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Chapter 646: Aggressive and Powerful Lin Feng!


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Hu Yan Qing and Yan Tian Jiao’s duel had finished almost as quickly as it had started. Hu Yan Qing naturally lost to the woman he desired. He didn’t feel humiliated though, because Yan Tian Jiao told him something which instantly cheered him up. She had thanked him for speaking up for her.

Hu Yan Qing was happy; coming to the Great Competition had definitely been worth it! He hadn’t particularly stood out, but the woman he lusted after had talked to him, and had said something nice.

Very quickly, the five winners were determined. Yan Tian Jiao finished her battle first, so she was first for the time being. Then Lin Feng and Ya Wu Hen’s fight finished right after, so Lin Feng was second for the time being. Ba Hei Long was the third one to finish. He initially wasn’t happy participating in the Great Competition, but now he was excited because he couldn’t wait to fight Lin Feng.

Di Qing Long’s duel was the fourth one to finish, and the last one to finish was Mu Sheng. However, to Mu Sheng, the rest of the competition was already all planned out for him, because no matter who he would fight against, he’d lose.

“Now, there will be two one-on-one’s. The remaining one will fight against one of the two losers; if he wins, he’ll continue, if he wins, he’ll be in the top three. Then, if he loses against one of them, he’ll rank third,” said the State Teachers.

Lin Feng looked at the old men, and realized something. The Great Competition was slow, boring, and always the same. It gave outsiders a very bad image of San Country. Lin Feng understood why San Country was so backward and underdeveloped.

But all of that was none of his business. Lin Feng cared about the Continent of the Gods and the Continent of the Nine Clouds; he didn’t care about the Country of Eternity at all. He had no sense of belonging to this place. He had just come here to cultivate.

The only person Lin Feng was concerned about was Xiao Qing. Apart from Xiao Qing, he didn’t care about anything or anyone else in this world. Therefore, he didn’t feel like trying to change things here.

Lin Feng drew another bamboo slip, but he didn’t open it, because he saw Yan Tian Jiao open hers first. It was empty, which meant that Lin Feng would have to fight against one of the three others to move on.

Ba Hei Long smiled resplendently when he opened his bamboo slip, then burst into loud laughter. He raised his bamboo slip, and Lin Feng saw it clearly… his name was written on it.

Lin Feng looked at his bamboo slip; Ba Hei Long was written on it. Since they were going to fight now, they wouldn’t need to fight behind the mountain after the Great Competition. They could still fight according to the bet they had agreed on beforehand, however…

Ba Hei Long grinned bloodthirstily. Lin Feng knew that the dragon wanted to crush him. Lin Feng had to focus on him first, before being concerned about his battle against Yan Tian Jiao.

Lin Feng didn’t know whether he was lucky or not, but in any case, he was fearless. He had already gone so far, and he had also bet with Ba Hei Long; he had to use his full strength now. That way, Ba Hei Long would become his mount, no matter what Ya Wu Hen had told him.

No matter what, Ba Hei Long had to keep his promise!

Di Qing Long’s opponent was Mu Sheng, but Mu Sheng immediately announced that he forfeited. He was already happy to rank fifth. He used to be the Sixth Prince of Law, now he would become the Fifth Prince of Law. It was also a symbol of his progress, so he was satisfied.

Mu Sheng surrendered, so Yan Tian Jiao had to fight against Di Qing Long. When Di Qing Long saw that he had to fight against her, he looked at her glumly. He couldn’t defeat Yan Tian Jiao, but he would use his full strength and do his best to become the Second Prince of Law.

Lin Feng vs. Ba Hei Long; Yan Tian Jiao vs. Di Qing Long. Those were the last battles. The two winners would then fight over the champion title; the losers would then fight over the third position.

Ba Hei Long smiled icily. He immediately flew towards Lin Feng. His smile grew bigger and bigger, but colder and nastier, too.

“Haha! Lin Feng! You’re going to become my slave for eternity! You think you could become a dragon rider? Haha! Dream on!” shouted Ba Hei Long, laughing ferociously while releasing his oppressive and peculiar dragon Qi. He wanted to intimidate Lin Feng as quickly as possible, and defeat him as quickly as possible, too.

However, when Lin Feng sensed the dragon Qi, he just smiled, that’s all. Ba Hei Long looked at him in an even colder way. He knew that he had probably underestimated this young man in black.

“Come, fight! Haha!” shouted Ba Hei Long laughing proudly and disdainfully. He was a dragon; dragons were proud, arrogant, and stubborn. They never gave up.

Lin Feng looked at him coldly, then disappeared. Ba Hei Long’s expression shifted. He groaned icily and threw punches in all directions, fist shadows appearing all around him.

Lin Feng quickly reappeared above Ba Hei Long. He wanted to finish the battle as quickly as possible, but he hadn’t thought that Ba Hei Long would anticipate and protect himself so quickly.

Lin Feng didn’t stop attacking, though. He threw a punch and a gigantic golden imprint moved towards Ba Hei Long’s head. Ba Hei Long had the impression a mountain was going to crush him.

Ba Hei Long’s punches were crushed, and the golden imprint continued moving towards him. Lin Feng didn’t give him any opportunity to react. Ba Hei Long grunted coldly and raised his arms to the skies, throwing more punches. The golden imprint broke apart. Lin Feng’s expression changed a little. He hastily rose higher up in the sky again and at the same time, two holes appeared in the sky.

Ba Hei Long’s punches destroyed parts of the space. Lin Feng remained extremely vigilant. No doubts about Ba Hei Long being a dragon, he was extremely strong!

But Lin Feng’s primal chaos body was powerful, too. It was a clash of titans. However, no matter what Lin Feng did, nothing could crush Ba Hei Long’s pride.

Lin Feng took out his Buddha Sword and made a cutting motion. The space around him seemed like it was cut into two by the gigantic circular trail left by the sword. Many people gasped in amazement.

Lin Feng’s swordsmanship had reached the acme of perfection. What a superb performance! That sword was almost like a part of his body. He controlled it to perfection. It looked like a small dragon spinning and rotating in the sky.

Fang Jun Sheng was stupefied when he saw Lin Feng’s sword energy, then shook his head. He couldn’t help but think, When you think you’ve seen the best, someone better always shows up

With the Buddha Sword, Lin Feng’s strength was at least tripled. Lin Feng quickly descended towards Ba Hei Long, slamming his feet on Ba Hei Long’s head without any hesitation. Ba Hei Long’s eyes were bloodshot, and his dragon Qi exploded. He shouted furiously and threw more punches. Lin Feng flashed away and landed in front of him.

Ba Hei Long shouted in fury. Since Lin Feng had stepped on his head, he had lost his senses, and couldn’t control himself anymore, too angry. His godly aura became dazzling, and he turned into a gigantic hundred-zhang-long dragon. His black scales contained death Qi, and his claws and teeth were extremely sharp. He could chop and bite a mountain to the ground.

Ba Hei Long roared furiously. Many humans in the crowd were scared and stepped back. When Lin Feng saw that, he was even angrier; how come these people were such cowards?

“Hmph! How could an animal have so much power and prestige in the world of humans?! Get your ass over here!” shouted Lin Feng angrily, releasing even more Qi. His extremely powerful Qi rolled in waves over hundreds of li. Lin Feng flashed onto Ba Hei Long’s dragon body. He was riding the dragon, firmly grasping his horns.

“Who gave you that sense of superiority, what makes you so arrogant?!” shouted Lin Feng furiously, and he punched the dragon with brute force. It was like a mountain weighing a billion tons had fallen on Ba Hei Long. Each time Lin Feng punched him, Ba Hei Long shouted in pain and anger.

Ba Hei Long’s hundred-zhang-long dragon body flickered here and there, flying around chaotically. He kept crashing against buildings and mountains, making them collapse. Lin Feng wasn’t destabilized at all. He kept punching Ba Hei Long’s horns, head, and back.

If Ba Hei Long’s dragon body hadn’t been illusory, it would have been difficult for Lin Feng, but at this moment, he was extremely confident he would win. As he saw it, he had already won.

“You? A damn beast? The First Prince of Law?! What a waste!

“And you even dared challenge me?! I’ll show you what strength is! In the future, I’ll teach you how to become a docile good boy! I’m a dragon rider, you understand, little beast?!

“You’re running? Stop right now! If you don’t, you’ll see!”

Everybody was astonished. Lin Feng was extremely domineering. He was holding Ba Hei Long’s horns firmly and kept punching him. Ba Hei Long was in incredible pain.

Ba Hei Long was covered with blood and losing strength. In the end, the gigantic hundred-zhang-long dragon fell towards the kwoon. The State Teachers’ expressions changed drastically as they rushed over.

Boom! Ba Hei Long crashed on the ground. Lin Feng was still standing on his head. Everybody looked at Lin Feng, who looked like an almighty god.

Lin Feng was so overbearing!

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