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Chapter 655: Deal!


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When Lin Feng heard the prisoners take their hats off to him, he suddenly felt much better, and much less depressed, but he didn’t say anything. He closed his eyes and started meditating. Since he was stuck in a cell, why not take advantage of that time?


“Lin Feng, come out.”

After a long time, Lin Feng heard a voice. He opened his eyes and raised his head. There was a middle-aged man outside of the cell. Lin Feng looked at him strangely. What was he doing there?

The middle-aged man was San Country’s Leader, Yan Tian Jiao’s father. His name was Yan Zhen. He was also the only high-level Supreme God of San Country. He had a very high position in San Country, but if he left San Country, he was just one more high-level Supreme God among others.

“What do you want?” asked Lin Feng icily. He didn’t have any respect for the Leader of San Country. Considering the way the Leader had treated him, Lin Feng didn’t like him at all.

Yan Zhen ignored Lin Feng’s angry expression because he understood why he was furious. If Lin Feng hadn’t been extremely furious, he wouldn’t have killed a State Teacher on the spot. He wouldn’t have forced that disciple to eat rotten food, either.

Yan Zhen did mind those things. When Lin Feng had killed the State Teacher, he was furious, but he had calmed down since then.

“You have to understand that I didn’t do those things willingly,” said Yan Zhen. He wanted Lin Feng to understand him. He didn’t want Lin Feng to hate him forever. Lin Feng didn’t even know who the real enemy was.

“Does that even make a difference?” asked Lin Feng, smiling icily. Lin Feng didn’t care about what Yan Zhen had to say. He had imprisoned him. He didn’t know who was behind all this. He didn’t know about their background. Therefore, he considered Yan Zhen his enemy.

Yan Zhen was worried when he saw Lin Feng’s expression. Lin Feng hated him. It was almost to the point of no return. But Yan Zhen had had no choice, for the safety of San Country’s people. Offending Lin Feng was better than having billions of innocent people die.

Even if Lin Feng didn’t forgive him, Yan Zhen didn’t mind. No matter what, Yan Zhen had to explain everything to him, including everything regarding the three high-level Supreme Gods of the Lun Bi Clan. He had to explain to Lin Feng that he had done all this for the people of San Country.

When Lin Feng heard Yan Zhen’s explanation, he understood what was going on. The Lun Bi Clan had plotted against him. The Lun Bi Empire?

Lin Feng and the Lun Bi Clan were enemies. Emperor Yu’s memories had been removed by Lun Bi Ba. The Lun Bi Clan had humiliated Emperor Yu. Lin Feng would never forgive them; he had to help Emperor Yu regain his memories.

But Lin Feng couldn’t imagine how all this was possible. Lin Feng considered Lun Bi Ba an enemy, but Lun Bi Ba didn’t know who Lin Feng was. How could he have paid attention to a tiny little cultivator who had just arrived in this world and then dispatched three high-level Supreme Gods to deal with him?

Besides, if they wanted to kill him to prevent him from becoming a threat in the future, why hadn’t they simple sent a high-level Supreme God to kill him directly?

Why beat about the bush? Lin Feng didn’t understand at all. So when Yan Zhen told him all these things, Lin Feng had doubts.

Yan Zhen didn’t know what else he could say to convince Lin Feng. He didn’t know anything more, either. He had just been threatened by three high-level Supreme Gods; if he didn’t punish Lin Feng, they would destroy San Country. He had had no choice but to agree.

“It doesn’t matter whether you believe me or not. I told you the truth,” said Yan Tian Jiao, smiling neutrally. He was a high-level Supreme God. He didn’t need to pay attention to Lin Feng. If his daughter hadn’t reacted the way she had, and if Lin Feng hadn’t won San Country’s Great Competition, he wouldn’t have wasted his time with Lin Feng.

Even if Lin Feng died, it would have nothing to do with him. He didn’t really need to care. He would feel a little saddened and guilty because Lin Feng was a young genius, but that was all. Such young geniuses were rare in San Country, so it would be a pity.

Therefore, Yan Zhen decided to try his best. If Lin Feng survived, then Yan Zhen would consider that a success. In the future, Lin Feng wouldn’t plot against San Country. Maybe he would even help San Country in case something happened. But if Lin Feng died, then it would be fine as well, because that’s what the three high-level Supreme Gods wanted. San Country would be safe then too.

“Lin Feng, come with me. I’ll bring you somewhere. Your life is your hands,” said Yan Zhen. He didn’t feel like wasting more time talking to Lin Feng. He raised his left hand and opened the iron door of the cell. The chains which had been used to tie up Lin Feng also opened themselves.

Lin Feng looked at Yan Zhen. He didn’t understand what the man really intended, but he was free, so it was useless to insist and ask anything. He just stood up and followed Yan Zhen. They left the prison.

When the prisoners saw Lin Feng was free, they were extremely happy; they hoped that he’d try and save them someday. Some of them even started daydreaming. How wonderful would it be if they could see their relatives again? They had been imprisoned for hundreds of years. Many of them had thought of committing suicide, but they had persevered and endured the mental pain.

Lin Feng and Yan Zhen left the prison and rose up in the sky, then flew towards the north of San Country. Lin Feng didn’t try to escape, knowing fleeing from a high-level Supreme God was impossible.


Yan Zhen and Lin Feng flew for two hours, reaching a desert. Once in a while, he noticed an oasis on the ground, but they were all already dried up, and the trees were dying.

This was the border of San Country, but it wasn’t Fortified Village. It was the border with Precipice Village. There were yellow ocher canyons everywhere here. When they landed on the ground, a cloud of dust appeared and floated around.

Yan Zhen stopped in front of a cave a thousand meters away from Lin Feng. Apart from dust, one couldn’t see much around.

“This place is called Yellow Sands Canyon. It is said that a hundred thousand years ago, an almighty cultivator was buried here. His palace may also be buried somewhere here. In San Country, we’ve been sending people here for a long time to find the almighty cultivator and his palace, but we’ve never found either.

“Look at the black cave and the precipice. They aren’t natural. We spent tens of thousands of years digging out that valley. That cave is fifty thousand meters deep, but to hide the truth from people, we called it Yellow Sands Canyon. San Country has set high hopes and expectations on this place,” sighed Yan Zhen.

Lin Feng understood that Yan Zhen hadn’t told anyone about this and that it was a heavy secret. Why tell him, though?

“I know that you wonder why I brought you here. To tell you the truth, I want to propose a deal with you. I hope you will accept,” said Yan Zhen, staring at Lin Feng resolutely. He didn’t beat about the bush. He needed someone to achieve something he had been trying to do for San Country for many years.

When Lin Feng heard him, he understood that the Leader of San Country attached great importance to that almighty cultivator’s body. He wanted to find the almighty cultivator and his palace as quickly as possible… but they had failed repeatedly, and now they needed Lin Feng’s help?

Thinking about that, Lin Feng was a bit surprised. They hadn’t found anything in tens of thousands of years, what made Yan Zhen think Lin Feng could?

As expected, he was right…

“I want to propose a deal: if you find the grave, I’ll let you go, and I’ll help you change your identity. I’ll send you to Lang Xie City, I know a leader there, a friend of mine; he’ll be able to protect you.”

“If you accept, perfect; if you refuse, it doesn’t matter, because I won’t let you leave this place until you find the ancient grave,” said Yan Zhen firmly. He was sure Lin Feng could find the grave, so he cast a gigantic formation all around the area. Unless someone had the strength of the high-level Supreme God layer, they couldn’t break it.

Lin Feng glanced around and saw flashing golden lights in every direction. They contained a terrifying deadly Qi.

Yan Zhen was serious. If Lin Feng didn’t find the ancient grave, then he would never let Lin Feng leave that place, and if Lin Feng tried anything dodgy, then the formation would destroy him. But if Lin Feng found the grave, he would be able to start a new life, with a new identity, in Lang Xie City.

Lin Feng knew that he had no choice; it was either death, or a dangerous adventure.

“I accept.”

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