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Chapter 657: Eight-Clawed Beast!


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Lin Feng didn’t really mind not being able to put words on things; this growth in front of him was an incredible gift from the earth and the sky. He rubbed his hand on the moss with the greatest care. He didn’t want to damage it; it would be a great loss!

The fusion of the earth and the water here was a precious and priceless gift this place had to offer. Even Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor’s Blood Cauldron of the Ten Thousand Things of Creation wasn’t comparable to this kind of energy. The energy was the purest kind of matter that world had to offer. Nobody could simply take it.

Lin Feng guessed that to become like that, it had probably required a very long time, or Yan Zhen would have taken advantage of it. Lin Feng guessed that it had been formed after their departure.

Lin Feng took out a space ring and put the moss inside. He was afraid it would get damaged with time. Lin Feng’s pure Qi hadn’t completely recovered, so after using strength to process that energy, he was even more exhausted. His Qi was even weaker and his face even paler.

But luckily, since he had absorbed a little bit of that strength, his pure Qi started recovering a little bit quicker. The energy made him feel carefree and happy, his circulatory system felt fresher and cooler. Lin Feng felt like sitting down and absorbing all that energy.

But Lin Feng controlled himself. It would be extremely useful in the future, so consuming it all in one step wasn’t a good idea. Even if he consumed it all straight away, he wouldn’t break through to the medium-level Supreme God layer; on the contrary, it would draw Yan Zhen’s attention, and he would be in danger.

Lin Feng had a plan. He knew that it wasn’t the right time to cultivate, so he didn’t stop and continued running into the depths of the tunnel. After a few li, the space grew even darker. If the walls and the ground hadn’t been made of shiny bluestone, he wouldn’t have been able to see anything.

Lin Feng remained focused. His godly aura brightened and illuminated the tunnel.

Suddenly, Lin Feng sensed something soft under his feet, as if something had been buried there. It was like a sixth sense he often relied.

He took out his Buddha Sword and got ready to dig a little with it to see what was underneath. His Buddha Sword changed his mood; he suddenly felt more magnanimous and excited.

He held his Buddha Sword firmly, then he started digging with it. He heard a clear and melodious sound, then his Buddha Sword was forced back, and Lin Feng was pushed back three steps. Lin Feng suddenly looked glum.

That thing had completely pushed his Buddha Sword out of the ground, even though the blade was a supreme godly imperial weapon. It was definitely extraordinary. Lin Feng smelled some evil Qi around him. It would put anyone on edge. However, Lin Feng’s curiosity was even more piqued.

He crouched down and hammered the ground with his fist. The thing under the ground was definitely gigantic, at least a few tens of meters. Lin Feng couldn’t be sure it was San Zun’s grave, though. He didn’t believe it was either, because otherwise, it would have been extremely easy to find. Yan Zhen wouldn’t have needed Lin Feng to find it.

Lin Feng got ready to remove a layer of earth to see what was underneath, but when he stretched out his hand, the ground suddenly started shaking violently. Then, the Qi was gone. Lin Feng couldn’t detect any threads of Qi anymore, as if the gigantic creature under the ground had disappeared.

Lin Feng threw a punch. The ground trembled, but Lin Feng remained focused. He stared at the ground. Apart from earth, he didn’t see anything else now.

Could it be that this thing can move freely?, thought Lin Feng. He was startled. If that was the case, then it would make things even more complicated because it would mean there were other galleries hidden here.

I’ll continue a little and see if there’s anything strange there, he thought, walking forwards resolutely. The tunnel was at fifty thousand meters, which meant that the abyssal hole was fifty thousand meters deep and the tunnels were just as long.

Lin Feng walked along the black mud. Thanks to his godly aura, he could see like it was daylight. When he started walking again, he could sense that the creature was still moving under the ground. However, each time Lin Feng stuck his Buddha Sword into the ground, the creature disappeared.

Lin Feng tried a few times and every time, the same thing happened. Lin Feng didn’t understand what was going on. What was that creature? Had he really found San Zun’s grave? Or were there other mysterious things in here?

Lin Feng was now convinced that the situation wasn’t as simple as Yan Zhen had described. Even if the members of the Yan family hadn’t found it, what about the Seven Princes of Law? Couldn’t they help? Ba Hei Long and Di Qing Long could probably have found the grave.

Lin Feng understood that the situation was more complex than he had thought. He tried to remain focused on the mysterious creature for now. Gradually, he started sensing the creature’s life Qi. It was alive, not dead, which was good.

Lin Feng was nervous when he realized that because that creature might be a powerful creature nobody had ever seen. It might be extremely strong. Would Lin Feng be able to flee if the creature was extremely strong and attacked him?

It seems that it’s following me…? Maybe that it wants to sense my Qi more precisely?, he thought suddenly. He recalled what had just happened. Each time he moved, the creature moved as well, and when he stopped moving, the creature disappeared. It meant that if he kept moving, the creature would keep moving as well.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng smiled and suddenly jumped, then started running as quickly as he could. At that speed, one couldn’t follow him with just eyes. In the blink of an eye, Lin Feng had already run thousands of meters, and seemingly, the mysterious creature was also following him, which meant it was just as quick as him.

“Hmph! You’re purposely making a mystery of a simple thing. Get the hell out of there now!” shouted Lin Feng, suddenly making a cutting motion with his Buddha Sword. He stuck the tip of his sword in the ground. Lin Feng’s surprise attack caught the mysterious creature unprepared.

Lin Feng heard a furious howl, and then sad and plaintive cries. After that, Lin Feng saw a black tail emerge from the ground. It was at least a hundred meters long, with draconic scales on it.

Lin Feng roared in a thundering rage and grabbed the tail firmly, then pulled it with brute force. Phwap! Lin Feng pulled the beast out of the ground. A gigantic hundred-meter-deep pit and ice-cold black Qi appeared.

Lin Feng threw the beast away. It was gigantic, so when he threw it in front of him, it completely obstructed the way.

When Lin Feng saw the gigantic beast, he was startled. What the Hell was this?

It had a jet-black body, eight feet, and each foot had thick and dense hair, like a spider. It smelled horrible. A viscous liquid emerged from the gigantic claws. Each of its feet had eight claws. Its pitch-black body was oily, and there were two gigantic blue eyes on its stomach.

But its mouth was on its tail. Lin Feng hadn’t paid attention a moment before when he had pulled the monster out of its hole, when his hand had brushed against its tail. Its mouth was terrifying, blood-red and gigantic. Its teeth were a few meters long, and its breath was foul and scorching hot.

Lin Feng looked the disgusting beast over carefully. Its claws rent the ground. It was the first time Lin Feng had seen a beast so terrifying. It made his flesh crawl from head to toe. Lin Feng didn’t dare imagine what would happen if he got hit by those claws.

This gigantic beast was as strong as him, low-level Supreme God layer!

“Why do you keep following me?” asked Lin Feng icily. His Qi was weak, he hadn’t completely recovered. He couldn’t use his full strength at that moment,  but at least this beast couldn’t pose a threat to him.

That gigantic beast could understand Lin Feng because it had the strength of the Supreme God layer. However, it didn’t reply. It just howled provocatively three times.

“You want to fight me?” asked Lin Feng. Lin Feng actually felt close to beasts, especially after he had adopted Hu Ba, a king in the beast kingdom. Therefore, Lin Feng understood seventy to eighty percent of what the beast meant when it howled.

The beast howled furiously and licked its chops. Its mouth even watered as it was staring at Lin Feng. A second later, the beast swatted with its gigantic paws at Lin Feng. The atmosphere became even more oppressive since the passage was obstructed by the beast!

An eight-clawed paw grabbed Lin Feng and squeezed him firmly.

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