain. I hope that you won’t try and escape at that time!” Ba Hei Long said sternly. He stretched out his neck and the bones popped. It was a preliminary display of his strength.

Lin Feng didn’t care about those small things. They didn’t impress him at all.

Lin Feng then looked at Yan Tian Jiao and asked, “Anything else, Miss?”

“Uhhh… No. It’s alright,” replied Yan Tian Jiao. She was a bit startled as she shook her head, forcing a smile. Lin Feng nodded and walked back towards the other members of Fortified Village. There he waited for the first round to finish.

Yan Tian Jiao watched him go angrily. Wasn’t Lin Feng touched by her beauty at all? It was the first time a man had remained so cold and detached in front of her. It was the first time a man didn’t seem interested in her at all. Even Ba Hei Long sometimes seemed weakened by her beauty, but Lin Feng…

Yan Tian Jiao wasn’t happy that Lin Feng ignored her. She took her looks very seriously. She didn’t know what Lin Feng had gone through in life though. If she knew how beautiful Lin Feng’s wives were, she wouldn’t have thought that way.

The first round of the Great Competition quickly finished. Lin Feng had finished first; Yan Tian Jiao and Bai Bian Tian Jun Quan Leng had finished second and third; Di Qing Long fourth; Ya Wu Hen fifth; Fang Jun Sheng and Hu Yan Qing sixth and seventh; Gou Hun Shuang Qiang Mu Sheng, the Fifth Prince of Law, eighth; the Fourth Prince of Law, Dao Qing Feng, ninth; and Bai Bian Tian Jun Quan Leng, the Sixth Prince of Law, tenth.

The Seven Princes of Law, Lin Feng, and Hu Yan Qing made up the top ten of the first round.

The one who would finish first would be the champion, a great honor for the place where the champion was from.

“Draw lots.”

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