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Chapter 649: Dragons’ Power!


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“I did what your village expected from me. You can go back and inform the Leader about it,” Lin Feng said to Hu Yan Qing and his brother. Lin Feng could sense a terrifying Qi coming towards Great Village, approaching at an incredible speed. Lin Feng knew what was going to happen.

Hu Yan Qing and Hu Yan Hao glanced at one another, their eyes angry. But because Lin Feng focused on the terrifying dragon Qi which was approaching Great Village, he didn’t notice their expressions. The two brothers nodded at Lin Feng thankfully. Lin Feng didn’t pay attention to them, he just walked away and over to Ba Hei Long, watching the sky.

Ba Hei Long’s face was extremely pale and his heart kept twitching. He knew that his father was coming with twelve black dragon Dhammapalas. They were angry that he had lost.

“You can leave now. You still have time. If you stay here, it’ll be too late,” Ba Hei Long said to Lin Feng worriedly. He hoped that his father would kill Lin Feng, but he was also afraid that humans would make fun of him if such a thing happened.

Lin Feng knew what Ba Hei Long meant, but he didn’t intend to leave. He didn’t fear anyone. On the contrary, Lin Feng was excited; he couldn’t wait to see the black dragons. To Lin Feng, what was happening wasn’t a disaster, it was a new opportunity.

When Ba Hei Long saw that Lin Feng didn’t intend to leave, he didn’t insist, and he didn’t look nervous, either, he just groaned icily. If he wants to die, it’s his own problem, Ba Hei Long thought to himself. Lin Feng smiled indifferently and waited calmly.

Yan Tian Jiao sensed a terrifying Qi, and immediately called the State Teachers. All the State Teachers stood there and released pure Qi to protect the people, so that none of them would be injured by the dragons’ energies. It would be a catastrophe for San Country if that happened.

“Go and inform the king! The Black Dragon King is coming!” whispered Yan Tian Jiao to the old men. The old men looked grave and solemn as they left. They immediately went to inform the Leader of San Country.


Lin Feng didn’t wait for too long before the black dragons appeared in the sky. They drew closer and closer to Lin Feng. Lin Feng could sense their incredible energies. Many people were so scared that they paled and ran away.

Lin Feng watched them flee grimly. Humans in San Country are so scared of these beasts… That also explains why they enjoy riding beasts so much, come to think of it…

“Father?” Ba Hei Long paled and trembled. He watched the gigantic thousand-zhang-long dragon descend from the sky. Behind him were twelve hundred-zhang-long black dragons. With those thirteen dragons in the sky, the sun and the sky were barely visible anymore. Their Qi hummed and surged around them.

The thirteen dragons landed and turned into their human forms again. The one at the front looked swift and fierce, extremely violent. His eyes were like two sharp swords.

The man wore a black gold crown, and there were a dozen dragon jewels on his robe. Each jewel represented his status and strength.

The man stood there and glanced at Ba Hei Long icily. Ba Hei Long looked miserable. He softly let himself fall to the ground and kowtowed.

The man walked over to Ba Hei Long, his own son, and shouted angrily, “Raise your head!”

When the crowd heard that explosive voice, many people were pushed back ten thousand meters. Many people wanted to leave, but at the same time, they really wanted to see what was going to happen, so they hesitated.

Ba Hei Long raised his head and looked up at his extremely strict father. Suddenly, his cheeks burned and he was slapped away. He crashed to the ground behind Lin Feng. There was an explosion, and a huge crater appeared around Ba Hei Long. Many people shuddered in fear.

Ba Hei Long coughed twice. Blood kept flowing on his cheeks, and his Qi was extremely weak. He crawled back out of the crater. He was still on his knees, looking at the Black Dragon King. He felt extremely humiliated.

The Black Dragon King grunted icily. He flashed up and raised his hand again.

“Enough, Black Dragon King! How dare you treat my mount like that?” shouted Lin Feng loudly. The crowd gaped at him, their mouths hanging open.

Lin Feng looked at the Black Dragon King grimly. He walked over to Ba Hei Long and lifted him up with one hand, tapping him to remove the dust from his clothes. The crowd was stunned when Lin Feng didn’t fear the Black Dragon King.

The Black Dragon King stared at Lin Feng for a long time, then hissed icily, “How audacious and arrogant! You think you can ride one of us dragons?”

“Indeed! I am an audacious, arrogant, and brave human,” replied Lin Feng calmly and fearlessly after he heard the Black Dragon King. He even smiled.

The Black Dragon King was surprised. Lin Feng was an outstanding young man, but he still couldn’t let Lin Feng use his son as a pet!

“I’ll give you an opportunity. Cancel the bet and I’ll let you off!” stated the Black Dragon King furiously and firmly.

The Black Dragon King was a noble dragon, but he didn’t look noble at all right now.

“What? What you mean is that black dragons don’t keep their promises?” Lin Feng retorted, ignoring the Black Dragon King. He kept smiling and pretended to be confused.

The Black Dragon King looked at him grimly. His eyes were filled with death; he was extremely angry. However, he smiled icily, “Hehe… The younger generations will surpass us in time… How come you are so confident and arrogant?” asked the Black Dragon King.

Everybody looked at Lin Feng with pity.

The Black Dragon King flashed and landed in front of Lin Feng. He reached out and grasped Lin Feng’s shoulder firmly. Lin Feng did the same, stretching out his hand and putting it on the Black Dragon King’s shoulder.

Suddenly, everybody sensed two sorts of dragon energy! They were all astonished, including Yan Tian Jiao and Ba Hei Long.

The Black Dragon King had dragon energy, that was to be expected, but Lin Feng? How come a terrifying demon dragon energy had emerged from his body? Everybody was completely astonished.

Yan Tian Jiao was confused and staring at Lin Feng. This man was extremely mysterious…

The Black Dragon King hadn’t expected Lin Feng to have such a pure demon dragon energy. Lin Feng stared back at the Black Dragon King. The atmosphere became very heavy.

Neither of them attacked, but the crowd could sense that both their dragon energies were intensifying. The atmosphere became very tense.

Lin Feng had fused together with a demon dragon once, and retained part of his energy, but he usually suppressed it. He could still use it though, especially now that he had the strength of the low-level Supreme God layer.

The Black Dragon King initially wanted to use dragon energy to make Lin Feng submit, but it was a failure. Lin Feng could use dragon energy as well!

Time passed slowly. When the Azure Dragon King and his twelve azure dragon Dhammapalas arrived, the Black Dragon King and Lin Feng seemed to be in a meditative state. Their dragon energies kept colliding in a subtle way. Nobody dared get close to them.

The Azure Dragon King frowned in astonishment when he saw that. In the end, he waved and had his son, Di Qing Long, come to him. Di Qing Long explained everything to him.

When the Azure Dragon King heard all that, he was astonished. A human who had dragon energy? His dragon Qi was as powerful as many strong dragons!

The Azure Dragon King couldn’t believe his eyes. He smiled quickly, flashing over and landing in front of Lin Feng and the Black Dragon King. He put one hand on Lin Feng’s shoulder and one hand on the Black Dragon King’s shoulder. Three people, six pairs of eyes, a connection. Three different sorts of dragon energies started intertwining.

“Oh no, hurry up and run!” shouted Yan Tian Jiao, paling. She was terrified. She yelled for all the people to leave.

However, those stupid people wanted to see what was going to happen, so they didn’t leave and were going to have to bear the consequences…


Suddenly, the dragon energies exploded and the stupid people who had decided to stay behind died. Thousands of observers were killed instantly. None of them survived.

Silence, deadly silence.

Nobody said anything anymore. The atmosphere grew extremely calm.

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