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Chapter 654: Deliberately Making Things Difficult!


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“Teacher, what do you intend to do with Lin Feng?” Zhi Ze Chen asked respectfully, standing at the top of an unknown mountain. He was in front of an old man in white clothes.

The old man in white clothes had his hands clasped behind his back. His long robe was fluttering in the wind, looking heroic and powerful. When the old man heard Zhi Ze Chen, he frowned, turned around and replied, “Don’t get involved. You cannot imagine what his enemies’ identities is like. You shouldn’t get involved, or you’ll get in trouble.”

“But teacher… Don’t you support Lin Feng?” said Zhi Ze Chen. He didn’t understand. He looked at the old man with his eyes wide. He hadn’t thought that Ancestor Kong would say that.

“I do support Lin Feng. I even asked Mister Time to bring him to this world. Initially, I hoped he would become my heir, however…”

Ancestor Kong suddenly pulled a long face. He seemed unhappy, yet helpless. It was difficult to understand what he was really thinking.

Zhi Ze Chen had never seen his teacher like this. His teacher looked perplexed and confused. His teacher was normally always calm, unconcerned with worldly affairs. Zhi Ze Chen couldn’t understand what Ancestor Kong was feeling.

“Anyway, stop asking about it. The situation is extremely complex. We can’t take care of Lin Feng. If he can survive, then he’s lucky. Otherwise…” Ancestor Kong waved his hand.

Zhi Ze Chen didn’t understand, and didn’t know what to say. After a long time, Zhi Ze Chen finally nodded. Since Ancestor Kong said that, then the situation was really complex. He was a medium-level Supreme God and he couldn’t do anything, even for the one he had hoped would become his heir.

Zhi Ze Chen left the mountain. Ancestor Kong stood there silently, but he could sense some Qi which didn’t belong to San Country. It was a powerful Qi.

Ancestor Kong didn’t care that Lin Feng was in danger. Zhi Ze Chen understood that. Lin Feng had to do his best to survive from now on. Zhi Ze Chen sighed. Poor Lin Feng… He had started cultivation in a small world, he had progressed so much; it would be a pity if he died in the Country of Eternity!

But Zhi Ze Chen could understand what was going on now, because anything was possible in the Country of Eternity. Many extremely strong young geniuses were killed every day. No matter how strong and famous a Supreme God was, they could always become someone’s stepping stone and be killed.

Zhi Ze Chen sensed a powerful humming Qi. He couldn’t imagine what was going to happen. He really hoped Lin Feng wouldn’t be killed, especially in his cell in the imperial palace of San Country.

That’s the only solution. What else could he do?, thought Zhi Ze Chen with a pained look. Three high-level Supreme Gods wanted to kill Lin Feng, after all!

It was always the same thing; strong cultivators had power over weak cultivators.

That was the law of the jungle. The weak were the prey of the strong… Lin Feng probably understood that more than ever.


It felt cold in the prison of San Country’s imperial palace. Many people were imprisoned there. Many people admired the one who was in the last cell of the prison, the one who had killed a State Teacher.

Lin Feng was seated in his cell. The air was putrid, and smelled like blood. There was dry blood in the cell. Lin Feng didn’t mind, though. The only thing that made him angry was that at the beginning everything was fine, he had become the champion of San Country, and now he was in a prison cell. In the future, he wouldn’t be able to become the real ruler of that place, and that future was really uncertain.

Lin Feng wasn’t stupid; he understood that his situation was extremely complex. Even the Leader of San Country couldn’t compete with those people. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have treated Lin Feng like this.

But Lin Feng never forgot when someone did him wrong. Since the Leader of San Country had agreed to do what those people had asked him to do, he had accepted becoming Lin Feng’s enemy, and Lin Feng never forgave his enemies. If Lin Feng had the chance to leave that cell someday, he would definitely settle accounts.


A disciple brought a plate and a cup to Lin Feng. He stopped in front of his cell, crouched down, and threw the food and the liquid on the floor. It all scattered there. Lin Feng smelled the rot. The disciple stood up and got ready to leave.

“Pick up the food,” Lin Feng said, his head low. He didn’t look at the disciple, but he sounded dignified and majestic. When the disciple heard that, he paled as he looked at Lin Feng. Suddenly, he had the impression he was facing a demon, the demon who had killed a State Teacher just the day before.

“You… You better not act too arrogantly. I don’t fear you,” said the disciple resolutely. He got ready to walk away. He didn’t feel like staying there anymore at all.

He tried to walk away, but his whole body was stiff. He started to panic. He looked at Lin Feng and saw his bloodshot eyes. He was scared to death.

“I told you… to pick up the food,” Lin Feng said expressionlessly. He looked at the disciple as if he were looking at a walking corpse.

The man paled. He was usually proud, arrogant, and extremely conceited, especially in the prison, because he enjoyed insulting all the prisoners. Each time he came out of the prison, he felt extremely confident. But he had forgotten that the man in black clothes in front of him was extremely strong, and that it was better not to offend him.

Lin Feng had won San Country’s Great Competition; he was even stronger than the Seven Princes of Law. How could that disciple offend someone like that?

The man regretted that he had just offended Lin Feng, so he looked at him imploringly and hoped Lin Feng would let him off. However, that wasn’t possible. He just looked at the food and alcohol on the floor indifferently. What he meant by doing that was that if the man didn’t pick up everything, then Lin Feng wouldn’t let him off.

The disciple ground his teeth. He couldn’t stand Lin Feng’s oppressive Qi anymore. He lowered his head and walked back to the cell. He crouched down and picked up everything.

“Can I leave now?” asked the man with false cheer.

Lin Feng smiled icily and pointed at the bowl. “Now, you eat that food and you can leave.”

“You… You’re going too far… I..,” said the man. His expression changed drastically. He looked at Lin Feng furiously.

However, Lin Feng didn’t feel like wasting time, he said icily, “If you don’t eat, don’t think of leaving,” Lin Feng said simply and emotionlessly. Even though Lin Feng didn’t shout aggressively, the man shuddered with fear. He was furious and terrified at the same time.

He looked at the bowl, which contained rotten food. Even a dog wouldn’t eat that, so how could he eat it?

“Eat! Haha. Fucking moron! Eat now!”

“Eat your dinner, asshole! You give us shit to eat everyday and hit us when we don’t eat it, you didn’t think such a thing would happen, huh? Hahahaha!”

“What? Are you disgusted?? You understand what it feels like now? Motherfucker! You give us that shit to eat everyday, but you didn’t think you’d have to eat it someday too, huh?”

The other prisoners all came to the doors of their cells and started shouting angrily. Their faces were distorted with fury.

That disciple had bullied those people for many years and finally, someone was humiliating him. It was a victory for the prisoners. The man felt extremely humiliated. Even dogs wouldn’t eat that rotten food.

The man paled. He looked at the bowl, and when he smelled it, he almost vomited. All the prisoners knew he always prepared that kind of food especially for them. What he did was pee in that food, then put it in the sun and let it rot for days, before giving it to prisoners.

He wanted to torture those prisoners for fun because to him, they weren’t humans, they were worthless. They were even more worthless than dogs to him, so why give them good food?

The man looked at the bowl, then he raised his head and looked at Lin Feng imploringly again. He almost knelt down and kowtowed, but Lin Feng didn’t react, so the man knew he had to eat it; otherwise, he would end up like that State Teacher the day before.

The man ground his teeth; he kept insulting Lin Feng inside, but then he grabbed the bowl. He put the whole contents of the bowl into his mouth and swallowed everything. It tasted like vomit. His stomach started gurgling and he bolted away from the prison. All the prisoners burst into laughter.

“Haha! Long live our fellow prisoner! Long live!”

“Haha! Brother! We’ll always support you!”

“Brother! You’re our leader now!”

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