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Chapter 650: Two Dragons as Mounts!


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After a very long time, some people who were far away decided to leave after what had happened to those who were closer to the center. In the blink of an eye, there wasn’t anyone around anymore. Thousands of people had died, after all.

Yan Tian Jiao watched those who were running away, then laughed mockingly. Those stupid people, she thought. She had warned everyone, but they hadn’t listened to her…

With such people, how could San Country not be backward and underdeveloped? How could San Country progress like this? How could they become more powerful? How could they become a high-level country?

Yan Tian Jiao was angry inside. She had lofty ideals and ambition for San Country. She wanted San Country to become as strong as the other countries. But now she was a bit disappointed. San Country was probably going to collapse someday.

“Azure Dragon King, why are you causing trouble here?” asked the Black Dragon King, removing his hand from Lin Feng’s shoulder, and also recalling his dragon energy.

The Azure Dragon King ignored the Black Dragon King. He seemed excited as he looked at Lin Feng and smiled, “Little friend, let’s go and chat.”

“Azure Dragon King, don’t imagine that’s possible. Even if you invite him, he’s not coming. Don’t forget that my son has become his mount. If he goes somewhere, it’ll be to Black Dragon Village!” interrupted the Black Dragon King hastily.

The two dragon kings’ conversation was a bit strange. Yan Tian Jiao and Ba Hei Long were astonished, especially Ba Hei Long. His father and the twelve black dragon Dhammapalas had come, but what for? Wasn’t it to kill Lin Feng? Why did he want to invite Lin Feng to Black Dragon Village now? He even admitted that his son was Lin Feng’s mount?

What had just happened? Ba Hei Long couldn’t imagine becoming Lin Feng’s mount, how could that change?

“Hehe, Black Dragon King, I thought face was the most important thing for you. You want to invite someone to Black Dragon Village who wants to use your son as a mount?” retorted the Azure Dragon King mockingly.

The Black Dragon King looked at him stonily and pulled a long face. He didn’t want his son to become someone’s mount, but things couldn’t change anymore. They had had a small confrontation using dragon energy, and he hadn’t had the advantage.

Ba Hei Long would become an ordinary mount? At least, Lin Feng had dragon energy, and his dragon energy was almost as powerful as a dragon king! It couldn’t really be considered a humiliation as such anymore.

The Azure Dragon King understood that Lin Feng was extraordinary, so he wanted to get close to him.

“Azure Dragon King, we do indeed care about face, but I changed my mind; I can’t prevent this little friend from using my son as his mount!” exclaimed the Black Dragon King aggressively. That way, the Azure Dragon King couldn’t contradict him anymore. The Black Dragon King immediately walked to Ba Hei Long and lifted him up by the collar aggressively.

After that, he punched him. Ba Hei Long turned into an illusory hundred-zhang-long black dragon.

“Little friend, my son is now your mount,” smiled the Black Dragon King.

Lin Feng remained expressionless. He flashed onto Ba Hei Long’s back. The hundred-zhang-long dragon rotated in the sky. Ba Hei Long howled loudly. His terrifying dragon energy soared to the skies. Lin Feng shouted out as well, and a mountain exploded nearby.

“Go down!” shouted Lin Feng, standing on Ba Hei Long’s back. Ba Hei Long flew extremely quickly, but Lin Feng still stood on his back steadily. Ba Hei Long gave up and obeyed. He wanted to make Lin Feng lose face, but he had failed.

He had to accept his fate and resign himself. His father had even agreed to hand his son over to Lin Feng, so he had no choice anymore…

Ba Hei Long landed on the ground. His claws left marks in the ground. Lin Feng hopped off his back and Ba Hei Long turned into a human again, standing behind Lin Feng. He now had to get used to it; he was a dragon, and Lin Feng was a dragon rider!

“Lin Feng, little friend, would you like to come to Black Dragon Village?” asked the Black Dragon King excitedly. At the beginning, he wanted to crush Lin Feng, but now he had changed his mind. Yan Tian Jiao couldn’t believe her eyes.

Hu Yan Hao and Hu Yan Qing hadn’t left. Fang Jun Sheng and the others hadn’t left, either. They all gaped in amazement, especially Ya Wu Hen. He had warned Lin Feng that he would be in a very perilous situation if he continued, and yet Lin Feng kept succeeding!

He smiled wryly, realizing how ridiculous he was. Even though he was the Third Prince of Law, he had nothing to be proud of. Now Lin Feng had drawn two dragon kings’ attention!

“Little friend, you can always come to Azure Dragon Village as well. You’ll be welcome there!” declared the Azure Dragon King. Di Qing Long understood what the Azure Dragon King wanted to do.

“Little friend, one dragon is not enough. Little dragon, you know what to do,” said the Azure Dragon King, looking at Di Qing Long calmly.

Di Qing Long sighed. Even though he felt a bit humiliated, he had to accept it for the future of his clan. He felt miserable and humiliated. He now understood what Ba Hei Long felt like.

But Di Qing Long couldn’t do anything. He had to obey.

Di Qing Long grunted, then looked at Lin Feng and rose up in the air before turning into a hundred-zhang-long azure dragon. He looked at Lin Feng with his gigantic eyes and the whole crowd heard a dragon chant.

Lin Feng looked at the Azure Dragon King. The Azure Dragon King was smiling and pointing at Di Qing Long. He was happy to give his son to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng’s expression didn’t change. He smiled; why would he refuse? He flashed onto Di Qing Long’s back. He grabbed Di Qing Long’s gigantic horns, and Di Qing Long flew around.

As the crowd looked at them in admiration, Di Qing Long and Lin Feng made a few circles in the sky. Di Qing Long had ended up like Ba Hei Long, he had to submit to Lin Feng. The crowd didn’t see that Lin Feng punched Di Qing Long a few times high up in the sky to fix his arrogance.

Di Qing Long landed on the ground, and Lin Feng leapt off his back as Di Qing Long turned into a human again. The whole process didn’t last long, and then the crowd sensed that his Qi had decreased. But in the end, Di Qing Long was better off than Ba Hei Long.

Ba Hei Long looked at Di Qing Long, and saw some bleeding wounds. He smiled in satisfaction. Ba Hei Long knew how Di Qing Long felt, and it made him feel better.

Di Qing Long looked back at Ba Hei Long competitively. He was smarter than Ba Hei Long, so he quickly accepted his fate.

No matter what, everywhere in San Country and in the Country of Eternity in general, dragons were proud, they had never been ridden by humans, but Lin Feng had managed to make them submit! Now he even had two dragons, the first time in history!

“Little dragon, be a good little boy. Don’t release your anger on our little friend,” said the Black Dragon King to Ba Hei Long.

“Little dragon, follow Lin Feng and listen to him,” said the Azure Dragon King to Di Qing Long. The Azure Dragon King stepped in front of Di Qing Long and they whispered a few things to one another, but nobody knew what. Di Qing Long’s eyes twinkled though.

“Father, really? Lin Feng is…?” asked Di Qing Long. He was astonished.

“Really. So when he trusts you, ask him to help you change your body. When you come back, you’ll be a supreme dragon god, you understand?”

“I understand, father. I will do my best. I don’t want to disappoint you,” said Di Qing Long, smiling broadly. He wasn’t unhappy to be Lin Feng’s mount anymore.

The Black Dragon King also told his son a few things. Ba Hei Long was stupefied and extremely happy. He had never felt so excited in his life. His eyes twinkled with joy as well now, and he laughed loudly. He would now be proud to tell people he was Lin Feng’s mount!

Lin Feng looked at Ba Hei Long and Di Qing Long; he wanted to laugh but he controlled himself. He had never thought he’d obtain two dragon princes as his mounts someday.

Maybe it really was thanks to the demon dragon Qi he had!

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