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Chapter 656: Captivating Scenery!


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“Alright, this is the map of Yellow Sands Canyon. Take it,” Yan Zhen said when he heard Lin Feng agree. Yan Zhen was excited, and handed the map over to Lin Feng hastily. How wonderful would it be if Lin Feng found the almighty cultivator and his grave?

“I accept your request, but I need to know everything. You need to tell me everything without exception. Otherwise, I prefer dying without any deal,” Lin Feng said. He wasn’t stupid. It was an extremely dangerous mission, so he had to take precautions.

Yan Zhen frowned and looked at Lin Feng sharply. He seemed pensive, but he didn’t know what to think. However, there was nothing more important than finding the almighty cultivator and his grave.

“Alright, I’ll tell you everything about this place,” Yan Zhen nodded and sighed. He had no choice but to tell Lin Feng everything he knew. Otherwise, Lin Feng wouldn’t cooperate, and then Yan Zhen would have no choice but to kill him.

Lin Feng watched Yan Zhen and waited. Yan Zhen focused and organized his thoughts. He excluded everything that was useless.

“A hundred thousand years ago, San Country wasn’t like this. It was extremely powerful. There were over twenty medium-level Supreme Gods, hundreds of low-level Supreme Gods, and several high-level Supreme Gods.

“The almighty cultivator who’s buried here was called San Zun; he was the founder of San Country. In other words, he’s my ancestor. He wasn’t very strong, he only had the strength of the top of the medium-level Supreme God layer, but thanks to him, San Country became extremely powerful.

“But extreme prosperity forebodes the beginning of a decline. One day, San Country was destroyed by the Fa Lan Empire. San Country lost ninety percent of its territory. In the end, it was reduced to only ten million kilometers. It’s been on the verge of collapse ever since, in constant danger.

“San Zun fought against the ancestors of the Fa Lan Empire, Fa Zun and Lan Zun, and was severely injured; In the end, he still managed to kill Fa Zun, and he also severely injured Lan Zun. He managed to protect the remaining disciples of San Country that way, but because he was severely injured, he still died.

“After San Zun’s death, San Country sank into chaos,” said Yan Zhen, sorrowfully and guiltily. Lin Feng didn’t understand why Yan Zhen reacted like that.

“After San Zun’s death, my ancestor Yan Zun took advantage of the situation to usurp the throne. San Zun wasn’t buried as he had wished. After Yan Zun’s death, his son buried San Zun’s body. It is said that his grave is here, in Yellow Sands Canyon.

“We’ve been looking for it for tens of thousands of years and we’ve never found any trace of an ancient grave or body. We didn’t find anything, though, so we gave up.”

Lin Feng now understood the ancient almighty cultivator’s background and story. He also understood why Yan Zhen cared about the cultivator and his grave so much. Yan Zhen’s ancestor had betrayed his family to usurp the throne!

“Why didn’t San Zun’s offspring try to prevent your ancestor from usurping the throne? Didn’t San Zun have children?” asked Lin Feng.

Yan Zhen nodded. “San Zun had one son, but he never fought against my ancestor. In the end, he fled. I’ve never found San Zun’s son, but I’m sure that San Zun must have descendants, and the younger ones must be about the same age as Little Jiao,” said Yan Zhen, thinking of Yan Tian Jiao.

Lin Feng nodded, trying to remember everything.

“Since you can’t find the body and the grave, why do you think I, a foreigner, could find them? Or do you already consider me a dead man, so you think it’s worth trying?” Lin Feng asked harshly.

Yan Zhen shook his head and said hastily, “Not at all. Maybe that San Zun left a thread of soul or determination, and maybe he’s never forgiven the Yan family for usurping the throne, so he might not want us to find him.

“But you’re different, you’re an outsider; therefore, he has no reason to hide from you. Maybe you’ll find him,” said Yan Zhen. He had set high hopes on Lin Feng. He really hoped Lin Feng would find the grave, because there were probably many precious things in there. The grave might even contain incredible secrets which could allow San Country to rise again.

His goal was to find San Zun’s secret skills and techniques, extremely rare in the Country of Eternity.

Yan Zhen didn’t want to tell Lin Feng about those things, but after telling Lin Feng all this, he had realized that Lin Feng would probably have more chances to find the grave than him. He told Lin Feng all those things because he had faith in Lin Feng.

But he couldn’t imagine that because of those things, the tensions between him and Lin Feng would worsen, and that in the end, Yan Tian Jiao would even die because of all this…

“Good luck. I’ll give you three months, because the three high-level Supreme Gods of the Lun Bi Empire gave me three months. They want to see your beheaded body in three months. So do your best,” said Yan Zhen glumly.

Lin Feng suddenly felt great pressure. Three high-level Supreme Gods from the Lun Bi Empire were after him; how unlucky!

Lin Feng nodded. Yan Zhen nodded in satisfaction as well. He raised his left hand and disappeared from the formation. A gigantic hand appeared outside of the formation and deadly energies started flowing throughout it again.

Lin Feng groaned with pain. He was already weakened after his stay in prison, but now he felt even weaker. Lin Feng gazed into the distance angrily. He knew that Yan Zhen didn’t trust him, so he released even more deadly energies in the formation so that Lin Feng would have absolutely no chance to escape.

Lin Feng hated Yan Zhen even more. He smiled icily, having an idea. If he found the grave, he wouldn’t give anything to Yan Zhen…

“Wait, you’ll see. There may be difficulties that you are reluctant to discuss, but it doesn’t matter; since you’re using me, you are and will always remain my enemy!” whispered Lin Feng resolutely while gazing into the distance.


After a long time, Lin Feng opened the map. He could clearly see Yellow Sands Canyon’s topology on it. The people of San Country had already dug a fifty-thousand-meter-deep hole in the valley, it was included on the map.

I hope I can find the grave in less than three months, thought Lin Feng, looking at the map carefully. He didn’t notice anything wrong, so he had to rely on his senses to find it. If the Yans hadn’t find the grave, it might be because San Zun’s soul hadn’t been destroyed and that he was hiding things from them on purpose.

“Master San Zun, I will not tell anyone where you are resting in peace. I just want to leave this place, so I hope you can guide me,” whispered Lin Feng. He was confused, standing there alone in the middle of the canyon. He looked at the gigantic cave, or abyssal hole more precisely, and disappeared inside.

Lin Feng didn’t know that after he whispered that, deep underground, a gloomy Qi dispersed, freezing everything around it…


After Lin Feng jumped into the fifty-thousand-meter-deep abyssal hole, he landed on the ground. It was quite dark down there. He glanced around, there were many galleries. Lin Feng walked into one of them.

Lin Feng was astonished when he saw all the galleries and tunnels. The Yan’s had made incredible efforts to find San Zun’s grave.

Yellow Sands Canyon was really a place of unique charm and beauty.

It didn’t look like a simple crater. It looked like an ancient underground palace. The tunnels were hundreds of meters wide, and the ground and walls of those tunnels were made of bluestone.

But because nobody had come inside for a long time, there was a moldy smell inside. Lin Feng also heard the sound of dripping water.

Lin Feng took a few steps and finally found where the water was dripping down from. There was moss on the wet wall, a bright emerald green. When Lin Feng touched it, he suddenly had an incredible sensation… his pure Qi was becoming more powerful!

Eh…? Surprisingly, water and earth fuse together here. I should call it something?, thought Lin Feng. He was captivated by that natural phenomenon, because it contained an incredible quantity of primal chaos strength. Lin Feng was extremely happy, because that primal chaos strength made his pure Qi more powerful, since he had a primal chaos body.

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