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Chapter 653: Furious, Killing A State Teacher!


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“Why? Which three high-level Supreme Gods asked you to do that?” asked Zhi Ze Chen sharply. He didn’t understand. Lin Feng was almost like a fellow disciple to him, Ancestor Kong’s disciple. Why did the Leader of San Country need to do that? Something was pressuring him…

High-level Supreme Gods were much stronger than Ancestor Kong. He didn’t understand anything though; Lin Feng hadn’t been in Gods Country for very long, and he hadn’t offended anyone. He had no enemies, apart from the Leader of San Country!

“The three high-level Supreme Gods of the Lun Bi Empire. They want Lin Feng to be imprisoned forever; otherwise, they’ll destroy San Country. I had no choice,” said the Leader of San Country guiltily. He had no choice and now his daughter misunderstood him, and Zhi Ze Chen didn’t understand either… but if the Leader of San Country hadn’t done that, San Country would have been destroyed. The people of San Country could have all been slaughtered because of him.

Zhi Ze Chen looked perplexed. The Lun Bi Empire? Also known as the Lun Bi Clan… But what was the link between Lin Feng and the Lun Bi Clan? How did they even know that Lin Feng was in Gods Country? He didn’t understand at all.

“So you intend to keep Lin Feng imprisoned forever?” Zhi Ze Chen asked the Leader.

“For now, at least. We’ll see,” said the Leader of San Country. He didn’t give a categorical answer. He had to act on a daily basis and see if he obtained news from the high-level Supreme Gods. If they allowed him to, he would release Lin Feng.

Zhi Ze Chen nodded. He understood how the Leader felt. It was useless to continue talking. He left immediately. He didn’t go back to his residence, completely disappearing from the palace.


The prison was dark, people couldn’t see the sky from there, there were no windows. Only the biggest offenders were imprisoned in there. The State Teachers brought Lin Feng to the last cell. It was different from the other cells. The Leader of San Country had made it himself, and it was protected by an incredible formation. Nobody could escape from it.

Lin Feng was tied up in chains. The two State Teachers threw him into the cell. Lin Feng didn’t react aggressively. He seemed extremely calm and composed.

“Hehe, I don’t know why the Leader wants to imprison you, but you must have offended someone.”

“Little boy, we proposed you join us and become a State Teacher, but you refused. You deserve to be imprisoned!”

“Haha, You think you’re amazing, huh? You’re just a low-level Supreme God, you just broke through a little bit earlier than us. There’s nothing amazing about you.”

The two State Teachers didn’t smile. They looked at Lin Feng proudly and icily. They even seemed disgusted.

“Bah! You’ll die here,” said one of the State Teachers, spitting at Lin Feng’s feet. Even though it didn’t reach Lin Feng, Lin Feng was still furious.

The man looked at Lin Feng and saw that he was angry.

“Let’s go,” said the old man, getting ready to leave. However, when he turned around, a terrifying gloomy demon Qi filled the air. The two old men saw demon Qi surge out and surround them. Lin Feng stood up. Even though his hands and feet were tied up, Lin Feng grabbed the peculiar long chains and threw them in the direction of the old man who had spat at him.

The old man’s face paled. He started to panic, glaring at Lin Feng angrily. It was the first time he had ever had the impression he was going to die.

“How… How audacious! You dare attack me?!” shouted the old man furiously. He was terrified, but he still threatened Lin Feng. However, it just kindled Lin Feng’s flames of fury.

“You’re going to die today,” Lin Feng said, smiling icily. The two old men looked at Lin Feng, who looked like a smiling death god. The old men were so terrified that they forgot they could move freely.

Lin Feng ground his teeth. He held his chains around the old man’s neck, the old man turned paler and paler; his eyes were bloodshot, his Qi was extremely weak. He looked like a dying old man.

“Prince Lin, stop!” shouted a voice from outside. Yan Tian Jiao rushed inside. She looked panicked-stricken, especially when she saw that Lin Feng was about to kill the old man.

Lin Feng looked at Yan Tian Jiao icily, then smiled bloodthirstily. He pulled the chains with deadly force. Bones crackled. The old man’s eyes were wide open, but he didn’t struggle anymore. He just softly collapsed.

Lin Feng smiled icily as he pushed the old man’s corpse away. He then walked to the wall of the cell and sat down, breathing quickly. He was still confused. He didn’t understand why the Leader of San Country had done all this to him. Now, he had just used lots of strength to kill the State Teacher and his Qi was quite weak.

Yan Tian Jiao was astonished. She looked at the old man’s corpse on the ground, her face paling. She looked even paler when she saw the purple marks around the old man’s neck.

“You… You… You killed the State Teacher?” said Yan Tian Jiao. She rarely looked furious, but this time, she was really angry.

“Don’t worry. I’ll slaughter him, Miss,” said the other old man, turning around and looking at Yan Tian Jiao kindly, as she were one of his family members. He clenched his fists and threw himself at Lin Feng.

“Oh?” Lin Feng just glanced at him indifferently. The old man was terrified when he saw Lin Feng’s bloodshot eyes. Lin Feng had no Qi left, but he still scared the old man to death. The old man’s felt that his soul had almost dispersed.

“Move back,” Yan Tian Jiao ordered the old man icily. The old man took a deep breath. He bowed before Yan Tian Jiao and ran over to the old man’s corpse. He grabbed it and left with the corpse.

Many people burst into mad laughter in the prison. They all laughed so hard that the whole dungeon trembled. The State Teachers usually humiliated these offenders, but now Lin Feng had killed one of them, so they were really happy.

Yan Tian Jiao opened the cell. Lin Feng was seated there, Yan Tian Jiao was standing there, so she lowered her eyes and looked at him.

Lin Feng looked calm and indifferent. He didn’t feel guilty at having killed a man, it felt more like he had killed an evil and disgusting beast.

Yan Tian Jiao shuddered with fear. She had considered Lin Feng a hero before, now she considered him an evil demon. She was scared.

“You just killed one of our State Teachers… There are only twelve State Teachers in San Country… All the State Teachers are precious treasures for San Country… How did you dare kill him?” Yan Tian Jiao didn’t know what to think. She looked at him skeptically.

Lin Feng raised his head. He had an ice-cold killing smile. He said icily, “I killed him, so what? I don’t need to justify myself.”

“Go to my father and confess your crime. Maybe he’ll forgive you,” said Yan Tian Jiao, biting her lips helplessly.

“No need. Do you think your father will ever release me?” Lin Feng replied, shaking his head. Yan Tian Jiao paled and took three steps backwards. She nodded and smiled sadly.

“Alright, alright… You’re strong, but you’ll see, someday, my father will crush you to mush,” said Yan Tian Jiao. She left Lin Feng’s cell and ran away. Lin Feng looked after her glumly.

“I am ready to bear the responsibility for what I did. I am not afraid!” stated Lin Feng coldly. He looked at the chains. They were quite powerful…


The death of a State Teacher was a grave and serious event in San Country. When the Leader learned that Lin Feng had furiously killed a State Teacher, he was quite angry and furiously hammered a chair with his fist, crushing it. When a high-level Supreme God was furious, everybody in San Country could feel it. Many people were interrupted in their cultivation.

The Black Dragon King and the Azure dragon King also heard that Lin Feng had killed a State Teacher in his cell. The two kings were worried about their sons. Wouldn’t all of this affect their sons? They gave some people the order to go and pick up Di Qing Long and Ba Hei Long and bring them back to the dragon villages. After that, they wouldn’t be allowed to leave.

Ba Hei Long refused. Since he had already become Lin Feng’s mount, he wanted to stay with Lin Feng. He wanted to go to the imperial palace of San Country to find Lin Feng. The Black Dragon King shuddered with anxiety and fear when he heard Ba Hei Long’s message. In the end, he had no choice but to force into a coma, bring him back to the Black Dragon King, and have the Dhammapalas protect him. They were allowed to let Ba Hei Long leave without his permission.

Di Qing Long was happy that Lin Feng was imprisoned. He didn’t need to be his mount anymore that way, and on top of that, the whole situation could turn into an opportunity.

Because of Lin Feng, the whole country would sink into chaos!

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