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Chapter 648: First Time in History!


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The kwoon grew restless. Lin Feng had defeated Ba Hei Long, humiliated him, and now Yan Tian Jiao was protecting him. Nobody could disturb Lin Feng while he was breaking through. Lin Feng had instantly become the talk of the town.

Hu Yan Qing looked at him glumly and enviously, his eyes filled with murder. Hu Yan Hao also wanted to kill Lin Feng, because Lin Feng understood what kind of person he was.

If Lin Feng came back to Fortified Village, Hu Yan Qing and his brother would never have the opportunity to become the Leader, because Hu Yan Zan considered Lin Feng a great and strong man, but not his sons.

Lin Feng had instantly noticed what kind of people they were; therefore, Hu Yan Hao was really nervous. He wanted to bring ruin and eternal shame on Lin Feng, the best being if he died.

The two brothers glanced at each other. Lin Feng would finish at least second at the competition, if not first, but the two brothers didn’t intend to thank him, because they hated him. Suddenly, they recalled Xiao Qing.

Lin Feng really cared about Xiao Qing, right? If Xiao Qing had an accident, then…

The two brothers glanced at each other and burst into laughter. If their little plot worked, then Lin Feng would go crazy and they would be extremely happy.

Hu Yan Qing smiled ferociously. Hu Yan Hao’s face was also distorted with hatred. However, they both kept silent.

Everybody remained silent, nobody daring to talk, afraid that Yan Tian Jiao would stab them with her silver spear. Yan Tian Jiao was extremely strong, much stronger than Ba Hei Long. Lin Feng was about to break through now, so if they offended Yan Tian Jiao, she wouldn’t hesitate to crush them.

Ba Hei Long was in pain. He glared at Lin Feng. His feelings mixed. He really wanted to kill Lin Feng, but he couldn’t, he had to give up the idea. If he tried anything dodgy, he would be considered the vilest person of San Country, and even the other dragons would despise him. Dragons were proud. They wouldn’t tolerate any of their kind attacking someone by surprise.

However, they couldn’t let a human ride a dragon, either. Their Young Master was destined to become their Leader in the future, and humiliating him came down to humiliating all of them, and even Ba Hei Long’s own father, the Leader of Black Dragon Village. How could he let a human ride his own son?

Di Qing Long didn’t say anything. He had calmly watched Lin Feng and Ba Hei Long’s battle. In the end, Ba Hei Long had lost. Di Qing Long hadn’t thought that Ba Hei Long would lose so much face. Black dragons and azure dragons couldn’t allow anyone to humiliate them…

But Di Qing Long didn’t care at all, because all this had nothing to do with him.


Time passed slowly.

The sun was scorching at noon. Lin Feng was still seated cross-legged calmly. His Qi kept growing more and more powerful. Yan Tian Jiao was still standing in front of him and could see his Qi was growing stronger.

At dawn the next day, as the sun rose, people saw a terrifying Qi emerge. People could sense it hundreds of li away. It was the Qi of the low-level Supreme God layer!

Lin Feng slowly opened his eyes. Golden lights flashed in his eyes. People didn’t dare look him in the eyes.

Lin Feng spat out a thick thread of Qi, which dispersed in the air. He looked up and saw a beautiful woman in front of him. She was as tall as Tang You You, her Qi was as powerful as Qing Feng’s, but the most important thing was that her personality was extremely similar to Huang Nü’s.

“Thank you, Yan Tian Jiao. I owe you. I will definitely do all I can to return the favor,” Lin Feng said earnestly as he stood up.

Yan Tian Jiao suddenly turned around and looked at him, surprised. She quickly reacted, smiling indifferently. “It’s alright. Prince Lin, you broke through successfully; it’s an honor for San Country.”

“Congratulations, Prince Lin, for having broken through to the low-level Supreme God layer.”

Yan Tian Jiao wasn’t even done talking when the State Teachers hastily ran over to Lin Feng. All the old men curry favored with Lin Feng before looking at Yan Tian Jiao.

Yan Tian Jiao blushed. The few State Teachers were some of her father’s servants. She had a very high social status, so what was happening was a breach of etiquette, but it was a normal thing because new low-level Supreme Gods were rare.

“Prince Lin, forgive them. They just meant to be nice. My father always says that when someone breaks through to the low-level Supreme God layer, they can become one of the State Teachers, but only humans of course. That’s the reason why Ba Hei Long and Di Qing Long didn’t become State Teachers when they broke through to the low-level Supreme God layer,” she explained with a smile.

Lin Feng understood what she meant. San Country really lacked strong cultivators. Now, there was a new low-level Supreme God in San Country, so the State Teachers were extremely happy.


“Thank you for your kindness, Masters, but I’m sorry, I’m not from San Country, so I can’t become a State Teacher,” Lin Feng apologized. He slowly walked over to Ba Hei Long and ignored the State Teachers’ reactions.

“Is there anything you’d like to say?” Lin Feng asked emotionlessly. He had broken through to the low-level Supreme God layer, like Ba Hei Long. But since Lin Feng was already stronger before, now he was much, much stronger.

Ba Hei Long also knew that the difference between Lin Feng and him was increasing. If Lin Feng hadn’t broken through to the low-level Supreme God layer, maybe they could have fought again, but now that Lin Feng had become a low-level Supreme God, it was impossible!

“Nothing. I submit,” Ba Hei Long admitted after a long time.

He lowered his head. Even though he wasn’t willing, he had no choice. Lin Feng had defeated and humiliated him.

Ba Hei Long resigned himself. He would become Lin Feng’s dragon. The humans around were all astonished. Many people stared at Lin Feng and Ba Hei Long; it was difficult to imagine that Ba Hei Long was going to become Lin Feng’s property.

That was something no one in history they knew of had ever managed to do; no human had ever managed to make a dragon submit, nobody had ever managed to ride a dragon! Lin Feng was the first one. He was extremely brave!

Within two hours, everybody in San Country knew about Lin Feng’s incredible achievement, including people from Fortified Village.

When Hu Yan Zan heard about that, he was astonished and couldn’t believe it. He hastily dispatched some servants to go and see what the situation really looked like. Very quickly, his servants came back and confirmed what they had heard. Lin Feng had helped Fortified Village; he was in the top six, he had also defeated one of the Seven Princes of Law, and he had even made Ba Hei Long submit, who was now his dragon.

Lin Feng was the first person in history to make a dragon submit, at least in San Country!

People in Fortified Village heard about it, but the people in Black Dragon Village did as well. When the Leader of Black Dragon Village, Ba Hei Long’s biological father, heard about it, he shouted furiously. How could his son have become Lin Feng’s dragon? How could Lin Feng ride his own son like a pet? The Leader of Black Dragon Village immediately destroyed a palace which belonged to humans when he heard that.

After that, a dozen dragons flew towards Great Village. The Leader wanted them to kill that little low-level Supreme God.

At the same time, the Leader of Azure Dragon Village also took a dozen azure dragons, smiling as they flew towards Great Village. He wanted to see what kind of cultivator had managed to make Ba Hei Long submit. In any case, he was definitely extraordinary!

Lin Feng didn’t look happy at all, he could imagine what was going to happen. Other black dragons would definitely be furious, but Lin Feng wasn’t worried. Since he had managed to make Hei Long submit, then he was confident he’d manage to find a solution.

“Should the Great Competition continue?” Lin Feng asked, smiling at Yan Tian Jiao.

Yan Tian Jiao’s beautiful eyes twinkled. She smiled, knowing what Lin Feng meant. He had defeated Ba Hei Long, so now Lin Feng and her had to fight to determine the champion.

Yan Tian Jiao shook her head and smiled calmly. “No need. You crushed Ba Hei Long with the strength of the Half-Supreme God layer, so you can naturally defeat me now that you have the strength of the low-level Supreme God layer. I yield. You’re the champion.”

Lin Feng was the champion. When he heard that, he smiled. He had kept his promise, and finished first. He was the champion. He remembered when the elders of Fortified Village had looked at him mockingly when he had said that. How would they react now that he had won?

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