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Chapter 652: Sudden Unforeseen Events, Crushing Lin Feng!


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“I am Mister Time and Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor’s fellow disciple. Which one could I be?” asked the man in white clothes, smiling.

“Zhi Ze Chen? You’re Zhi Ze Chen? Ancestor Kong’s fifth disciple, Zhi Ze Chen?” asked Lin Feng. Lin Feng had not thought one of Ancestor Kong’s disciples would still be in San Country.

Ancestor Kong had told Lin Feng that his disciples were extremely proud. His great disciple Cang Ming Shi, his second disciple Mo Lun Hui, his third disciple Dong Guo Lang, his fourth disciple, and his fifth disciple Zhi Ze Chen had all left the Continent of the Gods to come to Gods Country.

Ancestor Kong had told Lin Feng his disciples were all cultivators at the top of the Godly Emperor Layer, but it wasn’t the case; Zhi Ze Chen had already broken through to the low-level Supreme God layer.

“You can’t believe it?” said Zhi Ze Chen, smiling kindly. Zhi Ze Chen liked people who were from the Continent of the Gods in general, because it was his homeland.

“How do you know about me?” asked Lin Feng, shaking his head. How could Zhi Ze Chen recognize him? Had Ancestor Kong told him about Lin Feng?

Zhi Ze Chen quickly replied, “My teacher and my fellow disciple Mister Time told me that Xu Gan had left the Continent of the Gods with someone called Lin Feng. My teacher told me to take care of you, but now it seems…” Zhi Ze Chen smiled, “You’re pretty strong. You don’t need me to protect you.”

“You’re flattering me. I am just a young cultivator who came here to practice a little,” Lin Feng replied, shaking his head humbly.

Zhi Ze Chen smiled strangely. Lin Feng didn’t know what that smile meant, and didn’t ask, either.

“Alright, you’re progressing really quickly. What a relief. I’ve heard that you were the Ruler of the Continent of the Gods?

“Not bad. You’re much more talented than Xuan Yuan. I’ve also heard that there were tensions between you and Xuan Yuan?

“What kind of tensions? Is it because of his selfishness? Did he use you and get rid of you after? Haha, sorry, it’s alright. Curiosity killed the cat.

“I’ve heard that you were the champion of the Great Competition. Not bad, young man! Back in the days when I arrived in San Country, I also participated in the Great Competition and finished first. After that, I stayed here.

“Haha! Anyway, sorry, I’m really talkative.”

Lin Feng was a bit surprised. Indeed, Zhi Ze Chen was really a chatterbox. It seemed like he was a completely different person from the first time.

Zhi Ze Chen kept talking, though. He told Lin Feng everything about when he had arrived in San Country. He was happy to have someone to tell his story to.


After an hour, things calmed down again. Zhi Ze Chen had left the room. Lin Feng took a deep breath. He had started wondering whether Ancestor Kong hadn’t sent him to the Country of Eternity because of Zhi Ze Chen.

After a short time, Yan Tian Jiao came back, but she wasn’t alone. A middle-aged man was next to her. No Qi emerged from him at all, as if he were hiding his Qi on purpose, like an assassin.

The middle-aged man wasn’t tall, and was wearing simple clothes. He was behind Yan Tian Jiao, but then he walked over to Lin Feng.

“Prince Lin, sorry for making you wait for so long,” said Yan Tian Jiao apologetically making a few hasty steps towards Lin Feng. Yan Tian Jiao looked like a real noble lady at that moment, less masculine than before.

“It’s alright. I don’t mind,” Lin Feng said, smiling calmly and nodding. Then he looked at the middle-aged man. Lin Feng sensed absolutely no Qi from the man, and it made him feel uneasy.

Suddenly, Yan Tian Jiao’s expression changed drastically. Her father suddenly disappeared, then reappeared in front of Lin Feng and slapped him violently. Lin Feng was blown away.

Lin Feng had the impression half of his face had been crushed. It felt completely numb. The man was extremely strong. He crashed against the wall, which nearly collapsed.

“Father, what are you doing!” shouted Yan Tian Jiao furiously. Then she ran towards Lin Feng and tried to help him stand up, however, while she was helping him stand up, a blurry silhouette appeared, and Lin Feng had the impression his bones were being crushed.

Phwap, phwap! Lin Feng was smashed away again. He crashed thousands of meters away in a courtyard, a gigantic crater appearing around him. His whole body ached.

Lin Feng didn’t understand. Why would the Leader of San Country treat him like this? Lin Feng was furious. Why did the Leader hit him like that?

“Even if I can’t defeat you, I am not afraid of you!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. His eyes were suddenly bloodshot. He released his demon Qi, and everybody sensed an incredible demon Qi fill the air.

Lin Feng flashed and used as much Qi as he could, aimed at the man’s chest. However, the man didn’t avoid him. On the contrary, he opened his arms. He let Lin Feng’s fist strike his chest.

Boom, boom! An explosion spread in the air. When hearing that kind of sound, one would think that the Leader had exploded, but in fact…

He just raised his head and looked at Lin Feng icily. He reached out his hand and firmly grabbed Lin Feng’s hand. Then he pressed down on it with brute force and threw him away. Lin Feng crashed against a wall, which collapsed as Lin Feng crashed to the ground.

Lin Feng coughed. His eyes weren’t bloodshot anymore. He wanted to stand up, but his entire body was throbbing, his bones, his muscles… He nearly collapsed.

The Leader of San Country looked at Lin Feng indifferently, then he looked around and said coldly, “State Teachers?”

“Here!” “Here!” replied two State Teachers instantly. Their Qi of the low-level Supreme God layer filled the air. They looked at the Leader respectfully.

Yan Tian Jiao’s father looked at Lin Feng coolly, then looked at the two old men and said, “Put him in the prison and tie him up with golden chains. Don’t let him out without my permission.”


The State Teachers had to obey the Leader. The two old men ignored Yan Tian Jiao’s imploring look. They walked over to Lin Feng, grabbed him and dragged him off to the prison.

Yan Tian Jiao’s expression was crestfallen. She didn’t understand, and was devastated. Why had her father changed so suddenly? She had talked about Lin Feng to her father before and things didn’t seem like they were going to happen this way.

“Father, you-”


As Yan Tian Jiao was going to ask her father what was happening, but he instantly slapped her violently. Yan Tian Jiao’s cheek went numb.

Yan Tian Jiao burst into tears and looked at her father furiously, then ran away.

The Leader looked after Yan Tian Jiao helplessly. Then, he sighed and said, “Don’t blame your father. I had to do that. Otherwise, San Country would be destroyed…

“Lin Feng, Lin Feng… who did you offend? Three high-level Supreme Gods joined hands… and forced me to imprison you,” whispered the Leader, gazing into the distance.

Then, he saw Zhi Ze Chen.

“Is there anything you’d like to say?” asked the expressionless Leader impatiently.

Zhi Ze Chen looked at him icily and said, “Why did you do that to Lin Feng? Don’t you know that he-”

“I know. I know Ancestor Kong cares about him a lot. I also know about his primal chaos body, but I had to do that.”

“Give me a reason,” said Zhi Ze Chen icily.

The atmosphere became oppressive. The Leader looked at him sternly. Zhi Ze Chen and the Leader just stared at each other.

After a long time, the Leader sighed and said stonily, “Have you ever seen what it looks like when three high-level Supreme Gods join hands to kill a young man?”

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