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Chapter 651: Which One Are You?


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“Lin Feng, little friend, my son is yours. Please take good care of him.”

“Lin Feng, little friend, please take good care of my son. Please try to protect him. Don’t let him die. Don’t be too hard on him either, he’s a grown-up and not a child anymore after all.”

The two dragon kings were heaping words upon him. Lin Feng had the impression he had become an incredibly strong cultivator. Two dragon kings had entrusted their children to him. He could ride two dragons now. What an honor! Lin Feng smiled wryly. Was it all just because he was partly a demon dragon?

“Don’t worry. I will not put them in danger. They’re my mounts, after all. I will protect them.” promised Lin Feng to the two dragon kings but there was something strange about what he said, but people weren’t sure what exactly.

The Seven Princes of Law, Yan Tian Jiao and all the disciples in the distance were astonished and staring blankly at Lin Feng. Everybody drew closer to Lin Feng again. He had amazed them several times in such a short time… and now two dragons kings had entrusted their children to him?

The two dragon kings left with their Dhammapalas. But they weren’t the talk of the town, Lin Feng was, so people didn’t really pay attention to them.

“Prince Lin, do you want to come to the imperial palace to see my father?” asked Yan Tian Jiao, smiling excitedly. She really wanted to introduce Lin Feng to her father. That way, Lin Feng would also stay a little longer in San Country.

Lin Feng looked at Yan Tian Jiao. He initially didn’t want to meet this woman’s father, and he had many wives already. Hanging out with women was always risky, but now, he had no choice, because she had protected him while he was breaking through. He couldn’t forget such an important thing. He owed her.

Lin Feng nodded. He agreed to go and see her father, the only high-level Supreme God in San Country. The strongest cultivator Lin Feng had ever seen was Ancestor Kong, a medium-level Supreme God.

How strong were high-level Supreme Gods? Lin Feng was really curious. Maybe he would even be able to ask him for some advice? Maybe it was an opportunity to learn from him. Thinking about that, Lin Feng didn’t think it was that annoying to go and see the ruler of San Country.


Lin Feng followed Yan Tian Jiao. The State Teachers smiled and opened the way for Lin Feng. People stared at Lin Feng until he disappeared from their field of view.

Some people watched him with admiration and respect, but some others looked at him enviously, or even with hatred. Hu Yan Qing was one of them, and even worse, he wished he could crush Lin Feng.

Hu Yan Qing couldn’t stand seeing the woman he wanted leaving with Lin Feng. Yan Tian Jiao and Lin Feng were chatting, laughing and walking shoulder to shoulder. It was an unbearable thing to see. Most importantly, Hu Yan Qing felt like a nobody next to Lin Feng.


“Brother, don’t worry. He’ll pay the price for his actions soon,” said Hu Yan Hao icily. Hu Yan Qing smiled as evilly as his brother.

They were definitely brothers. No matter the tensions that existed between them, they were the same, and because of Lin Feng, they preferred forgetting about the past. That way, they could focus on their common enemy.

Lin Feng had no idea that those two people hated him, especially since he was well-intentioned and had helped them wholeheartedly.


San Country’s imperial palace was splendid and magnificent. There were beautiful golden balustrades. There was a long corridor, hundreds of meters long. Everything was made of gold and dazzling.

There was a stone bridge crossing a river. The water was so clear that one could see the bottom, and the fish within. On both sides of the water, there were rustling leaves. Lin Feng saw some snakes crawling freely on the leaves.

After they crossed the bridge, Lin Feng saw many palaces. Each palace was a hundred meters high, and made of bluestone. Their pillars were gigantic. From far away, it seemed that those buildings were all densely packed, but once inside, one could see they were actually far apart from the others.

Yan Tian Jiao brought Lin Feng inside one of them. They walked through a corridor with emerald green gardens on both sides. In the end, they arrived in front of a simple and quiet room and entered it.

“Prince Lin, wait here. I’m going to call my father. He’ll be here shortly,” said Yan Tian Jiao, slowly closing the door and heading back outside. Lin Feng listened to the sound of her steps. Considering the sound of her steps, he guessed she was already very, very far away in just a short time.

Lin Feng didn’t get angry because of that. He was going to meet San Country’s Leader, after all, a high-level Supreme God. Lin Feng was only a low-level Supreme God, He had no right to act arrogantly.

Lin Feng calmly stood in the room and looked out of the window. He hadn’t felt this relaxed for a long time. Since he had arrived in San Country, he hadn’t had the opportunity to relax. Now, finally, he could.


After Yan Tian Jiao left the room, she didn’t go to see her father immediately. She went to an even quieter courtyard, and opened one of the doors; a man in white clothes was inside.

“Fellow disciple, I’ve found the man you asked me to investigate,” said Yan Tian Jiao, looking at the white-clothed man respectfully.

The man in white clothes seemed extremely happy, and asked hastily, “Where is he?”

“In an auxiliary palace; do you want me to take you there?” asked Yan Tian Jiao. She didn’t know what to think. Why did her fellow disciple want to know more about Lin Feng? She even had to investigate him without anybody knowing about it.

“Good. Bring me to him. I want to see how strong the man our teacher told us about is,” the man in white clothes nodded. He slowly stood up. Yan Tian Jiao led the way.


Very quickly, they arrived outside the auxiliary palace. Yan Tian Jiao stopped and said, “Fellow disciple, I’m going to see my father. I think he also wants to see Lin Feng.”

“Alright, you can go,” the man in white clothes nodded. Yan Tian Jiao quickly disappeared into the distance. The man turned around; he was about to open the door, but then he hesitated and finally decided to knock first.

“Come in,” Lin Feng said. The man was skeptical on hearing him; was it really him?

When the man heard that familiar voice, he opened the door. When they saw each other, they were both stupefied.

“You?” “You?” Lin Feng and the man in white clothes spoke at the same time. They remembered that nice moment they had shared over drinks at the top of the mountain. They hadn’t told each other who they were, but they had enjoyed spending time together.

He had hoped he’d manage to see Lin Feng again. He wasn’t disappointed.

He was indeed happy to see him again, very happy!

Lin Feng looked at the man in white clothes skeptically; this man definitely wasn’t the Leader of San Country, he only had the strength of the low-level Supreme God layer.

“So, will you tell me who you are now?” Lin Feng smiled. Lin Feng could understand why the man hadn’t introduced himself the day they had met, but now the situation was different. They were in the imperial palace. Lying about his social status was pointless here.

The man smiled back. Before telling Lin Feng his name, he held out his left hand; two words were written on it.

Lin Feng’s smile stiffened. “Which one are you?”

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