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Chapter 647: Breaking Through After the Battle!


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“Will you submit or not, Ba Hei Long??” Lin Feng said. He was still on Ba Hei Long’s back firmly holding his horns. Ba Hei Long kept howling furiously.

Everybody paled when they heard Lin Feng shout like that, staring at him. Their hearts were racing. They couldn’t believe their eyes, Lin Feng was riding a dragon, still holding his horns, and that dragon was one of the Seven Princes of Law, covered with blood at the moment.

“No! How could I submit?!” roared Ba Hei Long, frantically shaking his head. He wanted to make Lin Feng fall off his back, he was so humiliated. He was Young Master Ba Hei Long, a dragon master, and a human was standing on his back. How humiliating! He was so angry. Lin Feng had made a sneak attack to win. If he had the opportunity again, Ba Hei Long would crush him to a thousand pieces!

“You won’t submit?? Hehe, alright, I’ll give you another opportunity! Piss off and try again!” shouted Lin Feng. He knew what Ba Hei Long was thinking. So he flew up and threw a punch, smashing Ba Hei Long away. Ba Hei Long crashed through a few buildings, which collapsed around him. He nearly made the imperial palace collapse, but Lin Feng sensed a terrifying strength stop him; it was definitely the high-level Supreme God of San Country.

Lin Feng didn’t want to get in trouble; he just wanted to stand up for humans. The Leader of San Country definitely didn’t mind; on the contrary, he was happy to see such a thing.

“ARGH! ARGH! I will crush you into a thousand pieces! ARGH!” shouted Ba Hei Long from a thousand meters away. He threw himself at Lin Feng again. At this point, if he had to perish along with Lin Feng, he didn’t mind!

Lin Feng watched the gigantic dragon throwing himself at him. He wasn’t scared because he had dragon Qi himself, a demon dragon Qi, which could influence Ba Hei Long. It even made the dragon a bit weaker without him noticing. No matter what, the dragon couldn’t use his full strength against Lin Feng, and he didn’t even know it.

Lin Feng smiled icily and threw a powerful punch containing an extremely aggressive strength. No matter how powerful Ba Hei Long’s attack was, Lin Feng’s punch still reached the dragon’s head. The whole crowd was astonished at how incredible Lin Feng’s punch was. Ba Hei Long’s hundred-zhang-long dragon body was smashed away again. He crashed against a hill, flattening it.

Lin Feng didn’t intend to let Ba Hei Long off. He raised his Buddha Sword again and flashed ahead. In the blink of an eye, he landed on Ba Hei Long again and grabbed his horns. He asked icily, “Will you submit this time?”

“I won’t! Come again!” shouted Ba Hei Long. He was in a frenzy. He had lost his senses. He was covered with bright red blood, a terrifying appearance. But with Lin Feng around, the people weren’t scared.

“Okay, again then, piss off!” shouted Lin Feng in a clear loud voice, kicking Ba Hei Long away. When Ba Hei Long crashed to the ground, Lin Feng slapped him. Ba Hei Long was hurled into a river.

The river was flowing rapidly, but when Ba Hei Long landed in it, his body looked like a dam.

This time, Ba Hei Long didn’t have enough strength to stand back up again. His gigantic dragon body became small, black lights dispersing around him as he turned back into his human form. He looked miserable with all his injuries.

He had big and small wounds everywhere. He also had many broken bones. It was a crushing defeat for him.

Lin Feng walked up to Ba Hei Long and reached out with his left hand. He grabbed Ba Hei Long by the collar and lifted him up. Ba Hei Long was extremely strong and heavy, but when Lin Feng lifted him, it was like he was lifting a little bird. Ba Hei Long’s eyes were filled with flames of fury. He wished he could destroy Lin Feng, but he had no strength anymore.

“What? Still not submitting?? Why don’t you look at me?” asked Lin Feng icily.

Ba Hei Long ground his teeth, but he couldn’t do anything against Lin Feng at all. He had lost. Moreover, it was a crushing defeat! The worst part was that he had the strength of the low-level Supreme God layer, and Lin Feng of the Half-Supreme God layer!

Lin Feng didn’t care, though. He stood in the middle of the kwoon and looked at all the humans around, then he shouted, “This is the stupid beast you all feared, a fucking animal.

“Look at him carefully! Does he look scary? Does he look powerful? He’s just a tiny little pet!” Lin Feng said resolutely. He insulted Ba Hei Long and called him an animal, a pet, etc…

Many people were afraid he had gone too far. What if a beast became the ultimate ruler of San Country? Then humans would be in a perilous situation!

All the humans looked at Ba Hei Long worriedly. He looked completely miserable. Then they looked at Lin Feng. They knew that Lin Feng was trying to spread a message. Right! Why did they need to fear a stupid beast like him?! They were humans, and humans ruled San Country!

If humans were ever ruled over by beasts, it would be a catastrophe. It would actually be a catastrophe for the whole Country of Eternity.

Humans understood that, but understanding and not being afraid of beasts were two different things. There were some humans who didn’t fear dragons, but they were extremely rare.

“I just want to tell you that dragons aren’t the masters of the world. Nobody ever proclaimed dragons were the strongest cultivators in this world, either. What makes them think they can act so proudly?

“Remember, in the world of humans, beasts can never become the ultimate powers. You understand?” Lin Feng said sternly. Then he threw Ba Hei Long onto the ground. Ba Hei Long looked up at Lin Feng furiously, wishing he could continue fighting against Lin Feng.

“What are you doing, looking at me like that? You forgot about our bet? Is that how dragons are? They are not trustworthy? I see, dragons are really incredible and virtuous,” Lin Feng sneered at Ba Hei Long mockingly.

Ba Hei Long’s face stiffened. He hadn’t forgotten about the bet. He just hadn’t thought he’d lose the duel. How could he become Lin Feng’s pet? How could he let Lin Feng ride him?

Lin Feng didn’t care about Ba Hei Long’s reaction. Everybody looked at him in admiration. Lin Feng scratched his head; he was a bit pale as he looked at Yan Tian Jiao, “Miss, can you protect me, I’m going to break through.”

“What, you…?” When Yan Tian Jiao heard Lin Feng, she stared at him with her eyes wide; everybody was astonished. Lin Feng had defeated Ba Hei Long and now he was going to break through? Lin Feng was going to break through to the low-level Supreme God layer?

“Who is he? Where is he from? Why have I never seen him before?”

“Is he from a higher country? Nobody is that young and talented in San Country. He’s probably from a higher country.”

“Where could he be from?”

“In any case, nobody can compete with him here. He’s definitely going to be the champion of the Competition this time.”

Many people started whispering. Lin Feng heard them, but he didn’t care. They were empty words for him.

“So, do you accept or not?” asked Lin Feng. He didn’t feel like talking to Yan Tian Jiao for nothing. His dragon Qi and his pure Qi were fusing together, so his Qi was becoming unstable. He didn’t feel good, so he needed someone to help, that’s why he had asked Yan Tian Jiao.

Yan Tian Jiao glanced at him and nodded. She agreed to help Lin Feng. Even though she could ignore him if she wanted to because they didn’t know each other at all, she agreed to protect him. She didn’t know why, though…

Yan Tian Jiao flashed and landed in front of Lin Feng. A silver spear appeared in her hand and she released her strength of the low-level Supreme God layer.

“If anyone dares attack by surprise, then don’t blame me!”

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